[K-DRAMA] Triangle (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


Three brothers were separated and met again after 20 years..



Jang Dong Soo, Dong Chul and Dong Woo were brothers who were separated after their father died and their mother abandoned them. Dong Soo, the eldest, became a detective in the hopes of finding his two brothers. Dong Chul, the middle child, grew up on the streets and became used to thug life. He had little memory of his childhood too and one of his friends named him Heo Yeong Dal. Since then, he has been using this name. Dong Woo, the youngest, was adopted to a rich family who owns Daejung Group. His adopted name was Yoon Yang Ha and he grew up to be the heir of the casino empire. After 20 years, the three coincidentally met again but they were unable to recognise each other. Dong Soo learned that it was partly Yang Ha’s father’s as to why his father died. He then planned to make a revenge, but will he be able to revenge successfully if he finds out that Yang Ha is his younger brother? Meanwhile, will Yeong Dal be able to survive the gangster life and all the challenges that awaits him?



When the news initially came out about the casting of this drama, three names were revealed: Lee Bum Soo, Si Wan and Song Seung Heon. I squealed a bit because I was surprised that isn’t Dr. Jin reunion way too soon? As a fan, I also wanted to see Seung Heon as a gangster. I was saddened a bit when Seung Heon backed out and Kim Jae Joong was part of the final cast, but Jae Joong wasn’t a bad choice. Anyway, I still watched it because of the intriguing plot. I was expecting something like brotherhood or bromance, but all I got were casinos and learning how to play Hold ‘Em Up. If you don’t know anything about the game, you’ll really find it boring.. and that’s how I felt too. They played many rounds of the game and that by the end of the drama, I already know the rules of the game too.


The latter half of the drama was all about revenge and Young Dal’s character development really made a difference. He had lived his life without meaning and suddenly one day, he got all serious. For me, this personality change was so weird and hard to believe, but I guess this happens in dramas all the time for the the story to progress. Another thing to note is the romance in the drama. We all love a little romance in the drama, right? And the romance in the drama is a little different too. I kind of have a love and hate relationship with Oh Jung Hee’s character. Most of the time, female leads can’t make a decision and sort of try to play around between two male leads. But Oh Jung Hee was so consistent from the start until the end. She’s so faithful to Young Dal that I felt so bad for Yang Ha. I mean, she’s such a unique female lead and there’s nothing wrong with being faithful, but I hated the way she treated Yang Ha. On the other hand, Yang Ha is the rich guy who gets everything he wants, but he’s actually just being used by his own father. I really feel bad thinking about Si Wan’s character. Why did they made him so pathetic??


Sometimes having too many characters is a good thing, but most of the time it’s not a good thing, because several characters just vanished or fade away. I dislike the idea of recruiting a lot of actors to make it look grand,  because for sure the writers won’t utilise them well. Like in this drama, there were many supporting roles that didn’t appear anymore and even the other leads don’t get enough screen time. One character to mention though, is the villain, Go Bok Tae. He isn’t really a villain; he’s actually a funny character. I adore him in this drama!




Kim Jae Joong as Heo Young Dal / Jang Dong Chul — He was only a supporting character in his past dramas, and this is his first role as a male lead. At first, I thought that the role wasn’t suitable for him. Why make a flower boy act as a gangster? He really looks slim and I would want a more masculine guy to portray the role instead. But as episodes passed, I started to get used to his acting and one can notice that he really tries his best. His acting doesn’t disappoint and has definitely improved a lot since Dr. Jin. Although honestly, if given the chance, I would want an older and mature actor to take this role instead. But if it weren’t for Jae Joong, I don’t think this show would be popular especially for international fans.


Lee Bum Soo as Jang Dong Soo — I liked his portrayal in Time Slip, Dr. Jin, but I’m sad that his character here was’t much memorable. It’s true that the first half of the drama was all about him wanting to catch Go Bok Tae, but during the latter half, it was as if he was shoved to the side. I was wondering what happened to him and his relationship with Shin Hye. I know that Kim Jae Joong is the main lead, but at least give him more scenes. During the latter episodes, all I could remember is him going in a coffee shop and talking with someone for a minute. Anyway, I was still happy to see a veteran actor join the cast. I just wished his character was more utilised in the latter half.


Im Si Wan as Yoon Yang Ha — At first, I thought what’s the big fuss about Si Wan? I know he is a part of idol group ZE:A, but he is more popular as an actor. After watching this drama, I agree that he should be recognised more as an actor. He’s such a cutie who isn’t just a face of the drama. He delivered his character well and he stood out the most from the brothers. He’s a breath of fresh air because these days, they add idol actors to make the drama more popular, but he’s certainly not there to be an eye-candy. I’m glad that he’s continuing to pick up many drama and movie offers, but I hope he doesn’t lose his roots. I enjoy ZE:A songs a lot, and although they are not really public-friendly as a group, I hope they don’t disband yet.


Oh Yeon Soo as Hwang Shin Hye — I didn’t get to enjoy her character a lot because all I remembered was her meeting Dong Soo at coffee shops and all those short scenes. Shin Hye had a lot potential and there could be a blossoming relationship for her and Dong Soo, but they didn’t elaborate much on their relationship. I feel sad because this could be a good sub-story, but they just cut it short. Overall, Oh Yeon Soo didn’t really leave an impact to me in this drama. I wished they utilised the character more as well.


Baek Jin Hee as Oh Jung Hee — My first time seeing her in a drama and I find her cute. She has single eyelids (which is rare to find these days), but I think that her eyelids are her charm. Her acting is quite good in this drama in spite of her young age, but I feel that she isn’t lead actress worthy yet. I also felt that her chemistry with Jae Joong was lacking. She doesn’t really stand out in this drama and her character was quite forgettable too.



I was expecting that the three brothers would be reunited, but I also felt that Yang Ha has distanced himself too much from the two so it would be awkward for him to join them. Yang Ha/Dong Woo died when the men of Go Bok Tae attacked him. Heo Young Dal and Dong Soo came to rescue him but it was too late. A part of me thought that it was a waste to let him die. A part of me understood what the writer was trying to convey. But did you know that originally it was supposed to be 24 episodes only? They extended it for 2 more episodes and that Young Dal/Dong Chul was supposed to be the one to die. But because of schedule issues, they let Dong Woo die. I think that the writer made the right decision, because if Young Dal died, I know many people would complain that their 26 hours was wasted. I know that everyone wants a happy ending, but in non romantic comedy dramas like this, a twist could be expected.


Final Thoughts:

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews from other viewers, but I guess I was expecting more from the drama. Rather than action, I’d say it’s more into gambling, casino, and backstabbing. Nonetheless, I don’t have much problems with the actors. If you are a fan of any of them, this shouldn’t be a miss. Triangle’s main problem was the length of the series. It was too long for me to take and there were many unnecessary scenes. If it were 16 episodes, I think I would love and appreciate it more.

Rating: 6/10



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