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Literally my Girls Generation..



[TW] Hear Me

Hear me (聽説 /Ting Shuo) is a Taiwanese movie shown in 2009. Actors include Eddie Peng, Ivy Chen, and Michelle Chen.

I initially watched this movie because i knew the actors. At first you might think that it’s so boring, since it’s such a quiet movie. Good thing, Eddie Peng is around. He’s so funny and his expressions are so priceless! I love those moments when he is with his mom. Their lines are so spontaneous and so natural, that you’d actually believe that Eddie is her son. Her mom might be familiar to you! Actually, she’s the mother in the successful dramas such as Fated to Love You and Autumn’s Concerto. Aside from them, I think that Ivy Chen is actually a good actress. I’ve never watched any of her series yet but I’m excited to see her portray a different role. She’s so small and cute. She doesn’t speak in this movie, but you could actually feel and understand what she’s trying to say from her facial expressions. Happy to say that aside from the actors, the storyline is good too! Never expected that i would actually love this movie!

How can a guy like a girl who can’t speak nor hear? It is indeed very possible. Tian Kuo’s parents are very supportive, and so does Yang Yang’s sister. I’ve also seen the closeness of the two sisters, and they’re always there for each other. Their moments are so touching too! They really did know how to act and let the audience feel it without even actually talking. I think that’s really hard!


The ending is so cute! but I’ve already kind of guessed that she can actually speak. I mean is it possible for two sisters to have the same sickness?

This is not just a movie. It’s not just a story to make us laugh, to enjoy, or to waste our time. It’s a very inspirational story. It’s not only about love, between sisters, between parents, or having dreams. It’s also about our passion in life. I specifically love the last line from the movie:


Love and dream are wonderful things


It doesn’t need to be heard, be spoken, and be translated.


but, you can feel it.

I totally recommend this movie! Although, this wasn’t given much recognition in Taiwan, I felt that it should receive better popularity. The actors and the storyline is so good! Hear Me is a movie that should definitely not be missed out in your list of movies to watch.

User’s rating: 10/10

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