[K-DRAMA] Pinocchio (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


People with Pinocchio syndrome can’t lie…



When I first heard about Pinocchio syndrome, it sounded so unreal and ridiculous. People with this syndrome can’t lie. Once they lie, they’d hiccup without any hesitation. It’s a fiction drama after all. But it was a perfect match for the drama seeking righteousness and justice. It’s truly a battle for In Ha to fight her sickness. The writers made use of it so well and it’s really  a creative disease. I wished they subtracted the fiction part of it, and find a real syndrome or sickness that would perfectly fit the drama. I think it would bring much more impact to the drama. I’m not into medical and don’t have any idea about sicknesses so I couldn’t make a suggestion.


The drama is very similar to I Hear Your Voice, touching topics about justice and revenge. The writing and style and the same lead actor just screams I Hear Your Voice. It was the same writer after all. Even though I didn’t like the reporter and broadcasting networks as the setting, but it’s quite refreshing to see something new in a while. It was a realistic one except the Pinocchio part and you could pick up something good in the end. The characters were all so mature in their way of thinking. They didn’t just send them to jail, but they are actually trying to teach the antagonists a lesson. They also forgave and forget; which is probably one of the hardest thing to do for me. I think I’d have the same thoughts with the brother, to kill someone. It was difficult to be in the position of these characters. Thinking about it, I might not make the same decisions like them. I think I’d hide and run away to escape these problems. The characters resorted to the truth. At the end of the day, it’s all about serving justice and righteousness. It’s one of the little things that I liked about this drama. No matter how hard you try to bury your secret from years ago, the truth will prevail in the right time. After finishing the drama, it made me ponder and think about what if I were in their shoes. Would I be brave and mature as them?


The supporting characters really stood out in the drama. I loved them even to the smallest cameo. Most of them were familiar faces that I’ve seen from other dramas. I felt that most of them gave their all to make the most out of their screen time. The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk was great. They seemed natural and comfortable with each other. I don’t know how Shin Hye works her magic but it seems like she has chemistry with most of her leading men. And lately, these two were caught dating by Dispatch. Although, they’ve denied saying they were just friends, but you can’t deny these evidences. lol It’s been a while since we last saw a couple who dated after working together in a drama. Most couples now were rather shocking and unexpected. I wish them the best.




Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha — I’ve said this countless times already but I’m going to say it again. She’s so lucky to be paired off with a handsome and popular guy in most of her dramas. I’m glad it’s not a school based drama anymore. She’s one of the young actresses that’s hard to dislike. I like her consistency in acting and she knows what she’s doing. Her hiccup acting was great too. It sounds natural. I can’t wait for her to “level-up” as an actress though. I hope she gets a mature character in the future; maybe try a makjang drama instead of a rom-com drama. Honestly, I’m getting tired of seeing her similar roles. I know many of the viewers also feel this way. I wish she can step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself to do more challenging and mature roles. I can’t wait for her next project!


Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po/ Ki Ha Myung — I was never a fan, but I can say he improved a lot from School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice. There’s a lot of room for improvement though. I always thought that if it weren’t for his popularity, he wouldn’t be a male lead. He wasn’t really a male lead material for me. I know many actors and actresses who aren’t really leading material worthy but landed leading roles. Popularity really says something about your career. I hope Jong Suk can continue to improve his acting skills and prove me wrong. lol


Kim Young Kwang as Seo Bum Joo — He’s such a cutie! I noticed him already in his small role back then in Good Doctor. Some of his real life friends include Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin. And it’s probably time for him to shine! I couldn’t say if he really did well in this drama but I heard positive reviews about him. I think it’s partly the writers’ fault and maybe just the character he portrayed because Bum Joo wasn’t cool enough. lol We weren’t able to see much of the second lead guy and leading lady romance too because In Ha and Dal Po fell for each other way too early. It also seemed like Jong Suk was a wall he couldn’t climb because of his popularity, but in reality I think Young Kwang is more appealing. He deserves some attention too! I think I’m just bitter haha. I also think the writer didn’t utilised the character well and just let him clearly give up on In Ha. He could have done better with more screen time. He just lacked the opportunity here. But I salute him on his decision for his mother. It’s such a hard decision to make and I couldn’t imagine him do that. I just hope he gets more interesting roles in the future.


Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae — She’s so cute and lovable. I loved her in Gu Family Book and Innocent Man, but it’s so hard to like her character here. I don’t know whether to feel annoyed or not. I really don’t know what’s so special about her character. She’s too talkative and want to be the center of attention that I started disliking her character. I felt sad because she could have contributed something nice for the show, but I don’t see the importance of the character at all. Is it only me that I think she’s a nuisance?! On a side note, I like her “relationship” with Cap. There’s nothing shown at the end, but I really think Cap secretly likes her so he took much care of her.



Like most rom-com dramas, it ended happily and justice was served. It didn’t end with a bang though. There’s nothing much memorable about it except for that little twist that I’ve caught on earlier. It was hard to imagine that it would turn out to be Bum Joo’s mom because she looks so nice and friendly, but at the end of the day it’s only a mask. As expected, when you have money and power, you can easily control people and things. I’m glad that Bum Joo’s mom went to jail and people forgave and forget. I felt sad for Bum Joo because it was a tough decision to make, but he turned out to be the saviour of the day because his decision was for the benefit of everyone. It was also nice that Dal Po got his birth name back with his father’s approval.



The songs were rather disappointing because I couldn’t remember a single song from the drama! Usually after watching a drama, there’s always a song that would stay with me and if I heard that particular song, I’ll remember the scenes in the drama. The melody of the songs didn’t stay in my head. Sadly, there’s no memorable song or a song that struck me. I listened to the soundtrack for the sake of this review and I liked Kiss Me by Zion T. the most. I think it’s not your ordinary soundtrack type of song. It sounds like a song from an album of a singer. Also, Pinocchio by Roy Kim was a refreshing song. Park Shin Hye’s fans will be delighted to hear her sing again as she contributed two songs for this soundtrack. I miss her voice but I hope she stops singing in an aegyo voice now..


Final Thoughts:

The drama was nice but it’s not much memorable. I don’t see anything unique about the drama and I could easily guess what’s going to happen next. I wished that they cut it to 16 episodes instead. The popularity of the actors like Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk boosted the ratings and its popularity overseas. I think if they chose not-so-famous actors, it wouldn’t be the same. I couldn’t point out exactly what’s missing, but I felt that everything was just okay or simply average. Or maybe it’s just not my type of drama.


Rating: 6/10



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