[K-DRAMA] Rooftop Prince

warning: may contain spoilers


A funny and comical time-traveling drama that shouldn’t be missed!



Lee Gak is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty. His wife or the princess was murdered one night and the Crown Prince wants to find out who is the culprit. Lee Gak along with his entourage, time traveled to the 21st century or the present time, and landed at the rooftop of a girl named Park Ha. It seemed like fate brought them there as Park Ha was connected to the incident in the past. One day, Lee Gak sees Hong Se Na and he believes that she is his wife’s reincarnation. He tries to court her knowing that he will be one step closer to knowing the truth if he knows more about her. Coincidentally, he was also seen by Yong Tae Yong’s family members. Yong Tae Yong looks exactly like him but has gone missing two years ago. The family members believes that the Crown Prince is indeed Tae Yong so he pretends to be him. Through these circumstances while adjusting to the lifestyle of the 21st century, will he able to truly find out who murdered the Crown Princess?



It’s been a while since I had good laugh while watching a Korean drama. Many dramas try to be funny when they are not actually funny. Rooftop Prince is probably one of the funniest dramas I’ve ever seen. Expect to laugh until you fall off your seat! This drama also introduced me to the genre called “time-traveling”. I loved how Rooftop Prince used this concept very well. It’s funny yet it still made sense somehow. When those 4 characters from Joseon Dynasty time traveled to present time, they were all unfamiliar with those things. They didn’t know about the rules, food and the new fashion. It’s like seeing a whole new world. Few memorable scenes for me was when they need to change clothes, but they don’t know where the comfort room was, so they went in the elevator thinking it was a room for changing clothes. Also, when they rode the bus for the first time, they removed their shoes and left it on the street. These scenes were really funny and worth remembering. This adjustment process happened for about 7 episodes. It was quite long, but I was hoping and wishing they could have made it longer!¬†While the first 7 episodes were cheerful and funny, starting from episode 8-15, it became a little boring and draggy. We can really see how the antagonists show what they can really do. The remaining last 5 episodes was where the action began again. It was really nerve wrecking especially when Tae Yong’s body was moved from USA to Korea. Also, when grandmother’s inheritance was to be given to either Tae Yong or Tae Moo.




Park Yoo Chun as Prince Lee Gak / Yong Tae Yong — After his success in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Yoo Chun once again picked a new “historical” drama wherein he’s dressed in traditional clothes. Like what I said before, Yoo Chun looks best in traditional clothes. Very nice portrayal of Lee Gak or Tae Yong by Yoo Chun. I find this role the most memorable from him. He was really perfect for this role.


Han Ji Min as Park Ha / Hong Bu Yong — I was unfamiliar with Han Ji Min and this is my first time watching her act. Although, I know she’s a great actress and she did well in this drama, I don’t remember her role anymore. I watched this drama about two years ago, but I couldn’t recall her role. I remembered Yu Mi’s role though. Han Ji Min did not stood out from this drama. I also felt that Yoo Chun paired better with his other leading ladies.


Jung Yu Mi as Hong Se Na / Hong Hwa Yong & Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Mu / Prince Mu Chang¬†— Loved how these two antagonists work hand in hand. Both of these actors were really good in pissing me off. If you get to hate the antagonist in the series, this means that these actors have done a great job to make it very realistic to let you actually believe it. lol Jung Yu Mi is very good, in my opinion. I’ve seen the real side of her through We Got Married, and she was bubbly and cheerful. Loved how she can pull off her mean character really well.


3 Entourage – It will never be complete and funny when only Prince Lee Gak does the time traveling. Of course, he had to bring his friends along. I simply loved these 3 especially the yellow one. lol They just add the fun and color to this series. Dramas really need comical characters. I think the series would become very dull without these three. A cute addition to the cast!


Ending (spoilers):

The ending was kind of a given for me. From the first episode, I already know that the princess didn’t die but it was actually Bu Yong. By merely not showing the face of the girl was a hint for me. At least they might not end up being together in the past, but they would be together during the present day setting. It’s like a whole new beginning for the both of them. While many argued about the bad ending, I was satisfied with this kind of ending knowing that Bu Yong died. It wasn’t a surprise for me.



The soundtrack is awesome. Two songs have stood out and these are the ending theme of the drama. “Happy Ending” by Jay Park. I was so surprised after finding out that Jay Park sang this song, since I know this genre is different from Jay’s usual hip-hop songs. It’s a happy song fit for the drama. “After A Long Time” by Soundtrack Queen Baek Ji Young. As usual, her songs are popular and are nice to listen to. Like most Korean dramas, the background instrumentals did a great job to complement the scenes. Korean soundtracks are no joke; they seriously make an effort to produce good soundtracks!


Final Thoughts:

Watching Rooftop Prince was a wonderful experience for me and it’s a drama that’s quite hard to forget. It’s the first time-traveling series that I’ve watched and since then I have fallen in love with this kind of genre. I love how this drama was both funny and serious at the same time. Great choice of actors and a brilliant plot. Overall, it’s a drama that I would definitely recommend. If you haven’t watched any time-traveling series yet, Rooftop Prince is indeed a good start.

Rating: 8/10




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  1. zhaoul
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 05:30:10

    I also was OK with this ending. Great drama


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