[K-DRAMA] Who Are You: School 2015

warning: may contain spoilers




Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi are identical twins, but were separated after Eun Byul was adopted. Eun Byul lived in Seoul with her adoptive mother and was attending Se Kang High School. Eun Bi stayed at an orphanage in Tong Yeong and was being bullied in school by Kang So Young. One day, Eun Byul and her classmates went to Tong Yeong for a school field trip, but she miraculously disappeared. On that same day, Eun Bi was unjustly expelled from school and she decided to jump off the bridge. Both were missing and a few days later, Eun Bi was found at a hospital, but she was mistaken to be Eun Byul. Eun Byul’s mother came to get her and Eun Bi started to live her life as Eun Byul. At first, she couldn’t remember anything and the doctor explained that it could be an effect from the accident. But she soon recovers her memories. Kang So Young, the bully, then transferred to her class and tried to expose her real identity. Good thing, there were people willing to help her. One is Eun Byul’s childhood friend Han Yi An, and another is Gong Tae Kwang who knew her little secret. Will Eun Bi experience bullying once again? Or will she fight her off this time? And what really happened to the real Eun Byul? Did she really died?



The main reason that I’m watching this is because it’s the new season of the School series. Although I didn’t enjoy School 2013 much, I still gave it a try since I want to watch another school theme drama. I must say that despite of the not so good reviews and low ratings, I still enjoyed every bit of the drama. I love the mystery, thrill, and the cliffhangers in almost every episode. The first episode was really interesting and I was looking forward to the rest of the show. If School 2013 is all about boys physically fighting, School 2015 is probably the girl version. Girls don’t often get into physical fights though, but most of the time they talk bad about you and hurt you emotionally. I’m a girl and I was also a victim of bullying when I was younger, so I appreciate this drama more and empathise with Eun Bi. They really made the story so realistic and I had to mention the bully, So Young, for her outstanding acting. I was really pissed off with her attitude and facial expressions. So Young was a good student with high grades; no one would ever notice that she’s actually a mean bully. And one wouldn’t understand why she would bully Eun Bi since she’s been well treated at home. I thought that School 2015 tackled the concept of bullying better than the last season. Or maybe because I’m a girl so I could relate better or because I’m convinced with their acting more.


Aside from bullying, the drama also showed realistic situations that happen in school. We have the class president who’s pressured by his mother to study and be the number one in class. He needs to study all day long and his mother used her son’s grades by running a tutorial class and charging very high rates. He even had thoughts of committing suicide. I wished that parents should find a good way to encourage their kids to study harder, not in a pressuring way. I’m thankful that my parents didn’t push me hard before, but now looking back, I kind of regretted not studying harder. lol  I also love the fact that parents were given a chance to share their side; there were many incidents wherein parents came to school to complain. If it’s a school drama, it’s not only students who should be concerned, but parents also play a big part in their child’s life.


Finally, we’re getting some romance in this season! The love triangle between Lee Eun Bi – Han Yi An – Gong Tae Kwang was so cute. When Eun Bi is with Tae Kwang, she could be herself, but with Yi An, she has to be cautious to not get caught. Initially, the romantic parts were nice to watch, but during the latter episodes, they were focusing more on the romance rather than the story itself. The character development was vague especially Yi An’s. I thought that he was just confused. I felt that that there’s more to his character, not only as a swimmer. I wished they could’ve portrayed it in a better way instead of dragging those parts and leaving So Young as a back burner.  I wished they could’ve dwelled more on the twins rather than the love line.



Kim So Hyun as Lee Eun Bi / Go Eun Byul — Kim So Hyun may be the youngest in the cast, but her acting skills is definitely on another level. She’s not yet 18, but she’s better than many other actresses. Before when she was playing younger roles, I didn’t think she was pretty, but now she has blossomed to a beautiful girl. Portraying a role is difficult, but portraying two roles is even harder, and she portrayed them both perfectly. I can easily know who’s who without being confused. Her face is also suitable for a protagonist or antagonist role, so casting her was perfect. Now that she’s capable of being a female lead rather than playing the younger version, I hope she continues to pick good projects and bring out the best in her acting. I’ll be looking forward for her more in the future.


Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi An — I heard that Nam Joo Hyuk’s bad at acting based from some reviews, but I find his acting acceptable. He was sort of cute too with his acting. I guess it’s because he always acts alongside So Hyun, who’s incredibly talented, so it feels like that he can’t act. And come on, it’s his first lead role, so give him a chance. I don’t know why but I liked him better than Tae Kwang. I usually have a second guy syndrome, but he appealed to me more in this drama. I wished that the writer showed more about Yi An’s character, not just a swimmer.


Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang — He was my favourite member in BTOB and he was fun to watch in We Got Married. Tae Kwang was seen as a happy go lucky person in school, but actually he’s struggling at home since his parents are separated and his father is actually the director of the school. Many viewers fell in love with Tae Kwang because he was always there whenever Eun Bi needs help. Sung Jae also did a good job in portraying the character. He may come off annoying from the characters’ point of view, but he’s just supporting Eun Bi quietly. I think the character isn’t too much different from Sung Jae’s personality in real life since he’s also playful too.



It was a good and well wrapped up ending. Everyone found out about the truth that Eun Bi and Eun Byul were twins and they’re both still alive. So Young finally realised her mistakes and apologised to Eun Bi. I felt that it was a nice and relieving closure. I wished there were more scenes wherein Eun Bi and Eun Byul interacted since it’s been so long that they’ve been apart. I just thought that sending Eun Byul away abroad wasn’t the best choice. She should’ve more parts during the latter part when she came back. I guess the writer wanted to emphasise the love story of Eun Bi and Yi An instead, so they sent her away. Many viewers were disappointed with Eun Bi’s choice, but I already knew from the beginning that she’d choose Yi An. I feel that I have a third eye when it comes to who the female lead will end up with. So far, I’ve been guessing them right most of the time. It’s Yi An since he had that male lead ‘feel’ to him and there were more Eun Bi and Yi An moments than her with Tae Kwang. Eun Bi clearly likes him, but Yi An was just confused during the last few episodes. He’d been liking her all along, he just didn’t realise it. The fact that he enjoyed her company lately more than the moody Eun Byul says a lot about his feelings for her, so Eun Bi’s choice wasn’t a surprise for me. I agreed with the writer this time and it was an ending that I liked.


Final Thoughts:

Who Are You: School 2015 is different from the past seasons because of the mysterious concept alongside the basic school theme. In my opinion, it’s an upgraded and better version of the last drama. For one, it’s because of the female protagonist, so I could really emphasise and relate with the character more. And I liked the mysterious concept that they went for; it really kept me entertained for four days. The latter episodes were slightly draggy since they were focusing on the romance instead. Nonetheless, it was minimal and bearable. I know I must have a different opinion from majority of the viewers; many preferred School 2013. I guess it’s just personal taste since I liked unique themes. And the actors were way way way better than the previous one. If you’re looking for a school drama but with a twist, I suggest you’d try this one.

Rating: 8/10



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