[J Movie] Akira anime (1988)


        Akira is one of the first animated films and is considered a classic. Honestly, I did not appreciate it much because of its dark and futuristic setting. At first, it seemed like it was difficult to relate to, but when we look closely to it, the movie is reflected in the society that we have nowadays. Akira is a movie that revolves around the themes of societal order, power and anarchy. I like the fact that this film is an animated one because it can portray what is beyond reality or portray things that may be limited in live action films.



[J Movie] Grave of the Fireflies anime (1988)

warning: may contain spoilers

Grave of the Fireflies DVD


[J Movie] Tampopo


Tampopo is a movie which has food as its central theme. This movie will definitely make you hungry when you watched it. The main story is about Tampopo, an owner of a struggling ramen shop. She met four men who helped her in reviving her ramen shop. Tampopo’s hard work and determination is displayed throughout the film as she was able to cope with several struggles and challenges. From time to time, there would be some scenes that would be shown that are unrelated with the main story. Nevertheless, these scenes are fit and are appropriate in the movie since they are all related with food, which goes back to the central theme of the movie.


[J Movie] Ping Pong film review (2002)