[K-DRAMA] My Only Love Song (2017)

warning: may contain spoilers


A weird but fun romantic comedy time traveling drama..


Song Soo Jung is a top actress in Korea. She’s known for having a bad and loud attitude among staff. She’s currently filming a historical drama at a filming site. One day, her boyfriend announced marriage plans with another actress, and she’s furious with him. She’s also being chased by reporters who want to interview her. She quickly escapes by riding an old red car that she found parked on the set. With no idea where to go, the car turns on and the navigation has automatically set a destination for her. She kept on driving until she reached the forest. She then accidentally bumped into some guards dressed in historical clothes. At first, she’s joking with them and telling her to stop the filming. She later realises that she has time traveled to Goguryeo. She meets Ondal and he inevitably came to rescue her every time she needed help. How would Soo Jung be able to go back to present time? And what challenges will she face in the past?



I decided to go on a CNBLUE drama marathon and found this one to be the shortest, so why not? This was pre-produced and this was supposed to be aired in cable channels, but somehow the plan fell through, and many were worried if it will actually air or not. Thank goodness, Netflix saved the day and aired all episodes in a day! Basically it has 20 episodes, each aired for about 30 minutes. It’s really short and one could actually finish it in a day. I finished it in about 3 days though, since there’s not much going on with the story not until the last few episodes. Nonetheless, the plot is pretty interesting. I mean I haven’t watched time traveling dramas for ages, so I kind of missed it. It’s very similar to Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but it’s a funnier and lighter version of that drama. I also heard that the story of Pyeonggang and Ondal is also a web known story during those time. Creating something out of the popular story is terrific. The first few episodes felt like it was purely comedy, a parody of serious sageuk dramas. I think this drama should be taken lightly as there’s not much content going on, and there’s so many plot holes to talk about. Like how Moo Myung was killed, but he’s alive in the next episode after all. I think given the air time, I guess it’s a bit hard to fit them all together. I think it’s a web drama for a reason, and it caters mainly for fans of the actors. I seriously think this drama is made as a ground for practice to the actors, and to simply make their filmography longer. lol


Time traveling was popular a few years ago, but too many dramas released this type of genre, so it kinda lost its hype. This has been recycled quite a few times such as in dramas like Dr. Jin, Rooftop Prince, Nine Times Travel, and Queen In Hyun’s Man. Probably the drama that’s closest to this plot is Scarlet Heart wherein both female leads time travel to past and found themselves amused at everything that’s happening. Although personally not my favorite time travel drama, My Only Love Song does its best as it uses a magical car called “Boong Boong” as a method of time traveling. I’m seriously annoyed when time traveling is done in an unexplainable way, like falling in a lake or cliff. Although the theory behind Boong Boong is also unexplainable as it travels wherever it wants to, I think it’s quite creative and the little red car is so cute. Well, technically she is an important part in the drama. Boong Boong can really be considered the star of the drama.


It’s a bit of shock for Jonghyun’s agency to approve these leads reuniting together in a drama since it’s so rare for WGM couples to work together again; what more reunite in a drama as a couple. With all the hype they had in We Got Married, I’m sure they gained a lot of couple fans. I admit that their chemistry was so great in that variety show, and they look good together. I just didn’t like the cheesiness that they showed there; it was way too much which led me to stop watching WGM altogether. Anyway, fans will be happy since they had a few kissing scenes here which were filmed beautifully. I also like their bickering and their dialogues were quite natural.



Gong Seung Yeon as Song Soo Jung — If I’m not mistaken, this is her first ever lead role. Recently, I’ve just watched her in Introverted Boss and I was satisfied with her acting. This time, she portrayed Song Soo Jung, a really loud, outgoing and confident actress. I must say that I was surprised, because by her looks I thought she’s more on the passive side, but she did pull off the character which was so unexpected from her. I think she portrayed the role well, even though Soo Jung’s quite annoying throughout the drama. I initially had doubts about her sudden popularity, but she definitely showed in this drama that she has potential. I think she’s even better than Jong Hyun with regards to acting. I also think that she also had fun in portraying Soo Jung.


Lee Jong Hyun as Ondal — Finally, his first ever leading role. I still remembered the time when he first acted in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and also a major role in Orange Marmalade. Although I have to admit that his first few scenes in here were super awkward and cringey,┬áhe improved he a lot with his acting as the drama progressed. I thought he was saying his lines like reading a book back in Orange Marmalade, but this time he’s more natural now and also comfortable. I think Ondal isn’t too hard to portray, and I think he’s enjoying the role. Still like Jung Yong Hwa, I prefer them both as musicians wherein they’re at their best and they’re so relaxed while performing. But sadly, I realized that working as idols in South Korea is challenging since they need to be an all-rounder and the competition is too strong these days. Anyway, I heard Jong Hyun’s casted in a cable drama as a male lead. I hope the role is suitable for him and I hope he’ll improve more.


I like the other supporting characters too. It seemed like they had so much fun on set. FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin as Sam Yong is such a cutie. He really has baby faced features. He kept on calling Soo Jung Nuna when in fact he’s actually older than Seung Yeon in real life. I thought that he’s so cute and underrated. FNC should really step up and allow him to be casted as extras or supporting characters in dramas. Ahn Bo Hyun as Moo Myung kinda had the Kim Soo Hyun or Park Seo Jun vibe in him. I just wondered why he wasn’t able to talk throughout the drama, and only had inner thoughts. Moo Myung and the Princess’s chemistry was also cute! The General Go Il Yong is so annoying yet funny. I remembered that I saw this actor in Bridal Mask, but he’s so serious there. The actor did justice to the role since his level of narcism and annoyance is really over the top, but you’ll just find him funny.



The drama ended abruptly, but it was a happy one. With just a few more episodes left, I wondered how they would wrap it up and I wished they explained the mysterious boong boong. For the last scene, Soo Jung met Ondal again while driving the car. I think Ondal came to present time, and they just reunited. I guess Boong Boong served as a gate or portal for time traveling. I wished that we can somehow see Ondal getting amazed with all the present stuff, and be his usual calculative self. lol I think this kind of ending would’ve been brilliant. Anyway, Ondal also survived the “battle” with the help of Moo Myung. And since Moo Myung is not of social status and couldn’t marry the princess, Ondal gave his name to Moo Myung so that he can marry the princess. So, the history book is indeed correct that “Ondal” and the Princess got married, while the real Ondal ends up with Soo Jung. I think it’s quite creative, but the ending was just so anti-climatic. I really wished that they cut the first half shorter and elaborated more on the latter half.


Final Thoughts:

My Only Love Song is a web drama that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a super light romantic comedy that’s quite similar to Moon Lovers sans the melodrama, and shorter. There’s not much to offer with the plot, acting is also not topnotch, and definitely not comparable to real serious k-dramas, but it’s still enjoyable and super laid back. You really don’t need to think deep with this storyline, just sit back and relax. Although I haven’t watched many web dramas, I highly recommend this to new web drama watchers. If you’re looking for a historical, magical, romantic comedy web drama, then this one’s for you!

Rating: 7/10



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