[TH DRAMA] Hormones the Series: Season 2 (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


Hormones starts its second season with new characters, new issues and character developments.


Hormones season 2 is slightly different from the first season as it features new characters and new issues. It breaks away from the usual norm as it showed different issues that are not portrayed in ordinary dramas. Homosexuality, drug addiction and abortion are some issues that are very relevant among the youth, but people avoid talking about these topics. This drama showed real life experiences of the youth in their everyday lives. It can be served as an eyeopener to parents, teachers and the youth that these issues may have a huge impact to your life. It may make or break you.



While season 1 has episode titles of various hormones like adrenaline and testosterone, season 2 has episode titles of the character names; giving them a chance to shine through their specific episode. I love the fact that they did this and it was a great idea because no one would be left out. There’s focus on a character per episode. I like that there’s no bias in this drama at all. Season 2 also increased their age rating to R-18 and this time they talked about deeper issues. Why don’t we discuss them one by one?



Although this topic is so common in Thai dramas and it was also shown in the past season, homosexuality was taken into the next level in this season. When there’s a boy to boy relationship, a girl to girl relationship has also blossomed. This doesn’t seem to be enough as there’s a kissing scene and more bed scenes between the two boys. I was really taken aback because the kissing scene was shot for real, and wondered why another kissing scene between a girl and boy was not shot for real. I love how Thai dramas are so open when talking about this topic when it’s still a no-no in other Asian dramas.




Another common issue that the youth are experiencing these days is rape. The drama showed it through Toei and her computer teacher. They specifically chose a good-looking teacher to portray the role. Sometimes students easily fall for teachers and I really heard stories such as these so that the student can pass the subject or have a high grade. This is completely wrong. I mean one shouldn’t sell himself for the sake of grades. It was also nice to see that they tackled this issue for the parents and higher authorities to see. Just because your child is in school, it doesn’t mean he is safe. Teachers also abuse their roles and they also commit mistakes. I hope that this served as an eyeopener to everyone that we shouldn’t always look at the outer appearance of a person only; and we must be wary of our surroundings as well.



This was slightly shown during the first season, but it didn’t really push through because it was all Dao’s imagination. This season, they’re doing abortion for real. Phai slept randomly with a girl and made her pregnant. Phai was thinking of taking the responsibility to be a father already when the girl rejected and want to abort the baby. He had no choice but to agree and they spent a night by taking medicine and “kill” the baby. It was so painful to see the girl having a hard time until she fainted and had to be taken to the hospital because her life is already at risk. Moral of the story: Think before you do it.


Drug Addiction

This issue was shown through Win. With the case unresolved during the first season, he had to temporarily quit school and his father sent him to US. Thinking that he was reflecting for his wrong doings, he actually spent his nights partying all day and night. He was then introduced to a Thai friend named Jane. He spent nights partying with her. Jane introduced him to a drug, and he became curious and sniffed it. After that night, he continuously asked Jane where to get this drug. Even after he came back to Thailand, he was still using drugs. Even the perfect girl, Kwan spent a while arguing with him that drugs is bad for one’s health. It was such a useless argument because no one could stop him. Moral of the story: Don’t even try it; you might get addicted to it.


Aside from these specific issues, I loved how they started the first episode with “a drama in a drama”. There’s a drama that was the talk of the town because they showed scenes that are not suitable for the youngsters. It had high ratings and many students are watching it. Some are following the actors in the drama and they are doing “it” as well. It reached the school authorities and the drama was banned from airing in school. It reached to the point where the drama was cancelled already because of the negative effects that it brought to the youth. It’s like seeing Hormones in real life. I heard in Thailand, it was also a drama that was the talk of the town. But I’m glad that Hormones didn’t have the same fate as the drama in the drama. (lol) Hormones is totally different because they didn’t always showed the wrong, but also showed the right as well. They gave time for the characters to reflect on their wrong doings and a chance to correct themselves. Even though I know it’ll be awkward for me and my parents to watch Hormones together, it’s still a drama suitable for everyone because of the lessons you’ll learn after watching it. To be honest, I thought a lot about the stories in the drama. It’s not simply a drama where you can watch, laugh and forget. It’s a drama wherein you can definitely pick up something from it.


In this season, they added more characters to make the drama more fun and colourful. I’m surprised that most of them, if not all of them are newbies and are actually chosen from the audition show. This meant that they have no acting opportunities before. I like the fact that they are still very young but they do their best in the scenes. The staff are also very considerate of them and understand that they are still teens. We don’t know what really happened in all behind the scenes, but there’s one scene wherein Dao and her friend weren’t able to achieve the emotions that the director wanted. It was the bathroom scene, if I’m not mistaken, and they had to refilm the scene again after a few days. Maybe in other dramas, they won’t give chance to the actor to film it on another day and just pressured the actor to film it on the same day. I love how the staff treat them and they chose the actors very well. Or if I must say, their acting coach is the best!




Pachara Chirathivat as Win — His scenes in this season was less than what I expected. There was also a whole episode dedicated just for him, which I found unfair, because all others had their own episodes but other characters were also showed in those episodes. Peach was also lucky because he filmed his scenes in the US. I think that assigning the drug issue to him was the best idea. He’s such a rebel who’d go against others. However, being a drug addict took a toll on him. He didn’t appear and contribute much in other episodes. I’m wondering if that’s the script or he was too busy and has other acting projects aside from Hormones. Anyway, I wished he would completely end using drugs and go back to being a rebel kid instead.


Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha as Kwan — I also noticed that Pattie’s scenes were fewer in this episode and I’m quite sad that her episode was used to film the beach outing instead of focusing on her character development. I guess there’s nothing much to change on Kwan because she remains to be the nice and righteous girl next door. I just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t accept Mhog’s feelings. In the end, it was an indirect answer, but I think she chose Win instead. It’s something that I couldn’t understand until now. Nonetheless, Pattie’s acting is so lovable. Just wished she had more scenes though.


Sutatta Udomsilp as Toei — Is it just me or Punpun’s acting vastly improved from Season 1 to 2?! I really think Toei isn’t the awkward Toei anymore, but she seemed natural and more mature now. The rape issue was assigned to her and she portrayed her character flawlessly. I wondered why she’s always the one getting beat up by people, but she looks stronger than other female casts. Aside from this, she also had problems with her relationship with Phu. Seeing your boyfriend with another man is the worst thing that could ever happen. For the sake of the show, I wished that Toei at least hear Phu out and get a chance to talk. But If I were her, I’d do the same and ignore him forever. At least, Toei was willing to forgive Phu and be friends with him. On the other hand, her relationship with Tar are the best of friends but people around them just couldn’t understand. I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. It’s just sad that she accepted Tar in the end. I mean she should consider Pang’s feelings too.


Chutavuth Pattarakampol as Phu — March is so “lucky” as usual because he has many love interests. In the last season, he had two and this time he had three. I thought that Phu has finished questioning himself about his sexuality and chose to be a man already. I really think that kiss scene between him and Thee was done when he was in a drunk state. He didn’t know what he was doing since he was drunk. After Toei told him that she wants to break up without telling the reason, he doesn’t know what to do. He finds comfort in an older woman and learn a lot from her. I didn’t know the Phu that I know anymore during his particular episode. I guess he was finding and searching for himself during those times. March really did a great job portraying his role. I just wished that he and Toei had a happy ending instead. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll reunite soon on the third season.


Sirachuch Chienthaworn as Mhog  It was just right that Mhog was given a chance for an episode of his own. I never noticed him as an important character in the past, but the episode “Mhog” made me learn so much about him. He became a much more mature person after one sad episode happened in his life. Michael delivered his character with ease as well. Mhog may be just a character from the sideline, but he’s one the kindest character in this drama after all. I realised this after Kwan rejected him. I know he must felt super sad about it, but he remained calm and continued to be friends with Kwan and Win.


Gunn Junhavat as Tar — The character Tar left a good impression to me last season, but after finishing this season, I disliked the character now. Tar became Kanompang’s boyfriend quickly. Pang is also Pop’s younger sister so he cherished her more than anyone else. However, Tar lost his feelings for her and hanged out more often with Toei. This resulted to Pang and Phu’s jealousy and later these two couples broke up. Tar even promised to Pop that he won’t hurt Pang’s feelings. Tar’s feelings is like a child who come and go easily. I kind of understood that students in high school change feelings and people to date easily. But what Tar did to Pang was so mean and bad. He could’ve ended with her neatly and now throw her away like a piece of paper. Anyway, Gunn did made progress in his acting as well. It’s the character that I hated, but I loved Gunn’s acting.


Sananthachat Thanapatpisal as Dao — I loved the character so much during the first season. Letting Dao become a homosexual was the worst thing to do. I just couldn’t grasp the idea how she became one. After watching her episode, random things came across my mind. I think it was because her parents especially her mother wanted her to be the perfect girl who’s good in everything. Her mother decides everything for her and she doesn’t have freedom. She finds comfort from her best girl friend and thus it turned into love. I guess she got too tired being the “good girl” that she wanted to rebel. The character development was something I didn’t expect at all, but I understood it somehow as to why she became like that. Having Fon act as a homosexual made me doubt at first because she has a girly appearance. This kind of role could’ve given to Punpun instead. I wondered if Fon struggled again when portraying this character.


Thanapob Leeratanakajorn as Phai — Phai’s issue was about abortion because he randomly slept with a girl and made her pregnant. It made the character mature and think about his future. It was manly to see that he was going to take responsibility. Phai was also a quiet type of guy so he doesn’t easily say his real feelings. I knew that he liked Sprite but he couldn’t just say it. He’s afraid of hurting her again and the relationship may not work. On a side note, Tor has more lines this time. It was shown in the behind-the-scenes that he’s trying to memorise his lines by rapping them. It helps though as he delivered his lines with no mistakes. It seems that this method was helpful for him.


Supassra Thanachat as Sprite — Sprite is still the same old Sprite from the previous season. It’s sad that her particular episode wasn’t really about her, but she’s busy looking for the person who’s pretending to be her in Facebook. I understand that they want to show how Facebook or social media sites affect the youth nowadays, but just didn’t liked that this issue was assigned to Sprite. Nevertheless, I still loved Gao’s acting. I just wished Sprite and Phai had more interactions. At least the ending was a happy one for the both of them.

poster HTS 1


The ending was just similar to the first season because they ended it with a concert or music festival in school. Everyone in the cast also graduated except for Dao, Kanompang, and their friends. I wondered if the cast will be the same for the third season, or the graduated students will completely leave Hormones. I will seriously be sad if they leave. I hope they can show their college life or future jobs as well. It just wouldn’t be the same if a whole new cast would be replaced. Anyway, the pairings wasn’t what I expected them to be. I watched the special last episode wherein the director wanted to go against the viewers’ thoughts. There’s like a forum wherein the netizens actually wrote about the future happenings while the show is airing, and the director deliberately went against their “imaginations”. I was like: Noooo! All the pairings that I wanted and wished for never happened. I wanted Phu and Toei, Tar and Pang, Mhog and Kwan.. On a positive note, this is actually better because at least they didn’t follow what the viewers wanted and went for the opposite. The writers are definitely doing their jobs. It’s not easy to predict what’s going to happen next. It remains a suspense until the very last episode.




I feel that I underestimated Thai pop. After hearing the songs sung by Seescape and listening to the official soundtrack, I realised that there are many great songs from Thailand. I also like these pop rock kinds of music so it fits my taste very much. If only the language was easy to learn and pronounce, I would memorise the lyrics by now. After hearing the album, I considered giving a try to Thai pop music. “A Song of Whisper” was the song that struck me the most in the soundtrack. I preferred the original singer, Abuse the Youth, but after listening several times, I got used to Seescape’s version. I loved the “Ohhh” part of the song. It’s a tune that can be easily remembered. “Warm Eyes” has recently became an addicting song to me as well that I kept repeating it. It’s not totally a rock song, but the song is slower than usual. It also has a “Ohhh” part and you can refer it as the chorus or peak of the song. There’s warmness in the song that I liked about. For some reason, I also loved the duets of Tar and Pang. They are really suitable for each other. Overall, the soundtrack is highly recommended! If you’re looking for something different from K-pop, but closely similar, then try to listen to this.


Final Thoughts:

Hormones Season 2 may not have turned out what I expected it to be, but it was still an interesting watch. It gave me a lot of insights on the specific issues tackled and I’m seeing these issues in a new light. Although I preferred season 1 than season 2, this is still recommendable if you enjoyed the actors and the story. This drama is really one of a kind and I hope they continue in making more seasons featuring the same set of actors. Don’t overthink yourself that this is going to be a immature or childish type of drama just because it is situated in a high school campus. It’s more mature than any other drama. Now, don’t hesitate or think twice, just watch it for yourselves. ^^

Rating: 8/10

poster HTS 2


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  1. Hiran Pinel
    Jan 25, 2017 @ 01:38:31

    O personagem Phu (Chutavuth) NÃO estava bêbado quando beijou Thee (Anusit), e subentendeu a série toda de que eles ficaram juntos mais vezes, conversas com a mãe, suspeitas do irmão, a química entre os dois etc. Thee sim é que estava bêbado, e Phu é que avançou o sinal… É só rever a cena… kkk De fato não estamos por dentro da subjetividade de Phu, pode ser várias coisas, mas o que vemos na tela é ele tomando decisão, orientando Thee, dando-lhe conselhos, sendo mais ativo e é ele que começa beijar, estando dormindo… Sua página é linda, você é muito metódica… Parabéns… adorei…


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