[J Movie] Akira anime (1988)


        Akira is one of the first animated films and is considered a classic. Honestly, I did not appreciate it much because of its dark and futuristic setting. At first, it seemed like it was difficult to relate to, but when we look closely to it, the movie is reflected in the society that we have nowadays. Akira is a movie that revolves around the themes of societal order, power and anarchy. I like the fact that this film is an animated one because it can portray what is beyond reality or portray things that may be limited in live action films.

            Neo-Tokyo is regulated by the government and the military. However as the story progressed, we can see how anarchic the society really is. This was shown when Akira was revealed through Tetsuo. We were able to find out that the government is actually in chaos and the military was actually the one behind Akira. In our society nowadays, we can say that we have peace and order because we are governed by laws and politicians. Nevertheless, what the government is trying to show may be just a façade. We don’t really know how they work inside. There are so many stories that the public does not know. We may be able to know the secrets behind if there’s a revelation or a greater force like Akira that the government will unable to cover up.

            Power is not specifically a need but many people want or thirst for it. This is because of the benefits that one can get when he is in power. Many people run for electoral positions, but is it truly because they want to serve for their countrymen? Some people may have this kind of commitment but most of the people run for positions because they want to have power. However, these people abuse their powers just for their own selfish needs. They can easily get away with their abuse of power, and they can get richer, and people will look up to them. There’s also a feeling of superiority or being in a higher class when one has power. Tetsuo is seen as a weak guy or inferior especially when he ran into trouble and his friend Kaneda always comes to the rescue. Tetsuo hates the fact that he had to rely to Kaneda whenever he met difficulties. When Tetsuo transformed and unleashed his powers, he felt superior and confident because he became stronger than Kaneda. He was in a way enjoying his superiority and trying to show off his powers even when people were getting hurt or dying. Because of this abuse, he was unable to control his powers and a greater force inside him was controlling him. I think that this also happens in our current situation especially the political leaders. They are enjoying their powers so much that they are unable to let go of it even if it badly affects other people. Power can be viewed as good or bad depending on how a person will use it. This movie portrayed power as something evil and abusive similar to the situation in our society.


            Despite the themes about anarchy and power, the movie ended in an optimistic way as Tetsuo sets off a Big Bang. This shows that even how anarchic and chaotic a society may be, it can be restored and people can start once again through the form of Akira, or a destruction.



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