[K-DRAMA] Falling for Innocence (2015)

warning: may contain spoilers



Falling for Innocence is a drama set in a large company. Kang Min Ho is an evil and merciless businessman who wanted to ruin his uncle’s company. Min Ho’s father used to be the CEO of the company, but due to his death, his uncle took over the company instead. He wanted to seek revenge, but his health concerns prohibited him from doing so. He had to stop his plans for a while and undergo a heart transplant surgery. After his surgery, his personality and habits began to change; and it seemed that he took the habits of his heart’s donor. He then met Kim Soon Jung, the secretary of his uncle and fell in love with her. He realised that the donor was actually Soon Jung’s ex-boyfriend who died from a car accident. Now with his renewed heart, will he continue to seek revenge against his uncle, or will his heart soften? And are the feelings that he have for Soon Jung really his or from his donor?



The reason that made me watch this show was because of Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min. I seriously loved their friendship and bromance in Cruel City, and simply hearing them reunite in another drama made me so excited. At first, I was looking forward to the first few episodes, but later I found out that they were rivals instead of friends. My heart sank a bit, but I still decided to stay and continue watching. The drama was set in a big company, meaning they were talking about stocks, businesses, etc. I found these kinds of talks boring. On most parts of the drama, I could easily guess what’s going to happen next. The storyline was so predictable and kind of draggy, but thanks to the actors, their acting especially Kyung Ho’s was funny and cute, so I decided to stay until the end.


Honestly, the heart transplant surgery was used as a plot in several dramas and movies. Still, it isn’t too overused as compared to amnesia. People think it’s highly debatable if it happens in real life or not. I’d say otherwise. Our memories and emotions are made by our brains, and not our hearts, but there were incidents wherein those who received heart transplant surgeries experienced new things after their surgery. So, I’m not really sure if we can take this as a fact of fiction. Nevertheless, I liked the way how the writer used this plot with the character of Min Ho. I mean, Min Ho was really a merciless businessman. Everyone was afraid of him and he only did things that benefit the company. He doesn’t care about other people’s lives, but after the surgery, he didn’t only fall in love, he turned into a good man too. He began to think about other people’s welfare. He wanted to save people’s lives. If this were to happen in real life, can we please operate heart transplant surgeries to all corrupt officials and businessmen?


If we have Min Ho who turned from a bad to good person, we also have another character who went from good to bad. Lee Joon Hee used to be a caring person. I wouldn’t think of him as bad at all, but since he’s working as a lawyer for a powerful company, he couldn’t resist the greed. When he was young, he was looked down by his classmates because his father was just a janitor. He decided to study law and be successful; he didn’t want to follow the footsteps of his dad. He was so ashamed of his father that he lived alone away from him. I kind of understood where he was coming from and he only wanted to be successful. I thought that he just became bad by accident through that ‘accident’. I remembered when he said to just wait a little bit longer and he will let his dad live comfortably. I just loved the shift of these two characters and how Min Ho faced the challenges that he’s been doing to other people before. It’s like karma comes back to bite him.


The romance. I wasn’t a fan of the love line.. I didn’t liked the chemistry. It was so hard to get used to the noona-dongsaeng relationship even if they are only three years old apart. I thought that So Yeon looks old and mature for him. Nevertheless, Min Ho did an amazing job in setting the atmosphere. He seemed fun to be with and I really felt how the character likes Soon Jung. On the other hand, Soon Jung was skeptical about her feelings since she wasn’t sure if she likes him or not. And what more if she finds out that her ex-boyfriend was the donor of Min Ho’s heart transplant. I feel more sad that the love line wasn’t expanded to a love triangle. There wasn’t even a chance for the second male lead to show what he has. Soon Jung already drew the line from the very beginning, which I thought was a waste. I wished the writer gave a few scenes for Soon Jung and Joon Hee moments too since I never saw Joon Hee truly happy. This is one thing that I felt missing throughout the drama.




Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ho — Jung Kyung Ho was amazing in Cruel City. I was so excited to see him in a rom-com drama. I love his portrayal of Kang Min Ho especially the development of his character before and after the heart transplant surgery. He’s cute, funny and simply natural. I didn’t know that Kyung Ho could be funny too. I thought that he would be serious and mature in real life when he’s actually not! This drama really changed my impression about him. I was so shocked how he can be so good in two extremely different types of genres. I love how Kyung Ho brought this character to life. Kang Min Ho is totally the drama’s game changer. I can’t wait to see him in another lead drama soon.


Kim So Yeon as Kim Soon Jung — I’ve known Kim So Yeon since Iris and Two Weeks and also in I Need Romance 3, but her roles in Iris and Two Weeks were more memorable for me. Seeing her in another rom-com drama is something I’m still not used to. I feel that although she’s the most veteran out of the three, she was overshadowed by the two other characters. She didn’t really stood out as the female lead to me. Maybe it’s because of the character’s limitations. I felt that she has a lot more to offer. I think she’s an actress who can be really talented. She’s been in the industry for so long, yet she continues to pick up dramas. She’s definitely better than many other female actresses out there; she’s just underrated.


Yoon Hyun Min as Lee Joon Hee — I seriously loved his portrayals in Cruel City and Discovery of Love. I turned into his little fan after seeing him in Cruel City. Even if he isn’t the main lead, he still stood out and his characters were worth remembering. I was kind of disappointed that he’s playing an antagonist role in this drama. I wasn’t used to him acting grumpy and moody, since I prefer a cheerful role for him. Nonetheless, he carried out the role well, and he was a hot villain! I think his role as Lee Joon Hee is worth remembering too. I’m glad that he’s trying out different roles and expand his acting list.



I was very curious on how they would expose Lee Joon Hee. I mean, they already knew he was the culprit, but it’s so hard to catch a smart lawyer. It ended up that he would be caught with the watch that Soon Jung gave. It turned out that the watch had blood stains in it and that would make him go to jail. It wasn’t really a climactic scene, as he was only dragged away by the police. I wished he could’ve apologised to Soo Jung at least, but that would be so damn embarrassing! lol Of course, Kang Min Ho lived even though his life was at risk. He still had heart problems, but I knew he would definitely survive. The ending was cute wherein Soon Jung and Min Ho would take turns kissing each other depending on the direction that people pass by. It may not be the perfect ending, but I was quite satisfied with it.



Final Thoughts:

Falling for Innocence is a rom-com drama with the usual storylines like heart transplant donors, boss and secretary love story, etc. There was nothing really unique to it, and the storyline was so predictable, but one big factor was casting a great set of actors. I seriously think that Jung Kyung Ho saved the show. I’d think the drama wouldn’t get a good response without him. If you are a Kyung Ho fan, then this show shouldn’t be missed. And if you’re not, I think you’ll get to fall for his character after watching this.

Rating: 6/10



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  1. charandtheweb
    Sep 23, 2016 @ 23:06:53

    I could’ve sworn I started this drama but never finished it. It looks so familiar. I’m a fan of Kang Min Ho but I probably didn’t like it too much if I didn’t finish it (I usually finish everything I start). Great review. Maybe, just maybe, I should give it another shot. I’ll see.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to hear from you so I can expand on that, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail. My contact details are on my blog.


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