[K-DRAMA] One More Happy Ending (2016)

warning: may contain spoilers


Four girls fall in love once again..



Han Mi Mo, Baek Da Jung, Go Dong Mi, Hong Ae Ran, and Goo Seul Ah, were members of the idol group called Angels back in the 1990s. The group has disbanded since Seul Ah was not in good terms with the rest of the members. The other four girls now have their own jobs, but they still often get together. Mi Mo and Da Jung opened up a remarriage matchmaking agency and they try to set-up divorced clients with another client that fit their qualifications. Mi Mo was a divorcee and is expecting to marry her fiancee Jeonghoon, but suddenly caught him two-timing. Da Jung is married, but she isn’t happy with the marriage. She and her husband doesn’t sleep together and they were on the verge on getting divorced. Dong Mi is now an elementary school teacher. She has been single and she is desperately looking for love. Ae Ran owns an internet shopping mall and she is expecting to get married to her fiancé, but she is confused since she doesn’t want to get married and plans to call off the wedding. On the other hand, Song Soo Hyuk is a reporter or paparazzi as he is often following around actors and actresses to get their latest news. He is also a single father who raised his son alone. Things happened when Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo coincidentally met and learned that they were classmates back then. Is this fate or coincidence?



I started watching this solely for Jung Kyung Ho. After I finished it for about a week, I kind of regretted watching this drama since it was so ordinary. The usual drama cliches and ridiculous happenings just made it boring and draggy. The first few episodes got me thinking like wtf?! So many coincidences happened within a day. The two leads met three times and they realised they were neighbours living just across each other for the first time. They also drank alcohol together and they were so drunk. The next thing they knew, they were already married since they registered their marriage while drunk. I mean, everything couldn’t happen in just a day or two. Moreover, they learned they were classmates and they even played the lead parts in a Romeo and Juliet play during middle school. It was ridiculous and exaggerated. I was a bit taken aback with all the happenings. Maybe they’re just trying to show that everything is destiny. lol


The story is mainly about marriage, divorce, and relationships. It’s a little bit hard to grasp the content if you’re not at that stage or age yet, so I was bored most of the time. I couldn’t relate with most of the characters. I guess it’s a drama that’s suitable for married women and those who’s undergoing problems with their relationships. It made me think how coincident it is that all the girls had flaws or problems with their relationships. Nonetheless, I loved how it wasn’t just the main leads, but there were different pairs of couples with their own stories. Da Jung lived in the same house with her husband, but they never got along for 7 years. I think there are really couples who don’t really get along, yet they still live together for the sake of their children or just because they don’t want to be end up as a divorcee. Dong Mi wishes for her love to come. She finally met a good-looking guy through the buy and sell website, when she bought his oven. It turned out that the guy was a scammer and just want to get money from Dong Mi. Having a failed relationship, she was so depressed. She finally met a handsome young guy at a bar, but she learned that he’s 9 years younger than her. The guy was perfect and loved her sincerely, but she’s not so willing to wait for him until he gets a stable job. Before, it was so hard to accept big age gaps and when the woman is older than the man. Now, it seems that it’s starting to become a trend and more and more people are doing it. I guess age doesn’t really matter. I feel like I’m only 18 when I’m in my twenties too, and some people don’t act like their age, so I hope other people’s mind will change too. Ae Ran on the other hand, is supposed to get married to her fiancee, but she changed her mind. She has no choice but to go through it since they handed out wedding invitations already. On the day of the wedding, her fiancee’s ex-lovers all came to attend the wedding too. She was frustrated and got mad to her now husband. I felt that the husband really liked Ae Ran, and he was just doing all these things to make her look at him. I guess it’s Ae Ran’s problem for not appreciating a guy like him. I guess Ae Ran doesn’t really want to settle down yet. I think she’s enjoying the single life more. I think there are many women who go into relationships while not thinking of marriage, and they make it difficult for their partners.


Let’s talk about the main couple. Mi Mo was in a relationship with her fiancee, but then he cheated on her. Soo Hyuk raised his son alone and he was never in a relationship for 13 years. Fate brought them together when they met three times in a single day. Mi Mo didn’t see Soo Hyuk as a man, but Soo Hyuk had a crush on her ever since they were young. Mi Mo fell in love with Soo Hyuk’s best friend, Goo Hae Joon instead. I didn’t like how Hae Joon was treating Mi Mo like a fool. It was his passive actions that led Mi Mo to distant herself from him and realise Soo Hyuk’s goodness. I felt that it was so easy for Mi Mo to move on from the break-up with her fiancee, to Hae Joon, and then to Soo Hyuk. Hae Joon treated Mi Mo better after finding out his rival. I mean, come on, you should’ve done it from the start. And Soo Hyuk was skeptical about his feelings since he’s afraid to love again. The secret confession really did wonders to the couple. In all honesty, the main couple’s story was boring that I enjoyed the other girls’ stories more. The chemistry between the main leads was good though not memorable, but I didn’t enjoy Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon’s friendship. I felt that they were rivals instead of friends and I didn’t feel the 10 years of friendship at all. Even though I hated this love triangle, I learned that even Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo who had flaws before could make up for it and be happy once again. So what if you’re a divorcee, or if you had a child, one could fall in love and be happy again. I hope people’s mindset would change too.



Jung Kyung Ho as Song Soo Hyuk — Jung Kyung is so charismatic and loveable in this drama as Song Soo Hyuk. And him being a single father makes him more manlier, even though he’s so thin. lol I just loved how he delivers his lines. It makes me think that he’s saying it from his heart. I loved his character here better than in Falling for Innocence. If only the storyline and ratings were better, I think he’ll get popular because the character is one of the nicest male leads out there. I hope he chooses a better project next time.


Jang Na Ra as Han Mi Mo  — I liked Na Ra’s portrayal in Fated to Love You. Also in this drama, she seemed to portray the female lead well too. But is it just me that I couldn’t differentiate these two characters? I haven’t watched I Remember You yet, but I felt that she hasn’t aged in two years and even her hairstyle is similar. I think that she is lead worthy, but there’s nothing special from her acting. I hope she tries different roles next time.


Kwon Yul as Goo Hae Joon — He looked so familiar but I haven’t seen him in any drama. Goo Hae Joon is straight up annoying from the very start. I couldn’t feel the second lead syndrome at all. Usually I am rooting for the second leads most of the time, but this second lead is so boring and unlikeable. He also just faded out during the last parts. I thought that his face matched up the narcissistic character and his acting was okay, but the character itself was the problem. I don’t know how the writer was able to come up with such an unappealing character. I guess the writers wanted to show a passive guy who doesn’t understands girls, but this guy is being mean to his friend too. Hae Joon is probably the first second lead that I hate the most. lol



The last few episodes were finally getting better. I loved how things went well for all the couples. Dong Mi was willing to wait for her ‘baby’ for 1 year, and she doesn’t know who’ll she end up with. It’s an open ending, but I felt the sincerity of the guy, so I think he’ll work hard and they’ll end up together. Ae Ran decided to pursue MBA to improve her business. I loved that her husband is so loyal from the start, and I can see that he sincerely loves her too. I think she’s just blind for not appreciating him. Da Jung renewed their vows and held a wedding ceremony with her husband. The love camp seemed to be success and they finally found love again. I felt that they were really very in love with each other from the start. It’s just that Da Jung was so stressed about the baby, and maybe she was also depressed which made their relationship drift apart. On the other hand, Mi Mo hesitates on getting married again even if Soo Hyuk persuaded her several times. I think she’s afraid to get hurt again, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her again, so she’s afraid to commit. Anyway, the final scene ends with Mi Mo getting on her knees and proposing Soo Hyuk with a ring. It’s funny, awkward, but cute. I mean, it isn’t the guy who is proposing, but the girl is the one doing it. It’s a fun ending.


Final Thoughts:

One More Happy Ending is literally a happy ending once again for the women. Despite being a divorcee or having problems with relationships, it doesn’t hinder them to try and make it work. It’s a drama that talks about giving another chance to fall in love again. With the topics like marriage and divorce, it’s more suitable for the married or mature audience. Although I do love the actors and it had a nice concept, the storyline was a bit messed up that it made the show boring and anticlimactic. I wondered how I was able to sit through most of the episodes especially the first half. Jung Kyung Ho is still amazing though and just charismatic in this drama.

Rating: 5/10


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