[K-DRAMA] Please Come Back, Mister (2016)

warning: may contain spoilers


When you just died and you’re given a chance to be alive again.. in another person’s body…



Kim Young Soo works as a section chief in a department store. He is married to Shin Da Hye and they live with their daughter and Young Soo’s father. He often works overtime and doesn’t spend too much time with his wife. Even on their wedding anniversary, he needs to cancel their dinner together in order to meet with his clients. During New Year’s Eve, he went to the department’s store rooftop to fix one of the banners and he accidentally falls off and dies. His company kept it a secret and told the public that he died because of suicide and not because of overwork. Meanwhile, Han Gi Tak is a former gangster and is in love with famous actress Song Yi Yeon for many years. He has distanced himself from her since she’s already married to a rich businessman named Cha Jae Gook and they also had a child. Although now their relationship has fallen through and Cha Jae Gook released a scandal about Song Yi Yeon that would ruin her career. Song Yi Yeon went to Gi Tak to ask for help, but just when Gi Tak is about to find out, he gets into a car accident. Both Gi Tak and Young Soo died at about the same time, and they arrived in afterlife. They were given a chance to return and find out about their death. However, they have three rules to follow: they cannot reveal their true identities, they cannot seek revenge, and they cannot engage in human affairs. If they broke one of the rules, their existence will be erased forever. As they went back to Earth, Young Soo was given a new body; a handsome young man. And Gi Tak became a pretty young woman. Will Young Soo be able to reveal the truth about his death? And will Gi Tak be able to save Yi Yeon from her husband? Will their two month trip be worth it and solve all their unfinished problems in time?



This drama was adapted from a Japanese novel. At first glance, I thought that the concept is so Japanese since Japanese dramas are known to be innovative and unique. It’s such a new sight to see this kind of plot in a Korean drama. What’s more is that there are big names in the cast, so it’s a very highly anticipated drama. It had the same time slot as Descendants of the Sun, but I did understand why majority of the audience chose DOTS over this drama. I guess many viewers prefer cheesy and a simple storyline rather than a complicated drama like this. It did have a lot of characters, and it was confusing to catch up who’s who at first. The storyline wasn’t all smooth as well, and I’m not sure if they entirely followed the Japanese novel, but I would prefer much more if they focused on a certain story or character rather than sending two characters to live again. I guess the concept is a bit unrealistic and a bit sad; there are times when I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nonetheless, I still liked the concept. I wished they could have polished the writing and script better to make it entertaining for the viewers.


I really like the creative concept wherein the characters get to have a second chance to be alive again, but of course they have to live in another person’s body. There are certain rules to be followed as well such as they cannot reveal their true identities and they cannot seek revenge. If I were given the chance, I think I’ll take it as well. Having another chance to spend our time with our loved ones and doing things that we never got to do are probably the best reasons why we should take the chance. The characters also died when they were not ready to die. I guess they really want to find out why and how they died. It’s such a super unique plot that can only appear in movies. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy the flow of the story much as it was quite draggy and somewhat predictable.


The cast as a whole was fun to watch. It was obvious how they were probably enjoying on the set. Even the smallest supporting characters were such scene stealers. The worker in Re-life Centre portrayed by Ra Mi Ran, who’s always there to the rescue when they encounter some problems was having so much fun on her own. She’s a famous comedian, and I enjoyed her character here even though she’s not totally helpful to the two. Also, the bodyguard of Yi Yeon portrayed by Lee Tae Hwan. He’s also the bodyguard in W, and he seriously needs to get casted in a bigger role. And also Yi Yeon’s husband portrayed by Choi Won Young. I’ve been seeing him a lot in dramas ever since I saw him for the first time in The Heirs. I’m glad that he’s actively working even after he got married recently. Can we also talk about the unexpected kisses; be it girl and girl or guy and guy, or guy and girl. I think it’s funny and shocking at the same time. I really couldn’t point anyone who did bad, but everyone portrayed their respective roles well.




Rain as Lee Hae Joon / Kim Young Soo — I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Rain in a drama. I’ve skipped most of his recent works, but I’ll always remember him in Full House. I think he’s pretty decent in rom-com dramas, as well as in Hollywood action movies. He’s just not placed among the A-list actors since he’s also working as an idol, and most of his works weren’t popular. I thought that he contributed a lot in the Hallyu wave because in my country, a lot of people who are not K-pop fans also know him. It’s sad that most of his works didn’t make it in Korea, but he’s still recognizable in many Asian countries and still bringing in a lot of money. He’s also set for the rest of his career since he’s married to THE Kim Tae Hee. lol Going back to his role here, he’s still decent and still hasn’t lost his roots. I think he’s naturally funny, and also charismatic as well. His looks may not be what appeals to everyone, but I think his face looks authentic Korean (if you know what I mean..lol) Many popular younger actors can’t pull off being naturally funny too, so I applaud Rain for this. He’s probably one of the best all around entertainers in Korea.


Oh Yeon Seo as Han Hong Nan / Han Gi Tak — This is probably one of the hardest characters to pull off in a Korean drama besides Ji Sung’s role in Kill Me Heal Me. Crossdressing for the entire drama must be tiring and challenging. I really salute Oh Yeon Seo for being so natural in being manly and I can definitely see Soo Ro’s shadow in her. I haven’t seen her act, but knew her from We Got Married. I think she has girly features, but she doesn’t act girly at all. I really like her chemistry both with Rain and Honey Lee. It’s weird that she can fit in with both of them naturally. I really like how Hong Nan was portrayed to be very charismatic and strong in this, and Yeon Seo delivered the character with ease.


Lee Min Jung as Shin Da Hye — I’ve seen her act in Big as well appear as a guest in Running Man variety show. I’ve always found her to be pretty, like down to earth and simple beauty. I thought that she didn’t aged at all despite after giving birth for just a year. It’s just that her clothes, styling and role in this drama is a mother, but I think she can compete with the two other actresses. It’s sad that she wasn’t given much spotlight in this drama, or that’s what I feel about her. I just feel sorry for her character, and because of her motherly role, she wasn’t able to shine much as the other characters who dress so well every time. She does her acting well and is lead worthy, but I guess her roles really don’t stood out that much. She’s yet to find a role that she’s known for, but at least many people know her. I feel sad for her in real life as she’s married to Lee Byung Hun who’s known to be a playboy. I hope she continues to act since I enjoy seeing her anyway. Can’t wait for her next drama!


Kim Soo Ro as Han Gi Tak — I’ve always wondered if Kim Soo Ro has been always deemed as strong and scary in real life since most of his roles are the same. I’ve seen him in Master of Study and in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and I felt that he’s always hot headed and in a gangster mood. I think it’s been his style now, but I think he can be a bit tame in variety shows. I’ve only seen him as a guest so far, and never watched him as a fixed cast, but that’s the image that I see from him, and probably most of us see him this way. I guess if he tried something different, it’s us who will get shocked and not get used to it. So I’m totally okay with it, since it’s like his trademark attitude already. But I’m glad that he only acts from time to time, or else we’ll get sick of him. lol


Lee Ha Nui as Song Yi Yeon — It’s my first time to see her act, but I’ve read about her a few times already. I’m really mesmerized by her beauty, because she’s really beautiful even when beside Oh Yeon Seo. If Yeon Seo is being praised as pretty, then Honey Lee is definitely a goddess! lol No wonder she’s also a runner-up in Miss Universe before. It’s so rare for me to call someone pretty, but I think she’s really naturally beautiful in a different level; like pageant level beauty. As for her acting, I think she’s quite okay. She has her looks to back it up and I think she’s perfect for the role.


Yoon Park as Jung Ji Hoon — Damn, he looks great every single time. He was always wearing business attire in the drama Introverted Boss, and I noticed he’s always wearing one in here too. He’s also one of the reasons why I came to watch this drama, but his role turned out to be a bad apple too. I think Jung Ji Hoon is pretty calculative as a friend, and he’s not sincere to his friend. It’s funny how Rain’s name in real life is Jung Ji Hoon, and yet he has to call him his name in real life. It’s like calling himself. lol Anyway, I think Yoon Park is a great addition to the cast, and not to mention also an eye candy. I wish he can get good roles next time, and it’s weird that he’s not getting any male lead role offers. I think with his age and years in acting, he can do better. But I’m glad that he’s not just disappearing but constantly picks up great dramas.



We already know since the beginning that those two lead characters will go back to heaven and their time alive is limited. We can expect that it wouldn’t be a happy ending. I think it’s not totally a sad ending, but more like a bittersweet ending. The two went back to heaven as promised. But Gi Tak’s existence was erased from everyone’s memories because he accidentally revealed himself right before he fell off the building. Still, it was wrapped up well since we now know the Gi Tak and Young Soo’s connection so they were sent back here together. Da Hye is actually Gi Tak’s long lost sister and she’s the real Hong Nan. Da Hye is the most pitiful character in the end since she didn’t only lost her husband, she also lost her long lost brother. It was also revealed that their daughter wasn’t Young Soo’s, but actually Ji Hoon’s child. I think that was an unexpected twist, but I’m not sure what’s that side story for. Also, right before Hae Joon went back to heaven, he met up with Da Hye and there’s a hint that Da Hye recognized him as her husband since she back hugged him. I think the ending can be foreseen since the beginning since they’re bound to go back and there’s no escape to it. I’d say I didn’t expect that Gi Tak’s existence would be erased; it’s something that I find regrettable the most.


Final Thoughts:

Such a highly anticipated drama with big names in the cast and a really unique plot, but we can all just wonder what went wrong. It beats out other K-dramas when it comes to originality, but I guess viewers prefer simple and repetitive drama cliches. For me, I think the writing was the only problem since everything else was alright. I guess this is the problem with most of the dramas that I’ve watched recently. I really have nothing to say to the actors, but the script and storyline ruined the drama. If you’re a fan of any of the actors, it’s a must watch since they were all so great in it. And if you like something different and totally out of the box, you should definitely try this one! You can either end up laughing or end up crying..

Rating: 6/10



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