[K-DRAMA] High School King of Savvy (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


Don’t judge a book by its cover! 😉



Lee Min Seok is a high school student and a really talented ice hockey player. One day, he received a phone call from his older brother, Hyung Seok, telling him to go to work and pretend to be him. Since they looked so much alike, he reluctantly agreed and worked as a director in an IT company. During his first day to work, everyone believed that he was Hyeon Seok and he was well received by the workers. For months, he continued to go to school in the morning and leave as soon as attendance was finished and go to work. Min Seok also met Jung Soo Young who is a contractual worker in his office. She is socially awkward with an odd personality that drew the attention of Min Seok. Later on, he fell in love her. What will happen to him if she finds out that he is only a high school student pretending to be his brother? What consequences await him and Hyung Seok for lying and pretending to be his older brother? And what was the reason why his older brother couldn’t come to work?



I didn’t really plan to watch this drama, but it was downloadable with hard subtitles. I was only familiar with Seo In Guk among the cast members too, but I still gave it a chance. The first episode was very appealing which made me very excited and hooked. There were no big names in the cast to attract your attention, but the good plot and writing made up for everything else. The male lead had to juggle two lives: as a student and as a director. It was so unusual. Then, we also have a female lead who looks really common, nerdy, and just plain. Definitely not the ordinary K-drama female lead. In the midst of working together and seeing each other every single day, they began to like each other. I loved the chemistry between Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na. The 5 year age gap was barely noticeable and In Guk was tall for her. He also portrayed his role very well.


The second male lead looked like the perfect guy you’d want to marry, but you’d realise that he’s imperfect in some ways too. He was an illegitimate son and he couldn’t work with his father comfortably. He also had to please him and be at his best all the time. And all of these were witnessed by Soo Young. The chemistry between the female lead and the second male lead was so cute. Soo Young liked Jin Woo during the start, but after acting so mean to her, she changed her feelings to Min Seok. Jin Woo realised the good in Soo Young so she fell for her personality. Now, it’s the other way around. I think this is nothing new in K-dramas– that it’s always the wrong timing for the second male lead.


The plot was surely well thought of and creative. It doesn’t have to involve magic or super powers to be unique, but it’s so different from other dramas that I’ve watched. It’s fictional but it can happen in reality too! I wonder if there’s a person that lived like Lee Min Seok in real life too. The big age gap, especially with the girl being older, is something rarely seen in Korean dramas. However, I think that it’s starting to become a trend right now. Although in most parts of the drama, the scenes were quite predictable, but I still find them enjoyable to watch. It dragged a little bit during the middle part too, but it was bearable. The writing was very cohesive and the flow of the story was great.




Seo In Guk as Lee Min Seok / Lee Hyung Seok — I loved Seo In Guk’s acting in both Master’s Sun and Reply 1997. He debuted as a singer, but he turned out better than those rookie actors. One of the really few singer-actors that can really act well, he is definitely underrated. And I noticed that he has greatly improved from Reply 1997 to this drama. He was able to do two (or shall I say three?) characters differently, and I adored all these characters. I think I’ve said before that I preferred him in second male lead roles, but his performance in this drama proved me wrong! He’s really perfect for the role. He’s been on a roll these days and I hope he can continue to shine as an actor.


Lee Ha Na as Jung Soo Young — I didn’t know her until I watched this drama. Yes, many people couldn’t stand the weird character. They were turned off and couldn’t continue watching the drama. But for me, seeing this character Jung Soo Young, was a refreshing one. She is not your usual k-drama female lead. She is definitely not likeable when you look at her, but the more you get to know her, the more you’ll be drawn into her. And I can totally relate with this socially awkward character! Lee Ha Na portrayed the role flawlessly and she made Soo Young so loveable. I think I’ll remember this character for a really long time.


Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoo Jin Woo — He is really popular among models and often mentioned because of his good looks. The first time that I saw him, I was in awe because how could one looked so perfectly handsome? He definitely looked like a living vampire. He was a good addition to the cast, because he’s such an eye-candy! Yoo Jin Woo seemed like an easy character to portray but it was quite a challenging one and he handled it very well. I find him especially gorgeous when he’s with Soo Young in his house. How can he look so handsome even in house clothes? lol I wish to see him in more dramas and have more acting experiences. I’ll wait for him until the day he is worthy of becoming a male lead!



Of course, it was a happy ending. His older brother decided not to pursue his plans of revenge. At least, both of them did not get punished and just decided to let them go easily. I was also worried about Yoo Ah, Soo Young’s sister. Her reaction when she found out about them was something unexpected. I mean, she was a big big fan of Min Seok for so long and she gave way for her sister. I wished they could make a story out of it rather than act nonchalantly. Min Seok and Soo Young’s relationship lasted longer than what most people around them expected. I too, thought that it was easy love and they would get over each other soon because of the big age gap. This reminds us that love is limitless and sets no boundaries! lol It’s becoming a trend these days too that age is just a number. But personally, I am against really big age gaps like 10-20 years. Anyway, I know that it wasn’t the best ending and there could be better way to end the drama with a bang. The last 1-2 episodes were mostly a waste of time and it wasn’t really memorable, but I guess I was contented with it.


Final Thoughts:

It’s been a while since I sincerely enjoyed a drama. I had a good laugh and it’s all because of the storyline and the characters. So far, it was one of the dramas of 2014 that left a deep impression on me. Just like how the saying: “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”, I think it can be best applied to this drama. There were no big stars in this drama, but it all of the actors did their best in their respective roles. I initially had no plans to watch this, but I definitely did not regret watching this fun rom-com. I always say that rom-com isn’t my favourite genre, but it magically suited my taste. It wasn’t too cheesy or overly sweet. I know it wasn’t a perfect drama, but the rewatch value is high. I know for some, it might be a hit or a miss, but there’s definitely no harm in trying to watch 1-2 episodes. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a funny yet romantic unique K-drama! 😉

Rating: 9/10



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