[K-DRAMA] Yong Pal (2015)

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[KR] Acoustic

Acoustic is a Korean movie shown on 2010. The movie is divided into 3 sub movies, each with different actors and different storyline. Acoustic is all about music and their passion for it. This movie’s audience must be for the youth and all those music aspirants.

One thing that caught my attention with this movie is the actors. I’m into K-pop and some of the actors are from well known K-pop boy bands. Shin Se Kyung has also left a great impression when she acted in Boys Over Flowers, a hit Korean drama in 2009.


Part 1: Broccolli

I think that the story is quite simple, but cute. A girl who wishes to share her music and inspire everyone before she leaves this world. I love the song, Broccolli, though I’m not sure why it was named Broccolli. From the lyrics, I could feel that it’s a sad song and she must be heartbroken. Broccolli could also be a man from her past. In the end, she was able to achieve her goal of inspiring others through her music. The story is quite touching, but lacked emotions from the main actress. But she is very pretty!


Part 2: Bakery Attack

CNBlue’s Lee JongHyun and Kang MinHyuk are the actors here. You can see that they had great chemistry here, and it feels like they’re acting themselves. Although, i wonder why Minhyuk always gets the ‘weird guy’ roles. He isn’t supposed to be that stupid right? but, he’s always that cute little guy who gets bullied by his hyungs (older brothers) 🙂 As for Jonghyun, I also feel that he’s acting as Jonghyun. Though the story is quite nonsense, the bottom line for this is we can achieve our goals if we try our best. Just like them in real life, CNBlue also made it this far because they’ve  been very hardworking to produce good music to their fans.


Part 3: Unlock

This is the most confusing part. I didn’t quite understand the storyline because it was supposed to be a story in the future. I was quite excited to see this movie because of 2AM’s Ong Seulong. The first part when he was randomly dancing is hella funny! Didn’t expect that from him, because he’s always the serious one. I felt that he’s also acting his own self. I like the acting of the girl though. Anyway, I couldn’t quite understand the last part when Seulong appeared in the tv singing. Wasn’t it supposed to be the girl singing and not him? Wasn’t he supposed to be a student with his own dream?


My favorite part: I’m a BOICE, and I’d be too bias if I would choose Bakery Attack. I didn’t quite understand the Unlock story so i have to go with Se Kyung’s part. The story was quite simple and straight to the point 🙂

I love all the songs in this movie! Regretted why I didn’t bought it when I was in Korea last summer 😦

MyAsianMovie ‘s rating: 5/10

I felt that dividing a movie into three different stories is not a good idea. Movies already have a limited time, and they still shorten it. Actors could not really show off their talents well and the storyline would be hasty and this would lead to the audience having a difficult time to grasp the concept. For me, I only watched this because of the main actors and actress. If you have time, watch it! But MyAsianMovie doesn’t really recommend it.


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