[K-DRAMA] Summer Scent

warning: may contain spoilers


A part of the seasonal Endless Love series. Happier and more cheerful plot; though not the best cast and the story became draggy along the way.

Shim Hye Won is a florist. One day she decided to visit the mountains with her friend to look at flowers. While exploring on her own, she met Yoo Min Woo who saved her from the bee. Her heart beats faster than usual. The rain started pouring down and they quickly looked for a shelter. It was already night time and it was hard to go back so they stayed at a lodge for the night. Their encounter quickly ended the next day. They met again coincidentally when Park Jung Jae hired Min Woo as an architect who will lead the “Summer Scent” project at his hotel. Park Jung Jae is Hye Won’s fiance. Min Woo was also friends with Park Jung Ah, sister of Jung Jae, whom he met at Italy. Jung Ah is very vocal on the fact that she likes Min Woo. Hye Won and Min Woo talked to each other like they just met for the first time, hiding their previous encounters from both Jung Jae and Jung Ah. Through their constant meetings, Hye Won eventually develops her feelings for Min Woo as every time she meets him, her heart beats faster than usual. Min Woo also feels the same like her as he found so many similarities between Hye Won and his deceased ex-lover Eun Hye. The Park siblings eventually found out the relationship between the two. Jung Jae also found out that Eun Hye’s heart was donated to Hye Won. Hye Won was weak as a child and she had to receive a heart transplant. Jung Jae told this to Min Woo and he was shocked. He didn’t really know what to do. They both decided that they should not tell this to Hye Won because she would just be heartbroken. The fact that Min Woo liked Hye Won was only because of Eun Hye’s heart and not really Hye Won. After some time, Hye Won eventually found out too. Their relationship just ended like that after some serious talk because Hye Won believed that it wasn’t her, but actually her heart which was beating for Min Woo. On the other hand, Min Woo was confident in saying that he truly loves Hye Won. They ended their relationship anyway. Min Woo decided to leave for Italy. Hye Won also felt guilty towards Jung Ah and Jung Jae, so she just agreed to marry him. On the day of her marriage, Min Woo was on his way to the airport, but decided to pass by the hotel to have a last glance of Hye Won. Hye Won’s heart beats faster than usual again signalling that Min Woo would just be nearby. She turns around and chased after Min Woo’s car. She collapsed on the middle of the road and Min Woo saw this. After Hye Won’s stay at the hospital, she had to receive surgery. Min Woo talked with Hye Won and persuaded her to undergo surgery. It was supposedly the last talk before he goes to Italy for good. After some time, Min Woo received a letter saying that Hye Won passed away while undergoing surgery.


20 episodes were too much for a simple plot. I didn’t like the fact that they kept on repeating and just running around in circles — Hye Won kept on going to the donor’s father when she’s sad and upset, Jung Jae trusting Hye Won despite of everything that he’s seeing, Min Woo kept on seeing Hye Won even if he knows she’s in a relationship. I wished they could’ve added more subplots to make it complicated. There’s nothing much to look forward to until the end which is why it gets boring as you watch it. The first half of the drama was tolerable and quite interesting. However, as the drama progressed, it gradually became dull and boring. It would be better if this drama had 12-15 episodes. Too draggy.

The cast was not an all-out cast. Definitely not my favorite cast, no one really stood out. I only liked Song Seung Heon and he’s the reason why I watched this drama.

Song Seung Heon as Yoo Min Woo — Honestly, I was pretty excited to see Song Seung Heon in this drama. For me, his acting was fine in here, but I liked his acting so much better in Autumn in my Heart. I couldn’t see his potential as an actor in here, maybe because of the role. I didn’t like Min Woo because he kept seeing Hye Won even if she was going to be engaged soon. This wasn’t the best Song Seung Heon drama. Can I also laugh at his funny hairstyle? XD

Son Ye Jin as Shim Hye Won — Hye Won isn’t a likeable character either. She knows that she is in a relationship yet she kept on seeing Min Woo. Better break the relationship and just face your real feelings. Son Ye Jin though portrayed her character as someone innocent and upright. Her acting wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t the best or outstanding.

Ryu Jin as Park Jung Jae —  Park Jung Jae was always playing blind and pretends that he doesn’t know anything. He sincerely loved Hye Won but the sad thing was Hye Won doesn’t love him back. I thought that he must let her go rather than keeping Hye Won. Ryu Jin portrayed Park Jung Jae as a responsible and sincere boyfriend to Hye Won. Though sometimes his actions are unacceptable which made Hye Won set a distance from him. Ryu Jin was also great, but I guess his acting wasn’t used to full potential because of the limitations of his role.

Han Ji Hye as Park Jung Ah — Han Ji Hye portrayed Park Jung Ah as a typical second female lead, but not in a hateful way. She’s one of the characters that I would consider nice. She may be frank and rash in her actions and decisions, but she still treats Hye Won nicely. When she’s upset about something, she goes to the person and tell her face-to-face. She’s not the type of person to ruin other people’s lives. I must say that Jung Ah is my favorite character in this drama. Han Ji Hye was also natural in portraying the role.

The chemistry between Song Seung Heon and Son Ye Jin was lacking. There were many times, or most of the time when I wished that Hye Won ended up with Jung Jae instead. I thought that Son Ye Jin and Ryu Jin looked good together. I felt that Hye Won and Min Woo were more of friends rather than lovers.

Summer Scent8

The ending was simple as well. After three years, Min Woo went back to Korea for work. They coincidentally met again at an Art Center where Min Woo was working, and Hye Won was delivering flowers. There’s a high possibility that they will end up together again, considering that Hye Won didn’t get married. The ending also showed that Hye Won’s feelings for Min Woo are real, and not caused by the heart of his ex-lover. She now has an artificial heart, after receiving another heart transplant, but her heart continuously beats whenever Min Woo appears. It just shows Hye Won truly loved Min Woo. Her feelings for Min Woo was indeed true.

Summer Scent was my favorite soundtrack among the seasons. It was memorable and happier. I could recall most of the songs that were used in the drama. “Serenade” is one of my personal favorites especially because this was hummed by the lead actors. I also liked “Summer Scent”; it really represents summer. By just hearing the song, I could feel that summer is really coming. Very refreshing and upbeat. “Secret or Pi Mil” is another song which was also memorable as it was occasionally used in the drama.

I wished that the staff didn’t rely on Song Seung Heon’s popularity after his success in Autumn in My Heart or even with the success of Endless Love series. Even with good acting skills by the cast members, but without an impressive storyline and script, it would always be a failure. Cast + script should ALWAYS be a perfect match for the drama to be a success. The cast’s potential as actors wasn’t displayed much and the story was not as impressive as the other seasons. On a brighter side, this was the only season which was very light and set in a happier mood. No need to take things seriously. My mom personally liked this the most because she prefer happier stories. In my opinion, I would rank this 3rd among the 4 seasons.


Rating: 6/10

Random Thought:

Song Seung Heon’s character in Summer Scent and When a Man Loves are exact opposites. In Summer Scent, he ruined the relationship of the girl with another man. In When a Man Loves, another guy ruined his relationship with his girl. But in the end, he still gets the girl. This lucky guy! Aish..

For a review of the complete Endless Love series: http://wp.me/p1O4OA-5j



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