[K-DRAMA]God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


An opportunity to change fate through time traveling…



Kim Soo Hyun’s daughter Han Saet Byul was kidnapped and murdered. Meanwhile, Ki Dong Chan is a private investigator who wanted to prove that his mentally disabled brother who’s in jail is innocent from murdering his ex-girlfriend. His brother is slated for death penalty on the said date when Saet Byul died. Both of them met when Soo Hyun committed suicide while Dong Chan was thrown into the river by his enemies. As they fell deeper into the river, They both miraculously time traveled to exactly two weeks before the incidents. They were allotted 14 days to uncover the truth before his brother and Saet Byul were fated to die. Who couldn’t have thought that many people were actually involved, and as they dig deeper, they found out more secrets and that the two incidents were actually connected.



I definitely enjoyed this thriller drama. It was well thought of and the storyline and great line of actors were major pluses to the drama. I couldn’t believe that I finished this in just 4 days. Yes, there were boring parts, but they were minimal. At most of the parts, I also wanted to figure out the mystery behind it. I also wanted to catch the people behind the crimes. I didn’t think that there would be many people involved. I thought that catching the first person was the end of it, but it just made us go deeper and deeper into the hole. It was fun and thrilling at first, but when there were too many people involved, it became confusing. They made the story complicated involving lots of people. They could have make it more simple because it was already a good start. There were characters that I expected to be good, but they were bad after all. And I also found it funny when they find clues “accidentally”. They made it look so obvious. I wished they could’ve done better during these parts.


Time travel. This drama incorporated time travel to the story and I just couldn’t get over how they time traveled to the past. Soo Hyun committed suicide by jumping to the river, while Dong Chan was thrown into the river by his enemies. As they reached the bottom, Dong Chan saved Soo Hyun, and they both appeared at the river side again. It was so funny yet weird. I mean, isn’t there a better way to time travel to the past? But seeing that time travel isn’t the main theme of the drama, it’s passable and it quite made sense.


Fate. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan were both given opportunities as they time traveled to the past for the purpose of changing their fate. But the cafe owner told Soo Hyun that you couldn’t avoid fate, but rather you should fight it. At the time she knew that Saet Byul would die two weeks later, she immediately tried to escape it by going abroad, but they had to go back again because of her daughter’s sudden allergy attacks. This is a sign that she couldn’t avoid fate. But if I were in her position, that’s the first thing that I would do too. Do you believe in fate? I do believe in it; if it’s bound to happen, then it surely will happen. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan were given chances to change their fate. Such rare opportunities like this would only happen in dramas and fairytales.


Parenting. I know there’s a problem with Soo Hyun’s husband already from the first few episodes. He doesn’t really care much about Soo Hyun and just think that she’s going through some mental stress. Having Soo Hyun locked up in a mental hospital was also way too much. And if he knew that he was a target, then he shouldn’t always leave Saet Byul with the caretaker. Having both parents who work surely brings in a lot of money, but sometimes it affects the child when growing up as they rarely spend time with the child. The writers really made effort to make the husband mean and an uncaring father.


Power. I feel so sad thinking about those innocent people in jail. Dong Ho is not the only one innocent in there, but maybe there are also thousands of Dong Hos in there. Just because people are rich and powerful, they could easily get away with their crimes. This doesn’t only apply in Korea, but in all parts of the world. It’s a sad fact, but just like how this drama uncovered the truth, I hope the dirty deeds of the people in real life will be uncovered too.



Lee Bo Young as Kim Soo Hyun — Lee Bo Young portrayed Kim Soo Hyun as a loving and determined mother. She doesn’t really care how others think of her, but she just wants to save her daughter from dying. At times, she makes rash decisions, but I can totally understand her feelings. Her determination is really on another level. But who wouldn’t be determined if you were in her shoes? Bo Young doesn’t disappoint in this drama! She delivered her character very well and is really lead role worthy. Her acting doesn’t make one cringe, but it makes one sympathise her. I could understand why a lot of people admired her. She is definitely goals when it comes to acting and family goals.


Jo Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan — It’s my first time seeing Jo Seung Woo. No wonder, because he mostly appeared as a movie actor. He looked young for his age, and I didn’t realise that he is the lead actor during the first few episodes. His looks isn’t on a Won Bin or Song Joong Ki level to be fangirled worthy. For me, he didn’t really shine in this drama, but I admired the action scenes that he did. He portrayed the role in a cool and likeable way, but there’s no striking scene that felt memorable. He was nominated as Best Actor in award shows a few times, but I wasn’t able to see it in his portrayal here. I want him to act more in dramas so that he would be more recognised to the public especially for international fans and prove me wrong.


Kim Yoo Bin as Han Saet Byul — She is still so young, but she’s already showed some skills as a child actress! She isn’t really beautiful, but she’s definitely cute! She doesn’t act like a princess in her house, but she says what she wants to say and do what she wants to do. I can totally understand her feelings when she fangirled over Snake, and when her parents did not allow her to attend their concerts. She had to sneak out when her parents are not looking. She delivered the character in a fun and quirky way. She left a deep impression on me with her portrayal as Saet Byul. I couldn’t wait to see her grow up and be a loveable actress.



The ending was a miss. It’s open ended and left to one’s own interpretation, but we can assume that Dong Chan died, because it is fated that one of the two will die. I felt that the ending was rushed. There were parts that they didn’t showed. We don’t know what happened to the president. Will he step down from his position? And what will happen to the president’s son? Will he get the consequence he deserves? It was a good drama overall, but the ending was a bit disturbing. If Dong Chan died because someone killed him, I could’ve accepted it, but if he killed himself, it’s like wasting his time to save his brother and also wasted our 16 hours too. Nonetheless, it was an ending with a twist. I didn’t expect it to just end like this.


Final Thoughts:

I couldn’t say that it was the best drama of the year, but as a fan of action and thriller dramas, I enjoyed most parts of the drama except the ending. It’s a drama worth watching if you like these themes, but definitely there’s no romance in this. I wished the writing could’ve been written more cohesively and naturally rather than the characters finding the clues in an obvious way. The ending was such a huge sigh. Nonetheless, the story kept me on the edge of my seat and I was one with the characters in unfolding the truth.

Rating: 7/10




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