[K-DRAMA] W- Two Worlds (2016)

warning: may contain spoilers


When one becomes a female lead character of her favorite webtoon..


Oh Yeon Joo is a surgeon whose father is a webtoon artist of a famous webtoon called W. One day, Yeon Joo’s father went missing as he was writing the final chapter of the webtoon. Yeon Joo went to his office to look for him and saw his father’s computer with a drawing of Kang Chul, the main character in the webtoon, covered with blood. After which, a hand pulled her inside the monitor and she suddenly vanished from the real world. She found herself on the rooftop beside Kang Chul who asked her to save him from dying. As a surgeon, she succeeded in performing first aid and he was taken to the hospital. Yeon Joo then realised that she couldn’t go back to the real world and the only way to go back is when something happened to Kang Chul and the words ‘to be continued’ will appear. Who is the person trying to kill Kang Chul? How will Yeon Joo survive if KAng Chul keeps summoning her to his world? And what mystery lies between the real world and the W world?



I heard about W when it was the talk of the town in social media. Everyone was saying that the first episode was good and that it was really unique. I was really looking forward to it too since it’s the same writer as Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Travel. I really really loved these two dramas especially Nine. When I started watching W, Episodes 1-4 were really good. I was saying to myself that this drama is really my style. The female lead went inside the webtoon that she’s reading like she’s a part of the webtoon. I find it really cool and I was so curious about it. But then it started running downhill at around episode 10; when they said “let’s make this a dream” and when the father decided to make himself the killer. I knew it was the worst decision and it won’t turn out good. It made question the behind the scenes in writing. Does the writer actually finish writing the whole series before he presents it to the company, or does he just write a few episodes, and if the company thinks it’s good, they’ll do that drama? I hope it’s not the case since there are lots of incidents in K-drama where the first half is better than the latter half, and it’s during the recent years wherein I watched these kinds of dramas.


As mentioned earlier, it was the same writer from the dramas that I really loved. Those two dramas have unique concepts of time traveling too. This time it’s like traveling from one dimension to another. I’d say that there were too many loopholes to mention. I didn’t get that feeling when I watched Nine. Nine seemed to be perfectly executed, and there may be little loopholes, it wasn’t really noticeable. This time while watching W, I had so many questions after watching each episode during the latter half. It even bothered my sleep since I was thinking of possible answers, but doesn’t make sense. The story became creepy too. The variables and everything else were too many to digest in a single go. I had to see other reviews and they didn’t mention much as well. It was also sort of draggy in my opinion. At least in Nine, I can only be bothered with incense sticks and time traveling, but W tried hard to connect two worlds which barely made sense. The writer was a bit ambitious. Maybe the drama could have ended at 10 episodes or make it longer to explain all those ambiguous variables.


The chemistry between the leads were great. I liked this drama because there’s less romance but they’re more into the plot, but I didn’t like the fact that the female lead was a damsel in distress during the latter episodes when Kang Chul had to risk his life to save her. I think there’s more story to tell between the two leads than just that. The other supporting characters were great. I think they made the show more alive, and since the two main leads were kind of dull, other characters saved those dull moments. The father was great in doing dual roles. Out of all, I think he’s the best actor here. lol I’m glad to see the “crazy dog” being a fan boy of W. He was damn funny and kind of voicing out the viewers thoughts. He was really a nice addition to the cast and to the storyline.  I also liked the assistant, Soo Bong. I admit that his acting was a bit exaggerated, but his emotions delivered. I also liked Kang Chul’s bodyguard. I can’t believe he’s only a 95-er. How could he grow up so well? I still remembered him being a high school friend of Seo In Guk in High School King of Savvy, and he’s also one of the 5urprise members. I think with enough exposure and with good choice of drama, he could do well like Seo Kang Joon. He’s still young so he’s still has a lot of time to show his potential.




Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul — I think this is the drama that made me like Lee Jong Suk. I didn’t like him before and really wondered what’s up with him. I didn’t get his popularity at all. Having watched almost all his dramas, it was until this drama that I was hyped with his looks. lol I think he was suitable for the role as a manhwa character– with the looks, height, wealth, etc. The way he acts and says his lines though were very robotic, but I think he’s trying his best to be close to the manhwa as much as possible. Other people didn’t like his plain acting, but I kind of liked this style better. It made him look cool. lol I’m glad he’s trying more mature roles now and also exploring other genres than being stuck as a high school student. It’s weird how he got a Daesang award for this role? It doesn’t seem right at all since it’s not in this drama that I’ve seen his best. I just thought he was suitable and he did well, but a Daesang award? More like a popularity award.


Han Hyo Joo as Oh Yeon Joo — I’ve only seen her in Spring Waltz but never again in other dramas. I see that’s she’s paler now and her face is slimmer compared to before. I simply loved her fashion style in this drama. They’re simple but elegant. I also like her hairstyle too. When you look closely, she doesn’t look pretty up close. I think she’s more of cute  and lovely rather than pretty. I really thought her stylist styled her very well. I think she was suitable for the character especially during the first half. Her awkward expressions of shocked and confused didn’t really bother me, but I think the character was meant to be that way. I did think that she faded out during the latter half though. How can she draw so well when she can’t even draw during the start? She just drew and followed Kang Chul’s instructions. I wished there’s more to her character. Overall, I find her fitting  as a female lead in this drama.



It was mentioned that for Kang Chul to have a happy ending, the father needs to have a sad ending and vice versa. I get the point that the father needs to die in order for the story to end and for Kang Chul to have a happy ending. It’s a bit sad that the prosecutor was ‘forced’ to commit suicide with the help of the father’s drawing. I mean, there could be a better way right than just suicide? I wished that justice was served. I also find it weird how Kang Chul was able to survive despite of all the gunshots that he got and how he was able to go back to real time. I couldn’t understand how he’s a real person when he’s only a main character in manhwa. I think it was mentioned that it’s not a manhwa, but there are actually two worlds and the drawing board connected these two. There were incidents though that the characters were fading and their hands started to become invisible. At the end, Kang Chul came to real time and became Yeon Joo’s boyfriend. I couldn’t feel his realness. It seemed unrealistic at some point when Kang Chul’s bodyguard was drugged and his body was full of blood, but he got to talk on the phone and give orders like nothing happened. We never got the answer as to where the mysterious drawing board came from. There were so many questions but we never got definite answers. All we got were out of this world possibilities and more questions. I find sad endings better than these kind of confusing endings. My mind is still not at ease after watching this drama.


Final Thoughts:

W started off as mind-blowing with a super cool plot. I can’t deny the fact that the first half was incredibly good, but the remaining parts was a let down. I’d still call it as a success because of the extraordinary plot paired with a good set of actors. Not to mention that it was popular in Korea and overseas. It is highly recommended if you like unique dramas with less romance and if you don’t mind stories that don’t make much sense. If you do, I suggest watching episode 1-10. lol  And if ever you watched it until the end, I think you’ll end up getting confused too.

Rating: 7/10



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