[K-DRAMA] Healer (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers




Seo Jung Hoo with alias name: Healer, works as a night courier through doing illegal stuff. He also works with hacker ahjumma, who’s able to hack through various devices and help Healer while he’s on his task. Healer earns money with a goal of buying an island and spend the rest of his life there. One day, he was hired to get a DNA sample of a girl named Choi Young Shin. Choi Young Shin is reporter from a not so famous tabloid news website. The Healer successfully got her fingernail, but he found out that Young Shin is in danger and tries to help her every time he can. He also found out that a famous journalist named Kim Moon Ho was the one who hired him to get the DNA of Young Shin. How are Kim Moon Ho and Young Shin related to each other? As Healer slowly discovers secrets, what will he be able to uncover? Will he be able to find out about what happened to a group of friends from the 1992 incident?



During the first few episodes, I kept on thinking about a drama that has a similar plot to this, but I couldn’t remember which. Then I found out through google that it was actually City Hunter. I really really loved City Hunter (along with IRIS). I learned to love action dramas and set it as my official favourite genre. Watching the first episode of City Hunter really kept me glued into the show. I still remembered how I watched it on one summer and finished it in 4 days. i was definitely hooked by the cliffhangers at the endings of several episodes. I’m sad that it took a while for me to like this drama. The first few episodes was confusing. They introduced a lot of characters, but they don’t dare tell us who they were and why they were not in good terms. I felt that the happenings during 1992 were supposed to be shown first, or at least have a bit of background of the characters. I guess it was only during episode 12 or 13, after the teacher died, that actually got me hooked. Finally, Healer has a purpose in what’s he doing, which is to take revenge, not only to buy an island. I also can’t help but compare City Hunter with Healer. Of course, City Hunter is no doubt the winner since he works alone most of the time and Healer works with ahjumma. I mean, he definitely can’t survive without her. Nonetheless, I loved the cool factor wherein he used a lot of high tech devices like ear piece, glasses with camera and such. I wanted to own them too. Back then, City Hunter didn’t have a lot of devices as far as i can remember, but Healer levelled up in terms of technology.


The villain is too weak. He’s not really your typical villain. He has a lot of people so he used them instead of doing it by himself. I felt that the elder doesn’t have a lot of scenes. The secretary actually gets on my nerves because he’s always the one who’s doing the dirty work and his face is so annoying. And Moon Ho was brainwashed. If I were in his position, I think I’d do the same to save myself, but at the same time, try my best to save my friends.


It’s funny how this drama can be so connected to real life. I mean there are a lot of things that need to be exposed. Those rich people owning big time companies and government officials doing illegal stuff. But of course, it will always get buried as the higher ups will always have the advantage. They can actually pay the tv network and prevent them from broadcasting it to the public. A few of them can actually distort the truth and make it believable. That’s why I don’t believe everything that’s shown in the news or media. It’s a sad fact and even reporters who wanted to expose the truth can’t and are bounded by these. If reporters really want to expose the truth, sometimes they need to exchange it for their lives. I hope there can be a change regarding this issue, but I guess it will never happen. As long as you have money and power, you can definitely control people.


Is it just me or I felt that the leads looked more like brothers and sisters rather than ┬áromantic lovers? The timing wasn’t right either as they were only ‘official’ after Jung Hoo’s teacher died and he decided to separate himself from the world for a few days. I guess Young Shin was there to console and support Jung Hoo even during these difficult times, thus they eventually confirmed their feelings for each other and made it ‘official’. Nonetheless, Ji Chang Wook’s amazing acting made me think that he actually really likes her a lot.



Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Park Bong Soo / Healer — Prior to this drama, I haven’t seen him except his appearance in Running Man and he left a deep impression back then for being Kwang Soo’s partner. We know that Kwang Soo isn’t good at games and who knew that he’s terrible too.. but in a cute and funny way. Seeing him as Healer here was such a surprise. I couldn’t digest the idea and I seriously think that he’s Park Bong Soo in real life, but he did well juggling these characters. And I feel that anyone who portrays the role of Healer looked cool. I also loved his gaze to Young Shin, like he’s really in love with her. Ji Chang Wook really crafted a wonderful character. A hero doesn’t need to be perfect.


Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin / Oh Ji An — She’s so lovely as ever. She really has a sweet face and her plastic surgery proved to be a success. I loved her in past dramas like Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint here! She looks cute with short hair too. Although I think that her roles are quite similar especially with City Hunter and in this drama. I’m glad that she’s consistent with her acting, but I don’t see much improvement from before. I hope she expands her acting style and try out more challenging roles in the future.


Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho — It’s weird that I’m only seeing this handsome face the first time through this drama. I felt that he was familiar but I just can’t remember where I’ve seen him. Actually I thought that he would be a bad person in this drama, but he actually went against his own brother. He gives off an oppa vibe. A brotherly kind of love. I wished though that his love story was emphasized more. Nonetheless, he did a great job in portraying the role.


Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja / Hacker ahjumma — She appeared as a mother/aunt in several dramas, but the most recent one that I can remember was in The Heirs wherein she portrayed a non-talking mother of Park Shin Hye. I really thought that it was cool to have an ahjumma as a hacker. I mean we have stereotypes that those who are good in computers are men or the youngsters, but this hacker ahjumma is so cool. And her role is so easy because she stays at one place most of the time, and she didn’t have to show a lot of emotions. I still loved the fact that they asked a veteran actress to portray the role. It would’ve been different if it was a different actress. She’s really funny and hacker ahjumma is actually a memorable character!



I felt that the ending was too rushed. Well, at least the 1992 case was finally resolved and who knew that the killer would eventually be the son of the president? I didn’t expect that this would actually involve politics? I really wondered what happened to him after. I also wondered what happened to Kim Moon Shik and the elders? I wished that they showed how they were punished. It was left hanging and I wanted more. Seriously, that gunshot to Bong Soo dropped my heart, I thought he was really going to die. Good thing, it was only fake. The writer certainly knew how to tease us. I’m happy that it was a happy ending, but I thought that the other problems/storyline should have a better closure.




Final Thoughts:

I gave this drama a try because a lot of people were talking about how good this drama was. Although it didn’t achieve high ratings in Korea, but it was popular internationally. With no idea about the plot and characters, I had high hopes in this drama, but I ended up slightly disappointed. I guess I got overly excited and expected that it would topple my other favorite action dramas (Iris, City Hunter and Heartless City), but I didn’t quite understand the hype. It had many similarities with City Hunter and I’d definitely recommend that more than this. I got a little bored during the first part of the drama. Nonetheless, Ji Chang Wook saved the day for just being Healer. I thought that he played a big role in making this drama more appealing to the viewers. Also to the other actors who were actually fun to watch. However, the storyline didn’t really excite me. After watching this drama, I plan to watch City Hunter again to finish my long overdue review. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re fans of the actors and if you like action dramas, but also watch City Hunter for comparison.


Rating: 7/10



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