[K-DRAMA] You’re All Surrounded (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


You’re All Surrounded is a drama surrounded by cops that involves crime, friendship and love.



Eun Dae Gu, Eo Soo Sun, Park Tae Il and Ji Gook just joined the crime unit at the Gangnam Police Station. All of them have different reasons why they wanted to became cops, but they aren’t that enthusiastic as the Team Leader, Seo Pan Seok, expected them to be. With the Team Leader Seo guiding these rookies, they learn the ways on how to become a successful cop. But wait, there’s more to this drama! Dae Gu approached the police station to be able to get close to Seo Pan Seok as he was also the cop who handled the case of his mother, who died from murder. Will Dae Gu be able to find the truth who killed her mother? Will Dae Gu and Soo Sun develop feelings for each other especially finding out that they studied from the same school before? Will Tae Il be able to decide for himself and truly become a cop, or will he have to return to medical school to achieve his dad’s dream for him? And will Pan Seok be able to handle these young hot-blooded rookies?



I was looking forward to this drama because of the actors in it. I mean, hey! it’s Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara. I loved them in their respective dramas that they acted before. These three is such a daebak combination. It was such a brilliant idea to bring them all together in a drama. I guess I expected a bit too much from them. Each of them could do better, in my opinion. I partly blame the unique yet so ordinary plot. The plot sounds so familiar; something like a cop based drama and then partly I Hear Your Voice-like. It does have its own elements though. The writing was too weak and it became a little draggy. I really thought 16 episodes would suffice.


The cast was a huge plus to the drama. Because most of them are well-known actors, many fans talk about the drama and some even recommend it. It was funny when they attempted to make their own version of F4– P4, but it was quite a failure. I didn’t like the sound of that. There are certain groups that click and some just don’t. I enjoyed the four-member groups in You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but for some odd reason, I just didn’t see this P4 click together despite of being the same four-member group as well. One actress that caught my attention was the daughter of the assemblyman. I mean, she literally stole the spotlight during the latter end of the show. She pisses me off because she doesn’t act like her age and she’s really a spoiled brat. I didn’t like her acting too and just hate everything about her. I didn’t like how the writers emphasised on her story so much when they know that they could give more screen time to Team Leader’s love story. I think it was such a pity that their story wasn’t much dwelled on. Well, at least it was a happy ending for them.



Cha Seung Won as Seo Pan Seok — I loved Cha Seung Won in The Greatest Love and this is my second drama of him. I must say he has the same style of acting when he was in TGL and in this drama. His characters are always funny, but he was funnier back then. Now, I wonder if he’s always funny in all his dramas. I also noticed that he must have done something to his face recently. It doesn’t look natural to me like before. Preferred his manly look before when he still had his “cow” moustache. lol In a nutshell, I was quite disappointed with Cha Seung Won. I really got excited upon seeing his name in the list of actors, but I still respect him so much as an actor.



Lee Seung Gi as Eun Dae Gu — Like Cha Seung Won, I enjoyed Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book and this drama is also my second Lee Seung Gi drama. His funny character reminds me so much of Cha Seung Won and he’s like the younger version of him. When I heard about the cast of this drama, I was so excited to see both of them. One seemed not enough and two is the perfect combo. I love seeing these two’s interaction and bromance in the drama. I thought that if only one of them was included in the cast, it would be so boring. The casting team really did a great job in casting these two. It made the show so much fun to see. Lee Seung Gi, although he took a serious role this time as Eun Dae Gu, he never fails to make me laugh.


Go Ara as Eo Soo Sun — Go Ara was just a nice pretty girl back then, until she acted a tomboy role in Answer Me 1994. Before, she was similar to all other female actresses; I don’t see anything special about her. Answer Me 1994 is probably her breakthrough role. Thanks to that drama, it made me like her too. I could now distinguish her from other actresses. She’s one of the few who can do well in tomboy roles. Her role as Eo Soo Sun was also very boy-like and also speaks satoori. I like her in this drama and like her and Seung Gi’s chemistry in this drama even more.


Ahn Jae Hyun as Park Tae Il — He was most probably casted to be the “face” of the cast. But in all honesty, I wasn’t attracted to him in this drama, and wondered till now why he’s the trend these days. I was more interested in the bromance of Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won than his gay rumours in the drama. I heard his popularity boosted because of You Who Came From the Stars. I’m really curious and looking forward to watch that drama.



I expected that the Team Leader would save the day. I felt like that the spotlight went into the Dae Gu and Soo Sun. Team Leader’s love line was sort of forgotten. I didn’t expect that the Chief Police would have a tragic ending. I have mixed emotions about the Chief Police. Half of my mind pitied her while half says that she deserves it. I’m glad that the assemblyman’s daughter’s husband wasn’t Dae Gu’s real dad. That was probably the only thing that made me curious about the ending. It was also obvious that the assemblyman would get caught.¬†Overall, it was a forgettable ending. Never mind, at least we see the couple happy.




I didn’t get addicted to the songs of the drama, but there’s certainly one song that stays. And that would be “I’m in Love” by Lee Seung Chul. It’s a laid-back and cozy love song. I love the ha~ parts to be precise. lol I remember the sweet moments of the couples and the bromance in the drama whenever I listen to this song. “What’s Wrong With Me” by San-E feat. Kang Min Hee is also a nice song with strong female vocals as well as rap. I was expecting a rock or sort of badass song that would compliment the police theme of the drama, but there wasn’t any.


Final Thoughts:

It was one of the 2014 dramas that I was excited to watch because of the intruguing trailer and popular actors. I guess my expectations was really high that I became disappointed after watching. I was really looking forward to the popular actors, but that doesn’t seem enough to make it interesting to watch. The sloppy writing and draggy scenes made it so boring. I won’t recommend it if you’re not a fan of the actors, but if you are, then go for it. Just don’t expect too much from the show.

Rating: 5/10



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