[K-DRAMA] Three Days (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


When money rules the world…



The President of South Korea, Lee Dong Hwi went for a vacation at a private villa. That night, gunshots were fired and the president was missing. The presidential bodyguards, wherein Han Tae Kyung was part of, were given three days to look for the President. Through this incident, dirty past secrets of some of the top leaders of the country began to unfold. Lee Dong Hwi aimed to end this dirty doing, but when he realised that innocent lives were getting involved, he needs to do it quickly. With the help of prosectors, policemen and his bodyguards, would he be able to fight against the corrupt officials and the CEO of Jaesin Group, Kim Do Jin?



I gave this drama a shot because Yoo Chun was in it. It was too hard to give it a pass and since it was an action drama, I think I would enjoy it more. The first 6 episodes was like “what?! these only happened during one day!?”. The pacing was so slow and it was too detailed. I was about to get bored until we were introduced to Kim Do Jin. The good parts are finally coming and the last few episodes got interesting too. Although many parts were quite predictable, there were also many parts that caught me by surprise. Some parts really made my heart skipped a beat. I got mad and couldn’t believed about what happened during those scenes. I rarely say bad words but when something unexpected happened, I just randomly cursed. lol There were some parts that can be vague and boring, but the writing was actually very thrilling and it became fun to watch.


I wondered why the drama was named Three Days at first. I thought because everything happened in Three Days, but it was actually the amount of time given to Han Tae Kyung to find the President and escort him back to the Blue House. It may sound boring at the start because of all these political talks, but if you enjoy a lot of fighting and chasing, I would say that it would definitely get better with time. There’s so much to learn about this drama. I’m sure we have a government in every country and we actually don’t know what leaders are doing privately. What the news is showing us could be true or fabricated. Although the government shown in the drama looked so weird, because I believed that it isn’t the President who’s making the final decision, but he has a lot cabinet members too. Nonetheless the President, Lee Dong Hwi was portrayed as an independent, smart, and cunning leader. Even though it is only fiction, but it kind of showed us a glimpse of what’s going on inside. Politics is really dirty no matter what. There will always be people who can go crazy with money to the point of killing innocent people and there will always be people who are willing to solve this never-ending problem.


The bond between the VIP and Secret Service was seriously strong. At first, I thought that it was funny when they were forming the formation and defending the VIP as they were running. But when the agents defended the VIP one by one during the 15th episode, I got teary eyed. I rarely become emotional when watching dramas or movies, but it was touching to see how one can die for another person. Policemen, firemen, soldiers, etc…these kinds of jobs are amazing. These people made me realise that there’s still kindness in the world.


All the supporting characters did a job well done in executing their own roles. They may have small roles, but they were truly remembered. Props to the agents in the Secret Service and most especially to Shin Kyu Jin, the chief presidential secretary, whom I didn’t expect to appear in the drama. He was the antagonist in King 2 Hearts and he was so annoying and despicable in that drama. His character in this drama doesn’t disappoint as well! Although there were a lot of characters who were involved and it can get confusing, but it makes me realise that a rich man can buy people and one cannot do things alone. He needs to have many accomplices.



Park Yoo Chun as Han Tae Kyung — This wasn’t his best work. I’ve always said that I prefer him in Joseon era dramas rather than modern dramas.  Nonetheless, Yoo Chun doesn’t disappoint. I can’t say that he improved a lot but he was consistent with his style of acting. He’s still likeable no matter what he does. I hope he continues to choose good projects in the future.


Son Hyun Joo as Lee Dong Hwi — He was a detective fighting for justice in The Chaser. In this drama, he is a President who is fighting for justice too. I can understand why they want to cast him as a good person. His face looks kind and he seemed humble. He proved to be a veteran actor in this drama. Although there are many younger actors surrounding him, but his acting skills proves that age is just a number and he’s a veteran after all. He truly expressed his emotions through his facial expressions.


Park Ha Sun as Yoon Bo Won — I watched her in Two Weeks and I thought that she did so much better here. I couldn’t remember her character much there because she portrayed a soft and innocent character but this time, I think she deliberately cut her hair short for the role. She’s so smart as a policewoman. I wondered why she and Tae Kyung always finds out the things that are so hard to find out. Anyway, it was hard to get used to her role at first, but I think she did well. As Yoo Chun’s counterpart, she also didn’t disappoint me.


So Yi Hyun as Lee Cha Young — I was familiar with her thru her portrayals in Heartstrings and Who Are You?. I couldn’t say that she had good acting, but she was a great addition to the cast. As one of the few female staff inside the Blue House, she definitely did a good job in handling things. I felt sorry for her because at a certain point, everyone (including me) thought that she would jump to the other side of the boat, but she remains loyal. I find it funny though how some close-up scenes of her during the first few episodes took so long to end, and she had to make her expressions longer which turned out to be awkward.


Choi Won Young as Kim Do Jin — He’s really likeable in the Heirs wherein he portrayed the father of Chan Young. He portrayed a completely different character in this drama and he handled it very well. If I didn’t watched the Heirs, I’d probably hate him much more right now. But, I feel that he isn’t much of a villain like other villains. I’ve seen much more  despicable villains than him. I think he just talks too much without doing it actually. He got a lot of chances to kill Tae kyung and Dong Hwi, but he didn’t. His role in here changed my mind about him; that he’s also quite a talented actor! He was able to pull off the the role really well. I was really convinced.


I love the message on the final episode. “Money still rules the world and it will continue to do so.” Even if Kim Do Jin died, there’s another person who will replace him and continue the dirty work. However, there are people who will continue to catch them. Like how the prosecutor said: “We will continue to get them and have them answer the law.” The drama wants to show us that despite of this never-ending cycle, there’s still hope. It’s sad that Kim Do Jin just died without justice being served. It would be better that he’s sent to jail instead. It just proves that killing him is the best way to stop him. Even if he was sent to jail, he will think of ways on how to get away. We also have a closure between Bo Won and Tae Kyung’s relationship. It wasn’t the main highlight of the story, but at least we get the idea that Tae Kyung has developed his feelings for her and she likes it too. They’ll continue to see each other in the future.


Final Thoughts:

Three Days was an attempt to show how dirty politics is. There are so many dramas that had the same theme, but the message of this drama really got me. I definitely didn’t regret watching this drama. As a fan of action dramas, I enjoyed it a lot especially during the last few episodes. Surely a must if you’re a fan of Yoo Chun, but definitely not recommended to those looking for rom-com dramas. Warning: there’s little to no romance! I admit the first half of the drama may seem boring, but the good parts come on the latter half. You just need to have enough patience.

Rating: 7/10



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