[K-DRAMA] Flower Boys Next Door (2013)

warning: may contain spoilers


A modern Rapunzel who deals with her Flower Boy neighbours…



The unique plot of this drama can be considered a charm of this drama. A Rapunzel-like story wherein the lead girl never enjoys going out and rather stays in her room. Go Dok Mi is caught peeking at her neighbour across the street. Seeing this, Enrique Geum storms to the next building to catch Dok Mi’s act. This is the start of the fate between the two. As time passed, Enrique realised Dok Mi’s problem so he encouraged her to go out of the house and interact with people. This plot is really different from other dramas that I’ve watched. It’s new and refreshing to see with a bunch of male neighbours and there’s a passive leading lady. Usually leading ladies are boyish, loud and rowdy. I also like the exchange of roles of the female lead and the male lead. Usually male leads are more of the passive types while women are more active. This drama showed the opposite. Go Dok Mi was super shy and hates interacting with people. She is also simple. On the other hand, Enrique Geum is super loud and energetic. It’s also nice to see a new tandem with these unique characteristics.


Park Shin Hye mentioned in the press conference that this drama was all about establishing relationships with neighbours. Again, this doesn’t always work especially in the place where I live at. Except if you’re living in a condo, village or townhouse, the chances of interacting with your neighbours is almost 0%. It’s hard for me to relate as there’s no space for imaginations about my neighbours. lol Talking about neighbours, this drama described Dok Mi’s neighbours as flower boys. I don’t know if my eyes have problem, or I am seeing too many flower boys lately, but in my eyes, these actors are not flowery enough. This is just a personal opinion, but except Yoon Shi Yoon, the other actors lacked attractiveness. Maybe because I’ve seen The Heirs first, that’s why I could see a big difference. I wished they could have chosen better and good-looking actors for this type of drama.


This drama focused more on the lead actors, not exactly on the relationships between and among them, but more on battles of their own. Dok Mi was struggling on her introvert personality as she tries to escape from people and go to her own world because of her past friendship experience. Enrique is a famous game creator and he’s thinking about whether to pursue his career or pursue his love. Oh Jin Rak is faced with work problems as he tries to make a name for himself as a web cartoonist. One thing that I disliked about this drama was the lack of importance of the supporting characters. Enrique’s first love and the Japanese neighbour, including Enrique’s older brother were forgotten in the latter part of the drama. I wished they made good use of these actors as well.




Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi — Park Shin Hye is always lucky to be surrounded by good-looking actors. She always have roles that she’s the center of attention– ¬†she’s the only girl in the crowd. I could not blame her because she’s one of the young actresses that is really talented. Most of her dramas were a success, but I’m not really sure with this drama. Flower Boys Next Door was not really much talked about and a large part of it was because it was aired on cable tv. I’ve watched too many Park Shin Hye dramas to the point that I have nothing to say about her but just praises for her consistent acting performance. I love how she was able to portray a shy introvert this time round, but still in a such loveable way.


Yoon Shi Yoon as Enrique Geum — He’s famous for his role in King of Baking, but I haven’t watched that drama yet. Although I’m familiar with Yoon Shi Yoon, this would be my first time watching him acting. I was quite surprised with his voice at first because it sounded so child-like. He was cute anyways and he was really suitable for the role. During the start, I felt that Enrique was a happy bubble. He was outgoing, cheerful and full of energy. But as the episodes passed, I was quite annoyed with his role. It became overacting and trying hard. I know he was only trying to let Dok Mi be active as well. I have mixed feelings about this character. It’s a love and hate relationship. Enrique is cute to look at, but sometimes his overactive personality could offend other people. I have yet to see Shi Yoon’s potential. I think I need to watch his other dramas well.


Kim Ji Hoon as Oh Jin Rak — I have never seen Kim Ji Hoon in any dramas before so this was a first. I couldn’t really count Kim Ji Hoon as a flower boy especially when Yoon Shi Yoon is beside him. Kim Ji Hoon doesn’t look good as he portrayed a web cartoonist. He needs to stay up late all night finishing his work leading him to have panda eyes and haggard look during mornings. I really thought that some other actor could be better for this role, Oh Jin Rak. He seemed too old for the role and as part of the cast. No offense to his fans, but that’s my opinion about him. I like his role Oh Jin Rak though as he quietly supported Dok Mi. He doesn’t force her to try things but just sincerely encouraging her.



A Special Edition Soundtrack was released with 16 tracks. There were some songs that left a deep impression on me. Ready Merry Go! by Romantic Punch is the ending theme frequently used and it gives off a cheerful and happy vibe. Perfect for this romantic comedy drama! I love J-Rabbit for her sweet yet relaxing voice. I am no fan of her but I could instantly recognise her voice. This time she sang Talkin’ Bout Love for this drama. As usual, it’s very soothing and peaceful with guitar strums. Her songs should be often played in coffee shops. I Wish It Was You by Lee Jung is another favourite for me. I adore his voice so much and he should sing for more dramas often. If you’re fan of the actors, they’ve also contributed in this soundtrack. Pitch Black by Park Shin Hye seems to have lonely and sad lyrics, but paired with Shin Hye’s voice is a good combination. I Want To Date You by Yoon Shi Yoon is a cute and lovely song; feels like it’s a song dedicated to Dok Mi!


Ending (spoilers):

Well-wrapped ending. Enrique chose career first over love, but that doesn’t mean that his relationship with Dok Mi is already over. He went back to Spain for a few years to work and came back to Dok Mi afterwards. It was a good idea to end it that way rather than Enrique leaving his career behind. From the very start, it’s very obvious that Dok Mi would end up with Enrique so there’s really no spoiler about that. On the other hand, Oh Jin Rak’s real identity was revealed, but there’s really nothing new about that. There are also many other characters who are born rich but chose to ran away from home to pursue their dreams. The ending was nice but not enough to stay in one’s memory. It was a predictable plot from the very start. I guess I was satisfied.


Final Thoughts:

I read mixed reviews about this drama. Some people loved it while some did not liked it. I have to go for the latter one. I did not like the plot and pacing of Flower Boys Next Door. It was obviously too slow for my liking. Too much conversations going around and not much happenings. I must say that it’s a drama that you can watch with ease and a peaceful mind. Overall, it’s an easily forgotten drama and I think that I just wasted my 16 hours watching this drama. It’s not worth investing one’s time. I suggest choosing better rom-coms.

Rating: 4/10




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