[K-DRAMA] Click Your Heart (2016)

warning: may contain spoilers

and fan girl rambles


Who’s the guy that will ‘click’ her heart? All?!


Click Your Heart is an interactive web drama where one can choose which path he wants the girl to go to. It can get confusing as there are four alternate endings, but regardless of watching it in sequence or not, it’s still easy to understand. Kwon Mina is a student who’s clumsy and unlucky. Due to several circumstances, she believes that she’s at fault as to why her friend or the person that she’s with gets into unfortunate events. One day, she transferred into a new school, and was assigned to interview one of the top athletes in school named Ro Woon. He is hard to interview, but she manages to get closer to him after Ro Woon saved her from getting hit by a ball. This in turn injured Ro Woon’s hand and was unable to play baseball for a few days, which is why she turned into his slave. Meanwhile, Da Won is her childhood friend who knew her for more than ten years. Despite of everyone hating on her, Da Won still remains to be her friend and keeps her in check. Da Won secretly likes her since their younger days. Now that both of them belong to the same club and are classmates, will Da Won confess his feelings to her? Another guy came into picture by the name of Zu Ho. He’s a cool guy who often gets into a fight. Later, it was found out that they were lovers in the past, but they never got to contact each other again after Zu Ho’s car accident. Will they rekindle the love that they had in the past? Lastly, Cha Ni is a year younger than Mina and they often meet at the storage room. Whenever Mina is down, Cha Ni is always around to support and comfort her. But then she realises that Cha Ni only appears when she’s alone. What really happened to him? Four guys are interested in the awkward Mina, who will she choose?



I had no intentions to watch web dramas since I already have a long list of lengthy dramas to watch already. However recently, I caught a sickness called SF9 virus! lol I knew them before as CNBLUE’s hoobaes, and since I want to support the rest of the FNC family, I watched their short clips of their recent Weekly Idol guesting and found them to be funny. After that, I unknowingly found myself watching all their videos; from their guesting in After School Club, their V live special shows like Special Food 9 and Spectacle Fantasy 9. I just turned into a “Fantasy” in a flash. It’s their official fan club name by the way. In all honesty, I was curious about them when they first debuted with Fanfare and K.O, but I just couldn’t feel these two songs. “Easy Love” is my favourite comeback song from them. I love the addictive melody and the choreography and it’s now on repeat on my playlist. I wished they debuted or promoted Jungle Game instead, because of the ‘transformer’ choreography. I think they would attract viewers to watch their performance. I wonder how long this virus would last, since it’s been only a week since I stan them. I promised myself that CNBLUE would be the last group of my fan girl life, but yeah, FNC is really great in choosing trainees, so take all my money! *insertsspendingmoneyemoticon*


Going back to the web drama, I accidentally saw Click Your Heart with some of the popular members as the cast, and the rest as supporting characters. It was really really short so why not give it a try? It has 7 episodes with each episode that lasts about 10-15 minutes. I finished it within two hours and it was an easy watch. The plot is very ordinary; like a typical high school drama. What makes it unique is that it is like an interactive “choose the next step/your guy” web drama. It provides alternate endings as to who the girl ends up with. We have four guys in here, so we have four different endings. You may watch one ending according to your liking or watch them all. I suggest watching all though since it’s hard to choose just one!


It’s nice that FNC is giving SF9 all the promotion that they could get and giving them acting opportunities such as this one. It’s not mainstream, but it’s mainly for fans who support them and youngsters who flock web drama websites. It’s like a training ground for them. It’s fun that I wished it was longer. I was longing for the other characters to have more screen time or make them all as leads, so nine different endings! haha




Finally, AOA Mina is given some spotlight this time as a female lead. I thought that she’s the perfect choice for the character since she looks good when paired with each of the boys. Although she may be a little awkward sometimes, it’s barely noticeable and it actually fits the awkward role. I also saw some artists from the agency who have several cameo appearances like Lee Guk Joo as the doctor, CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin as the teacher, AOA Cream as fans of Ro Woon, etc. I like the fact that FNC is managing and maximising their artists.


As idols who were just about to debut, they did better than expected. They seem to be well-trained trainees as they excel in singing, dancing and variety. They talk well too, like they don’t have the qualities of a rookie group especially when we hear Da Won or Young Bin talk in variety shows. As for the acting part, I guess it’s quite easy because they’re using their own names, and they seem to act like their real selves. At first, I thought that they would be awkward or they wouldn’t be used to the camera, but they weren’t. I think it’s hard to judge since they all have short screen times, but based from what I watched, they’re quite good. It’s obvious that the company has been pushing Ro Woon too much. I think they’re making him the male version of Seolhyun. lol But I don’t see that quality in him except for his tall height. Just looking from the debut photos, Zu Ho and Cha Ni attracted me the most, and they have a lot of fans compared to others. After watching their variety shows, I find Jae Yoon, In Seong and Hwi Young visual cuties. In Seong speaks good English which I find cool and Jae Yoon is such a diva while dancing to girl group dances. Can I jump into the Jae Seong ship? lol  And then I noticed that Da Won is such a mood maker and talks a lot, so I find him extra funny. I also noticed that Young Bin is a very reliable leader. He really takes care of his fellow dongsaengs well, such a likeable member too. And Tae Yang I think is the best dancer in the group, and he’s not bad in singing too. How can everyone look so distinct and there’s no visual/black hole? Everyone is so likeable. I’ve yet to choose a bias, since it’s hard to choose one, but the contenders are definitely Jae Yoon, In Seong, and Hwi Young. And maybe Cha Ni and Zu Ho? lol I wish all boys could get some spotlight someday.



Basically, we have different types of guys to choose from. My favourite story would be Ro Woon’s since it has the typical senior-junior relationship and when the popular guy is interested in the unattractive girl. I think their height difference is cute too. But my favourite ending would be either Da Won’s or Zu Ho’s. Zu Ho is the typical bad boy that would melt our hearts. He also has a low and sexy voice. I personally like bad boy kind of guys, so he definitely won. However, Da Won’s ending tugged at my heartstrings since he sincerely cared for Mina even though students hated her for her clumsy nature. They also ended theirs with a hug, so I find their skinship cute. I find Cha Ni’s story touching since it was actually his soul who’s talking to her all along. He was in a coma for some time after his car accident. Although, I couldn’t quite feel the romance in their story, Cha Ni is just too cute. Overall, I think alternate endings are good to avoid fan wars, and I hate it when second male leads doesn’t get a chance. I simply liked this concept since it’s so hard to choose which guy is the best for her.

click your heart blog seja frugal elenco.jpg

Final Thoughts:

I apologize for being a SF9 fangirl instead of just talking about the web drama. It’s hard to write a review for such a short web drama anyways. I think this is a way for me to promote the group. Let’s spread the happy SF9 virus! Even though their agency is crap, I hope they’ll succeed since they’re so hardworking. All in all, Click Your Heart is a short, but cute and unique web drama. I’m still not used to watching very short series. I wished it was longer or season two please! I recommend this to anyone who likes pure fluff and open to various endings. If you’re bored and have nothing to watch, you can also spare two hours for these cuties 😉

Rating: 9/10



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