[TH-MOVIE] Bad Genius (2017)

warning: may contain spoilers


When you use your intelligence to do something bad..



[TH] Hormones

Hormones is a Thai romantic-comedy film shown on 2008. In this movie, there are 4 sub stories. Every character portrays a different kind of teenager that we see in our society nowadays. You can see how problems arise and how they were able to solve these problems. Stories are very cute! I can finally say that there’s one movie that I can totally relate to 😀

1: Poo, Mai and Nana

Poo and Mai are neighbors, and they are rivals too. They have the same interest on Nana so they are competing with one another on who is the first one to get her number. I can feel that Nana isn’t taking them seriously and just enjoying their company. I also think that Poo and Mai look really alike! Sometimes, I couldn’t even distinguish them.

2: Oh Lek and Titee

This is so cute! I can totally relate to her. I’ve been a fan of C-pop ever since I was young and recently to K-pop. I’m learning Korean for the main reason that I would be able to understand what my favorite bands are talking about, and so that I wouldn’t need subtitles when I watch series or movies. I wish that her happy ending would also be my happy ending! Do you think sending a mail, like what she did, would be successful? Would my bias actually read it? 🙂 I am sure many K-pop fans could totally understand her feelings!

3: Jo and C

Jo has been trying to court C from the very start. I can say that he’s so thoughtful and very sincere. Those little things that he’d done for her, he’s so sweet! 😉 It’s so nice that things ended happily between them!

4: Nuan, Hern and Aoi

Totally usual that boys will be two-timing. I mean it’s very hard to find decent guys these days. Still, Hern regretted and said the truth to her. Nuan was also forgiving that she would actually give him a second chance.

Overall, I like the stories because I know that teenagers nowadays have these kinds of problems. I also like the characters! I remember Nana was the one in Bangkok Traffic Love Story and Hern was the lead actor in Hello Stranger. Hern’s role was exactly the same as with the one he acted in Hello Stranger! The happy-go-lucky guy. Anyways, I also think that the girls who acted in the series are pretty too.

MyAsianMovie ‘s rating: 9/10

It wasn’t the best for me but it’s totally worth watching! MyAsianMovie recommends this to you, especially teenagers! 🙂