[K-DRAMA] You Who Came From the Stars (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


An alien-human kind of love story 😉



An alien landed on Earth 400 years ago during Joseon Dynasty in Korea. He lived his life alone and quietly patiently waiting for another 400 years to go back where he came from. 400 years later, present time South Korea, he coincidentally met the girl whom he saved 15 years ago. This girl by the name of Cheon Song Yi is now a top star in the country. As the fate of Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi crossed paths once again, will they remember each other? And the two of them living as neighbors and having a teacher-student relationship, will they develop feelings with one another? Meanwhile, can Do Min Joon return to his planet safely?



Having an alien in a drama sounds absurd and the storyline may come out weird. I don’t like watching magical dramas or stories that involve the use of flying, powers, etc. I am quite surprised myself because it wasn’t an absurd one and I liked the storyline. And why would you not love an alien like Kim Soo Hyun?! 😉 Usually rom-com dramas’ jokes are corny, but their jokes are funny. This drama is an easy watch for me. Despite of having 21 episodes, it doesn’t drag that much. It was written cohesively and the story really flows naturally.


Setting the alien concept aside, the drama showed the life of a top actress in Korea. I think it showed some reality about what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s some things that one should exchange for popularity. One of these things is privacy. Reporters will follow her around and people will constantly want to know about her news. Living a life of the most popular actress in the country isn’t easy after all. She experiences sadness and loneliness too. Indeed, she’s a human being just like each one of us. There are also some attitude and personality issues of an actress. What you see onscreen doesn’t mean that she’s like that offscreen. Most of the time, the company creates a fake image for the actress. And probably the worst thing to happen is having scandals. One bad incident or scandal can make or break the the actress’ career. That’s why I understand why entertainment companies let my idols work like a cow because popularity doesn’t lasts forever, but I hope they realize that health is wealth too.


The characters are created with much thought as the two leads have contrasting personalities. Song Yi has an outgoing personality while Do Min Joon is more of a passive type of person. But even with personalities that differ like Yin and Yang, they still came to like one another. The chemistry between Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun was no surprise because they acted together in a movie before. However, that movie showed really few scenes of them. I think that was just a sneak peek and this is the real stuff. Even if Ji Hyun is older and to think that she’s married, it doesn’t affect her image as an actress and her acting in this drama.

1498801_1429178310646990_1478469526_oAnd I felt that Kim Soo Hyun matches easily with other girls regardless of age. Look at him and Suzy, I love their chemistry too. The supporting characters too are funny and creative themselves. They add so much color to the drama. Special mention to Se Mi’s older brother because I got attracted to him in this drama. The staff really did a great job in choosing the actors to portray the particular roles.




Jun Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi — I am not really familiar with her shows in the past except for the movie, The Thieves. I really thought that this drama would be so overrated and her winning the best actress was also due to the show’s popularity. Although I haven’t watched many 2014 dramas, but she proved me wrong as I realised that the character wasn’t easy to portray. Song Yi may be proud and arrogant on the outside but she’s so fragile inside. During the first few episodes, I got really annoyed and wanted to punch her for having a A+++ actress ‘sickness’. I didn’t mean it in a negative way though because this meant Ji Hyun did a job well done in portraying the role. Yes, she may go a little exaggerated on a lot of scenes but she doesn’t go overboard. She does them naturally. Anyway, one thing that I didn’t like was when she looked cross-eyed at some angles. Nonetheless, her performance just brings the drama to life. I don’t think any actress can pull off the character this well.


Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon — Kim Soo Hyun became one of the top male stars because of his roles in Dream High and The Moon Embracing the Sun. Continuing his success is this drama, You Who Came From the Stars, gave him more popularity all over Asia. I’m not saying that his acting is the best out off all the young actors, but he’s definitely better than Lee Min Ho, in my opinion. His handsome and clean image was a big help too. I could say that Soo Hyun is lucky because his roles are always pretty much likeable. Not the biggest fan of him, but I love his portrayal of Do Min Joon.


Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jae Kyung — Well, well.. it’s been a while since we had another hot young antagonist. I recalled Sung Rok as one of the 3 daddies in One Mom Three Dads and he was the ugliest among the three that time. Now, he looks as handsome as the other two with his upgrade in appearance or was it just his hairstyle?! He definitely suits this hairstyle better than curly hair. I bet his popularity boosted after this drama too. I’m happy that he finally have his time to shine as well. He did well in portraying this character as Jae Kyung. He’s really an antagonist that made me pissed as well. He doesn’t care about others but only care about his own gains and just about himself. I’m hoping that things would continue to go well and he would receive love and support from fans too. Wishing him the best!


Park Hae Jin as Lee Hee Kyung — I think I’ve seen him somewhere but I just couldn’t remember where. I’ve checked his profile but never recalled myself watching any of his dramas. His face looks familiar. Anyway, I seriously have a ‘fall for second male lead’ syndrome. I recalled myself saying this a few times and this drama does it again. I felt so sad for him because he’s been waiting for her for 15 years. If I were him, I would’ve given up after one year. lol He was so loyal that I couldn’t understand at times. Do this kind of guy truly exist in real life? If I was Song Yi, I would rather choose him. Park Hae Jin did so well in portraying Lee Hee Kyung. By the way, I read from a news that Park Hae Jin wasn’t offered this role in the first place, but actually he was intended to portray Lee Jae Kyung, the main antagonist. The rookie actor who was set to portray Hee Kyung was injured and need to back out. I just couldn’t imagine that Hae Jin was originally the bad guy. He was the nicest character in the drama. I must say that the staff are so quick enough to choose him to be Hee Kyung. I think he was perfect for the role.



Wasn’t it too easy to catch the main antagonist? It took them about 20 episodes to drive the monster to jail. Oh well, all dramas are like that. I was anticipating on how they would end the drama because it isn’t easy to wrap up a drama because of the alien thing. I can finally say that it wasn’t an absurd ending. It does quite make sense. By the use of teleporting, he tried countless times to go back to Earth. Although he vanishes again and again, he still tried to teleport again and again. All of them are so loyal by the way. Song Yi was willing to wait for 3 years and more for Min Joon. I felt so bad for Hee Kyung and Se Mi for their own one sided love which never had a happy ending. I wished that something nice would be shown from them as well. For the two main leads, it wasn’t a cheesy ending, but it was a sweet one. I wouldn’t define it a perfect ending, but it was an ending I was satisfied with.



The soundtrack didn’t leave a deep impression on me, but there were some songs worth mentioning. “My Destiny” by Lyn became really popular and won in many awards as the best OST. Because of that English title, it can be easily remembered as it is used in the chorus. It’s not my taste, but I’ve got to admit that I can easily recall the tune of the song and listening to this song brings back memories of the scenes in the drama. “My Love From the Star” by Younha is a more upbeat and cheerful song. I think it’s a typical song that you usually hear from Korean soundtrack. If you’re a fan of Kim Soo Hyun, you won’t be disappointed with the soundtrack because he lent his voice too. “If I” is a nice ballad and he sings quite well for an actor.


Final Thoughts:

I am not really a fan of rom-com dramas and usually the popular dramas aren’t my taste. I really tried hard to lower my expectations and so I think I came to like this drama. It wasn’t your ordinary drama because they added the concept of alien. I love all the actors’ performance. It wasn’t only the writing and storyline, but the actors helped a lot in making the drama much livelier and more interesting to watch. Overall, it was a drama that didn’t disappoint me. The high ratings and popularity of the drama were justified. Definitely recommended to anyone who loves rom-com and or a friend who has never watched a Korean drama as it includes almost all the themes in a K-drama. It would be a wonderful introduction to the world of K-dramas to your friend~

Rating: 8/10



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