[K-DRAMA] Emergency Couple (2014)

warning: may contain spoilers


A couple who once got married for 1 year meets again six years later as interns in the emergency department. Will they rekindle their romance?


Oh Chang Min is a student who’s taking up medicine while Oh Jin Hee aspires to be a dietitian. They met inside the school while saving a student and fall in love. Chang Min’s mother thinks Jin Hee isn’t good enough for him since they came from a family of wealthy doctors. They decided to get married at a young age despite their parents’ opposition resulting to Chang Min quitting medical school to find a job and support themselves. He became a salesman who sells medicine inside the hospital and he doesn’t do well. Meanwhile, Jin Hee acquired inferiority complex as she doesn’t get the approval from Chang Min’s mother. She had heart problems as well as hair baldness due to stress The couple often get into fights and they eventually divorced. Chang Min went back to study medicine while Jin Hee decided to take up medicine too as she wants to see for herself what’s so good about being a doctor. After six years, they coincidentally met at the emergency room of a hospital where they will be working as interns together for a whole year. Will love blossom between the two of them? What will happen if Chang Min’s mother found out that they’re working together at the same hospital?



A couple loves each other but parents disapprove. The couple disregards and get married. I’ve seen this kind of scenario countless times in many dramas. The twist? They didn’t get along after 1 year of marriage and they got divorced. After 6 years, they met once again where they will be working as interns in the Emergency Department of a hospital. This sounds so predictable. Anyone knows what will happen in the end. What’s new in this drama is that the setting takes place inside the emergency room– something I’ve never seen in Korean dramas. We see people rushing in and out of the room and everyone’s panicking because people’s lives are at risk. The medical part of the drama was okay as they weren’t that disgusting to see and they didn’t dwell too much on it. We also get to learn new medical terms. Working as interns in the hospital is no joke as well. Do interns really get the chance to work hands-on on the patients? I’m quite surprised because I didn’t have any idea what interns really do inside the hospital; because there’s no way I would want to get treated by interns! I mean, I would prefer doctors who are professional to check on me and not just interns who make guesses! This is the unrealistic side of the drama. Nonetheless, the rest were quite realistic and showed connections to real life situations. Making mistakes is natural and are a part of our lives. We can also see how the couple became much more mature after 6 years and after what happened to Chang Min’s dad. They’ve grown a lot and those mistakes served as a lesson for them to do better the second time around.


I never expected a Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo tandem ever. I mean, it was never in my dictionary that these two will work together and eventually play as couples. During the first episode, when they were running around Myeongdong and inside the Cathedral, they really looked awkward. I’m not sure if it’s because of Ji Hyo’s wig or maybe because it’s just their first scene. As episodes passed, I got used to this couple and they showed quite a great chemistry. It wasn’t the perfect pairing but oftentimes I found myself smiling at these two especially during the last few episodes. It wasn’t Chang Min who is chasing Jin Hee anymore but Jin Hee finally opened her heart to Chang Min. These two showed a good dose of sweetness. lol



One highlight of the drama was the epic cameo of Kang Gary. If you watch Running Man, you’ll definitely know that Ji Hyo and Gary are called the Monday Couple. Gary’s appearance was such a surprise and it was very impromptu. I’ve watched how they filmed that particular scene and they didn’t have any script at all. Instead of a sad scene, it turned out to be comedy due to his appearance. This got to be one of my favourite scenes.




Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee — As an avid fan of Running Man, I definitely know the ace and the only female member in the show. It’s my first time seeing Ji Hyo as an actress. I’m liking her already even on the first episode because the role was really meant for her. I love how natural she portrayed and delivered her lines. Ji Hyo doesn’t try to look cute, sexy or beautiful. She’s already pretty in her own way. She has a certain charm that I find amusing. You can’t hate her. I like the fact that she’s just being her own self. I would love to watch her previous dramas and see how she did back then before Running Man. She’s not the most outstanding actress out there, but I find her the most natural and carefree.


Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min — I’ve watched Choi Jin Hyuk in dramas like The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog and Gu Family Book, but if I’m not mistaken, this is his first male lead role. I loved his character here as Oh Chang Min. Oftentimes we see a jealous and cute Chang Min. In the past, I wasn’t used to the characters that he’s portraying except the one in The Heirs. With his muscular build and voice, I like to see him in neat suits with a cooler character. It’s hard to imagine him act cute; it doesn’t suit his style. But through this drama, I don’t find it weird anymore but just find him adorable all the time. Watching those behind the scenes and NGs made me realise Jin Hyuk isn’t a serious and cool guy that I expected him to be, but he seems like a jolly and a happy person to be with lol. I’m so happy for him that he’s acting in three dramas this year. I’ll definitely miss him next year once he goes to army.


Lee Pil Mo as Chief or Gook Cheon-soo — I can’t believe this Ahjusshi is already 40 years old! He doesn’t look quite old to me. This man is a stranger to me as I was not familiar with him or any of his dramas. He did pretty well as Chief or Doctor Gook. He is called Devil inside the Emergency department since he’s always strict. His heart is hard as a rock as he never got into a relationship after his breakup with Ji Hye. He became warm and softhearted after meeting Jin Hee. He doesn’t show that he likes her and he’s still in doubt with his feelings, but it’s quite obvious by the way he acts. It’s amusing to see Chief act shy and cute. I felt sad for Chief during the last few episodes when he saw the couple kissed. I think he was ready to confess to Jin Hee, but then he saw that scene.. My heart twitched a bit, y’know.


Choi Yeo Jin as Shim Ji Hye — This girl had so much sex appeal in I Need Romance 1 and I’m quite surprised to see her here as a professional doctor. She’s still great as ever in giving good advice to her fellow colleagues and friends. I love how she portrayed Ji Hye. The character was blunt and I find her the most courageous. It’s clear that she still loves Chief Gook after all these years apart, and yet she’s willing to give him to Jin Hee. She keeps Chief Gook close but not too close. I simply love Yeo Jin’s portrayal and although Clara stole the spotlight for being ‘sexy’, she’s still a wonderful addition to the cast.



As expected, we get to see a happy ending as the divorced couple got together again. Chang Min’s mother decided not to interfere with her son’s life anymore and it was nice to see both mothers get to talk in a peaceful way. For a rom-com, it was sad to see Chang Min’s father die. I guess it was necessary for the story because it’s like a realisation for Chang Min’s mother that she needs to stop interfering with her son’s life; seeing that the father even supported Jin Hee’s studies. We also get to see the characters cherishing the father more. Like in real life, we don’t really care much about the person until he gets sick or dies; that’s when we realise how important that person is to us. Chief’s love story with Dr. Shim was quite vague but it seemed like they will be reunited as well.   It wasn’t the perfect ending with the wedding bells, but at least we saw all the couples happy. These interns used to hate the emergency room, but they learned to love it.


Final Thoughts:

I’m not really fond of rom-com dramas as they are very predictable. The same goes to this drama; it was a little draggy and I wished it could have been made into 16 episodes. Nonetheless, it’s a drama that touched my heart for being realistic and there were lessons learned. I also wished they could’ve made the plot much more enjoyable to watch. It’s not that much recommended except if you’re a fan of the actors. They did a job well done. Jin Hyuk and Ji Hyo’s presence made it so much fun to watch. But if you’re not a fan, you might get disappointed for the somewhat forgettable and ordinary plot.

Rating: 5/10



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