Random Facts about the writer:

  • I’m a marathoner. I wait for dramas to finish airing before I watch it because I don’t like watching different dramas simultaneously and I hate waiting for the next episode.
  • I finish every drama that I started without skipping an episode no matter how boring that drama may be.
  • I like to watch, but I don’t like writing. So why open up this blog? That’s because I want to keep track of the dramas that I watch; writing about my insights and opinions about the drama since I’m a forgetful person. lol
  • I’m super biased over melodrama and action genre dramas, so higher ratings may be given.


  • The very first Taiwanese drama that I watched is similar to almost everyone: Meteor Garden.
  • I was into Taiwanese dramas before I became interested to Korean dramas.
  • My all time favourite onscreen couple is Ariel Chen & Joe Cheng. The same goes to favourite actress and actor.
  • I used to like C-pop especially idol groups. My favourites were 5566, K-one and Lollipop-F.


  • My first few Korean dramas are My Girl and Wonderful Life.
  • My current favourite Korean actors are: Song Seung Heon and Lee Jin Wook.
  • My favourite Korean actress will always be Kim Tae Hee.
  • I like K-pop. My favourites groups are CNBLUE and Super Junior.


  • I like to travel. My dream is to travel to every country!
  • I recently started collecting Starbucks cards and mugs, icons, reliefs, YAHs and Asian Artsy mugs.
  • I recently started learning how to play the guitar again.
  • I love taking photos of everything and anything under the sun = I love photography.
  • I like learning new languages preferably Asian, though I am not good in any language. lol


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mizzlynx
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 02:03:06


    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! *cheers and throws confetti* Congratulations!

    Follow the link to see your questions!

    Have a nice day and keep on writing!! Even the smallest thing can make a big difference in life 🙂


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