[K-DRAMA] Kill Me Heal Me (2015)

warning: may contain spoilers


A person who developed multiple personality disorder (seven personalities!)..


Cha Do Hyun is a chaebol heir who came back to Korea to take over the company that has been the care of his uncle and cousin. They were fighting over who will be the righteous heir of the company. Cha Do Hyun may seem normal, but he developed DID (dissociative identity disorder) or also called multiple personality disorder. His other personalities show up at any time of the day, but Shin Se Ki often takes over at night. One night, he coincidentally met Oh Ri Jin, a first year psychiatric resident who happened to see Do Hyun as Se Ki. The following day, Do Hyun visited his personal psychiatric doctor and tells him that his symptoms are coming back more than usual. The doctor recommends his student to be his personal doctor which happens to be Oh Ri Jin. At first, Ri Jin declined the offer but later accepts, seeing that she’s the only one who knew about his secret. She starts living with him in his house and accompanies him to the office as his personal assistant. As Ri Jin helps Do Hyun with his treatment, they slowly learned about his past. Will Ri Jin be able to help Do Hyun overcome his condition? And will Do Hyun take control of himself or will one of this seven personalities control over him? What more secrets can they find out while he’s undergoing his treatment?



The first time I heard about Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum reuniting in a drama, I got so excited since I loved them both in Secret. They had great chemistry in that drama and the drama was also nice, so Kill Me Heal Me would definitely be in my must watch list! I’m glad that this drama never failed to impress me. From the plot itself, it was already a good start. What more were the actors who did a great job in portraying their respective roles.  They didn’t just act, but had a lot of opinions. I saw at some behind the scenes videos that Ji Sung was improvising the script. This is really a sign of one’s dedication to his work; that he had a lot of thoughts in mind and not just reading his lines. The writing was also well-written as I think the writer knows the direction of the story. It was noticeable that he thought about the plot well and he already got an ending in mind. Although there were some filler and draggy scenes and I would have wished that they shortened it to 16-18 episodes instead, it was bearable because I found myself looking forward to Shin Se Ki, Perry Park and Yo Na’s scenes.


Psychological aspect. I have a few realisations after watching this drama. A person may look healthy and normal on the outside, but he actually deals with a lot of psychological problems inside. Most of the time, he can’t tell it to his family or friends because of the embarrassment that he will get. Having psychological problems is probably harder to cure than physical problems, because it all comes in the mind. I realized that there’s no exact formula or medicine in curing such problems, but we can notice the difference between Ri Jin and Do Hyun. Ri Jin, despite of the trauma she experienced, she was able to forget it temporarily by having happy childhood memories and supportive family members. On the other hand, Do Hyun’s symptoms showed because of the terrible upbringing of his family and he couldn’t share his problems to anyone too. I realized how people around you and basically one’s living environment have huge effects to one’s life. Psychological problems is something that you can’t just belittle or pay little attention to. It requires a lot of time, effort and care from people around you to overcome it.


Chemistry. One of the things that I was looking forward to this drama was the chemistry of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Since they already worked together before as a couple, it’s probably easier for them to work together again. I can totally feel that they are comfortable with one another and there’s no awkward tension between them. They also have partners in real life, but they really know how to separate work and real life. Their chemistry still worked in this drama and they also look nice together onscreen. I wouldn’t mind if they work again for the third time in the future.


Bromance. Umm.. this is something that I didn’t really expected, but somehow worked for these two cuties? Who could’ve thought that Ri On and Yo Na would match so well?  I guess due to popular demand, they also had a kissing scene during the latter episode. I couldn’t even recall the last time I’ve seen two males kissing in a K-drama. Bromance at most is usually about friendship, hanging out together and seeing them act cute towards one another, but these two took it on another level literally. That’s why them winning the Best Couple Award at MBC Awards is no surprise, even beating Ji Sung – Hwang Jung Eum couple. lol



Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Ki / Perry Park / Ahn Yo Seob / Ahn Yo Na / Na Na / Mr. X — Hands down… my best actor of the year! I wasn’t really a big Ji Sung fan, but I liked his acting in Secret. I thought that he’s just okay as an actor, and probably wouldn’t think of him if I was asked about my list of favourite Korean actors. But after watching this drama, he really stole my heart, and probably everyone’s heart through his portrayal of seven different personalities. I would consider him as one of my top five Korean actors now. He was able to show these personalities distinctively as I was able to recognize who’s who immediately. I also loved how he doesn’t exaggerate his acting, well except for Yo Na, who tend to overdo things. Him as Yo Na wasn’t cringey, but actually cute and adorable. I didn’t find myself curling my fingers, but rather anticipating Yo Na on screen. Ji Sung really crafted a wonderful character that’s so hard to forget. I also had to mention about Shin Se Ki who was so cool and charismatic despite being angry all the time. I also love his take on Perry Park who uses satoori and just being naturally funny. His portrayal as a whole is something that I would really remember for a long time, and one of the best I have seen in a K-drama. Now, I wonder what’s next for Ji Sung after this drama and how will he surpass it? I hope he tries an action drama next time. I think it will be suitable for him to do some cool action scenes!



Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin — Oh Ri Jin is a bubbly girl who seems to enjoy life, but deep inside she also had a traumatic experience when she was young. We already know how Jung Eum can do a good job in crying scenes based from her acting in Secret, and she does fairly well in being cheerful. I loved how Hwang Jung Eum is so consistent with her acting. She always do well since Secret and now in Kill Me Heal Me and to She Was Pretty. She just doesn’t disappoint as a female lead and I think that she’s always trying her best. I hope she expands her acting by trying out different roles. I also wish that she can challenge herself in an action drama.


Park Seo Jun as Oh Ri On — Prior to this drama, I didn’t really notice him in his other dramas. I couldn’t even remember that he was in Dream High 2! He just didn’t leave an impression to me. This time, he played Oh Ri On who’s the brother of Ri Jin. He’s quite mysterious since he’s a writer in secret and he seems to know a lot. At first, I thought that he wasn’t suitable for the role, but as episodes passed, I think he fits these kinds of roles. Looks wise, I thought that he is a serious person. I didn’t expect that he would be funny too. He’s really a great addition to the cast. I can’t wait for Hwarang, a new drama coming soon with him being the male lead.



I knew it’s going to be a happy ending, but I was so surprised about the secret that everyone hid to Do Hyun. By the last few episodes, there were already clues about Ri Jin being the girl who’s with Do Hyun in the basement, but I didn’t know that Ri Jin’s real name is Cha Do Hyun. Cha Do Hyun felt so bad for Ri Jin because his father was maltreating Ri Jin in the basement, so he kept on thinking about her until he confused Ri Jin’s experience to his. He thought he was the one being maltreated. He was also the one who started the fire, because he’s so sick of his father’s attitude to her. He brought the house to fire so his father would not hurt Ri Jin anymore and his grandmother saw it personally. The grandmother hid this secret, but it’s not actually helping him at all. This caused him trauma and of course developing multiple personality disorder or DID. I’m glad that with Ri Jin’s help and because the secret was revealed, his personalities also each said their goodbyes to Do Hyun. I’m glad that things went well for both Do Hyun and Ri Jin. I mean it’s hard to cure disorders or sickness and even overcoming drama, but with them working together, it’s easier to overcome it. This drama really emphasised the value of family and upbringing of children. It’s a well wrapped up drama with the shocking revelation that I didn’t really expect. It was such a nice twist.


Final Thoughts:

Psychological themed dramas aren’t my favourite, since they sound depressing and sad. I just didn’t want to deal with psychological stress anymore. But Kill Me Heal Me takes it on another level because of the right combination of romance, comedy and melo. It’s sometimes fun and inspiring, and at times I symphatize and pity the characters. It’s a drama that made me appreciate more and realise the importance of family and friendships. This drama definitely had some life lessons to pick up. The actors also contributed to the success of this drama, but Ji Sung’s portrayal of different characters/personalities was a huge plus and the main highlight of this drama. Even if you’re not a fan of psychological dramas or even Ji Sung, seeing Do Hyun showing different sides of himself will surely brighten up your day. I recommend this if you’re new to K-dramas or a fan of rom-coms since it has a classic plot, pacing and humour of a K-drama.


Rating: 9/10



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