[K-DRAMA] Discovery of Romance (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


A rom-com drama that will make you discover love..



Han Yeo Reum is a furniture designer who owns a workshop space with her friend Yoon Sol. She’s been dating a plastic surgeon named Nam Ha Jin for over a year now and their relationship has been going strong as ever. One day, a good offer came to her when an interior design company plans to make a collaboration with them. She found out that the CEO of the said company is actually her ex-boyfriend of five years, Kang Tae Ha, and she wanted to decline. Her friend Sol persuaded her that it’s a good opportunity for their business so she reluctantly accepted the offer. Meanwhile, Ha Jin coincidentally met Ahn Ah Rim whom he treated like a sister when they were both living in an orphanage when they were young. He owed her an apology since she was supposed to be adopted but the adoptive mother decided to adopt him instead. Yeo Reum was now working with Tae Ha and was caught in a love triangle as she recalled her memories with Tae Ha. Will she accept Tae Ha’s lingering feelings towards her or will she stay put and stick to her present boyfriend?



The drama is somewhat similar to the I Need Romance Series and it made me wonder why it was aired in a public channel whereas it was aired in a cable channel before. It made me think whether the viewers are now more open where they freely talk about sex and such topics. I have the same thoughts with Sol wherein the person will only acknowledge you as their boyfriend/girlfriend after sleeping with them. Are we thinking way too old fashioned? Or is this what the youth is thinking these days? I feel so sad because this isn’t what ‘love’ is supposed to be.


The storyline was nothing exceptional, actually it was so ordinary but I found it cute and was looking forward to the rest of the episodes. It was the usual ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend and the girl having mixed feelings. It was the usual two timing thing. It was the usual love and hate scenes. It was the usual cool male lead guy and the usual superrr nice second male lead guy. There were some parts that dragged a bit especially when Yeo Reum was going back and forth between the two and incidents kept on repeating. 16 episodes was just right in my opinion. I think the actors played a big part in making the drama successful. I mean, the characters are not likeable at first. Yeo Reum was playing with these two guys. Tae Ha was wrong to butt in knowing Yeo Reum is already in a relationship. And Ha Jin not having the courage to tell the truth about him and Ah Rim. But I love how the actors brought each of the characters to life.



I love the chemistry between Yu Mi and Eric as well as Yu Mi and Sung Joon. One wouldn’t notice the 7 year gap between Yu Mi and Sung Joon. He handled the mature role perfectly. And I think Yu Mi and Eric looked like a real life couple. They were so so cute especially during the happy flashback scenes. Another cute couple was Yoon Hyun Min and Kim Seul Gie. They started from an oppa-dongsaeng relationship but they ended up liking one another. Their kiss scene was also improvised and not included in the script! They were really the best addition to the cast. The cast was really awesome. I wouldn’t mind shipping Tae Ha and Ha Jin, no?




Jung Yu Mi as Han Yeo Reum — I only know Yu Mi from I Need Romance 2 and these two characters she portrayed was almost similar. Her acting was so similar too. However, she’s really an actress different from others because she portrays her role in a fun and quirky way. She always looks happy and bright and she didn’t age at all in 2 years. I know that this drama had a little bit of drama/angst and I wonder if she can do other genres as well like historical or maybe melodrama. I hope to see her in more dramas frequently and take a more challenging roles in the future.


Eric Mun as Kang Tae Ha — I wasn’t into K-pop when Shinhwa was popular so I wasn’t familiar with them. It was through the recent years when they made a comeback and started appearing in variety shows that I got to know them. I wasn’t attracted to Eric even though he was Shinhwa’s leader. He just didn’t stood out as a leader. I changed my mind after watching this drama. He may not be a well known actor and many people are biased against idol actors always thinking that they don’t know how to act.. Eric is different though in my opinion. I think Eric delivered his role really well. He seemed natural and it’s like he’s really speaking his mind. I admit at times, I find him cute and manly in many scenes. After watching this drama, I turned into a little Eric fan-slash-Shinhwa fan. lol


Sung Joon as Nam Ha Jin — Sung Joon has been consistently doing well since he’s picking up projects every year. From Shut Up My Flower Boy Band to Gu Family Book to I Need Romance 3 and to this drama, he’s been taking more and more mature roles this time. He was the male lead for SUMFBB and INR3 and I didn’t quite like his characters on both dramas. Finally, he took the second male lead this time as Nam Ha Jin and I thought he was just perfect for the role. I don’t know why but I prefer him better as a second male lead. I think he’s more suitable to be the second male lead. Sung Joon looks so passive and introvert in real life, but once he acts, he’s totally into his character. He definitely showed a lot of progress since SUMFBB. I wish him the best that he can slowly work to reach the height of his career.


Yoon Jin Yi as Ahn Ah Rim — She was exceptional as Im Me Ah Ri in A Gentleman’s Dignity. That role made her who she is today, and thus I had high expectations. She may have done the best, but the character just doesn’t stand out. I liked the fact though that her character doesn’t deal with a lot of shouting and is more passive. These two characters have totally different personalities yet she was able to deliver it well. I would love to see more of her in the future. She’s really an actress I’m looking forward to see.


Yoon Hyun Min as Do Joon Ho — I think this is his best project yet everrr! I remembered fangirl-ing over him in Cruel City and people who watched that drama would probably understand what I’m talking about. I noticed him starting from that drama and he gradually got a bigger role in Inspiring Generation and this time, he was part of the main cast. I think he was just too perfect for the role. His chemistry with Seul Gi was something I didn’t expect. This tandem made the show just much more fun. He’s just so funny and made the drama much more alive and happier. Joon Ho was a perfect yet not-so-perfect oppa to have. I mean, who could have thought to give someone a toilet bowl for her birthday?! I wish I could have an oppa like him too with no blood relations but treat you as a younger sister. I’m so happy that he’s getting his name known out there and I can’t wait for his future projects and see him take a lead role next time. I’ll definitely be waiting!


Kim Seul Gi as Yoon Sol — My first impression of her of was nah.. she isn’t pretty. But as episodes passed, she looks prettier and prettier. I can’t imagine that she’s famous for being a comedian. Her humour and jokes were used well in the drama with the combination of Joon Ho’s humour. I can’t help but mention their chemistry again. It wasn’t the ultimate visual couple, but they clicked for some reason.




It wasn’t the perfect ending since it didn’t end with a bang. It just ended with a simple kiss. The ending relied on Yeo Reum’s decision and it was an ending that I could foresee since the start. I only wondered how her feelings would change and it was such a sudden change. Yeo Reum and Ha Jin’s relationship was already on the rocks and it was already hard to save the relationship which were full of lies and doubt. Tae Ha, on the other hand, confessed his real feelings to Yeo Reum. He knew what he’s doing was wrong, but every single night, he still ends up seeing Yeo Rum before calling it a day. I can’t say that I fully support Yeo Rum’s choice. I mean it’s not the ethical thing to do.. but sometimes it’s just right to follow your heart than to follow your mind. It was such a difficult choice to make for Yeo Reum and I felt so bad for Ha Jin. He was the most innocent one yet he had to suffer the most. At least, it ended with a happy thought and it was wrapped up nicely.



I simply love the songs in the soundtrack. It’s perfect for the summer and I find them relaxing to hear. My favorite track is “Please Come Back To Me” by One More Chance. It was a familiar song; I guess it was released a few years ago. It’s a song suitable to play inside the car and driving or traveling. “Is It Love?” by J-Rabbit is another cute song. I love most of J-Rabbit’s works. Their songs are just so relaxing to listen to. “It’s Nothing Special” by Sweet Sorrow is also a nice song with the tune of ukulele in the beginning. “It’s All About You” by Darelle London is an english song but I find the lyrics cute. These songs are just so perfect for the drama.


Final Thoughts:

I can’t help but smile when I see the cast members in this drama. It was such a cute rom-com that I didn’t expect I would like. I admit that I didn’t liked the last few episodes which were so angsty, but the overall flow and concept of the story was brilliant.  It taught us bits and pieces about love.. that there’s no such thing as perfect love, and it’s totally fine to have wavering feelings. There’s no such thing as a perfect person too, as we also make mistakes. I also commend the cast members for their exceptional acting. From the plot to the actors and the music, the staff really gave much thought about these things. I admit there were also flaws; but you can’t have a perfect drama after all. I’m not really a fan of rom-com dramas but somehow the combination worked for me. I hope it worked for you too~^^

Rating: 8/10




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