[K-MOVIE] Twenty (2015)

warning: may contain spoilers


A coming of age film as they step into their twenties..


TWENTY_ (18)

Chi Ho, Kyung Jae, and Dong Woo are high school classmates and they became best friends after they all liked and courted the same girl. They graduated high school and ┬ájust turned twenty. Chi Ho didn’t go to college and is unemployed. Basically, he’s just slacking at home and living off his parents’ money. He’s also into girls and he can’t wait for the moment to have his “first” experience. Meanwhile, Kyung Jae is a kind guy who got into a prestigious university and dreams of getting a good job. He met a college senior who treats him very well, but he’s extremely shy around her and can’t express his feelings. Dong Woo on the other hand, is the breadwinner of his family. He likes to draw and wants to become a cartoonist, but he couldn’t since he needs work on several part-time jobs. These three got along together most of the time and just talk about what the usual guys in their twenties talk about.



I can’t recall the last time I saw a Asian movie. It’s probably been ages and I decided to do a K-movie marathon with the long watch list that I have. Among the list, I’ve wanted to watch Twenty since 2015 and when the lead actors appeared in Running Man as guests. I thought that they had good chemistry and were very close even after filming the movie. I’m a fan of Kang Ha Neul and both Kim Woo Bin and 2PM’s Jun Ho were not bad either, so I decided to give it a go. Watching this with good expectations was a mistake, and watching it with a younger cousin who’s still a minor is another mistake. Until now, I couldn’t understand why it was a box-office hit nor why people are praising the movie so much.


Teens who become twenty year olds become very excited as they step into the twenty bracket. It’s also an age wherein they’re curious about adulthood, college, and sex. It’s sad that they talk about sex most of the time in the movie. It’s one of the things that they’re most curious about. I guess they should put a warning beforehand or set a rating since I was expecting about first love, courtships and fistfights. I wished they had just talked briefly about it and not most of the time. I suddenly remembered the female version of coming of age movie that I watched years ago called Sunny. It was a blockbuster and I loved that movie since it had an interesting plot. Twenty really left a bad impression even with the popular cast. I thought that the storyline was very plain and flat, like there’s no climax in the movie. Even the last parts wherein they had a fistfight with the slow motion didn’t appeal to me. I just couldn’t get the inside jokes. Is it just me or what? I only learned that even if we’re twenty, we’re bound to make mistakes, and it’s alright. Overall, I was just left with disappointment. It’s probably one of the most boring Korean movies that I have ever watched.



All three actors are so good-looking and with the addition of Lee Yu Bi, we’re all set for a visually good movie right? This movie doesn’t really require much acting skills as there’s no heavy emotional scenes. I guess it’s a laid back movie and they must have a lot of fun while filming on set. I had no problems with the actors as they did their best.┬áNonetheless, each of the characters had their own struggles and responsibilites. I felt that the characters weren’t utilised to the fullest. I thought that they had the skills, but the storyline didn’t call for it, sad to say. I found Kim Woo Bin cute though with those random facial expressions; I didn’t expect him to act that way. I’ve always had that image of him as cool and deep voiced, but he can be like a puppy too. lol


Final Thoughts:

I finished the movie big thanks to Kang Ha Neul and the other actors. Even if I’m a fan of the actors, I would never recommend this to anyone. I love coming of age dramas or films, but Twenty simply did not do any justice. Now where did my innocent childhood went? lol It’s simply boring and forgettable. If you want coming of age dramas or films, Taiwanese films are so much better in making this type of genre. Just sayin’

Rating: 3/10


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