[K-DRAMA] I Miss You

warning: may contain spoilers



Enjoyment: The first half was tolerable. In fact, I loved the first 5 episodes because of the child actors’ acting. Honestly, I even got goosebumps after watching those tearful and sad scenes when they were kidnapped. Everything was perfect. The adult counterparts were great as well. I think they were suitable for their roles. The latter half was terrible that my attention span decreased; I was playing Candy Crush Saga while watching this drama. lol The drama’s writing became incoherent and unrealistic. I didn’t like the character developments especially of Harry’s and Zoe’s. Harry’s change was understandable that he would end up that way because of the past. As for Zoe, I had a hard time grasping her sudden hate to Harry. Now, where did those 14 years of friendship went? I wished they could have improved the storyline.


Money: This word can have a positive or negative connotation depending on the situation. It’s true that one can’t survive without money and it’s our means to live– to buy food, clothing and shelter. In this drama, money was used negatively wherein it was the root of everything. Jung Woo’s father did horrible things to look for ‘his’ money as if his life depended on it. He never once enjoyed using his money, but all his thoughts were business, work, money, and more money. Money is a scary word, if you think about it, especially if people are so obsessed with money. They could do anything for money. From this drama, it showed how money isn’t everything. You can’t buy happiness, friends, family and even love. Even if you’re the richest person in the world, you can’t be truly happy if you’re alone.


Revenge: This word is another usual theme when you talk about melodramas. Revenge started with Hyung Joon’s mother kidnapping Jung Woo. When it failed, Hyung Joon’s mother has gone lunatic for real after staying at the mental hospital. 14 years later, Hyung Joon is now responsible for all the revenge. He wanted Jung Woo’s father and his family to suffer like him. Meanwhile, Soo Yeon also wanted to make revenge to Jung Woo for abandoning her during the kidnapping. Soo Yeon’s revenge plan back-offed as love became greater than hate. Hyung Joon continued with his plan of revenge and even included 5 other people. His way of revenge was also scary because he turned into a murderer. He can kill people easily with no remorse. Many people are affected along the way. Like many other dramas, I Miss You showed that revenge is not a good thing when you kill people. The right way of revenge is to send people to jail so that justice will be served. I guess it’s true in South Korea, but for other third world countries, like where I live in, sending them to jail is useless. Our judicial system is really corrupt and bad to an extent that I don’t trust our own government officials. People can easily get away with their connections and money. I don’t think revenge should be in our vocabulary in the first place. Revenge can only lead to another revenge by his family or relative which will affect your life as well.


First love never dies:¬†I guess this famous quote/saying was best applied to this drama. 14 years of not seeing each other yet they still think about one another. Soo Yeon’s initial plan was to take revenge on Jung Woo for abandoning her during the kidnapping. As Jung Woo kept seeing Soo Yeon and once those misunderstandings have cleared up, Soo Yeon fell in love again. Jung Woo thinks about her all day and all night for those 14 years while Soo Yeon has forgotten due to the traumatic experience. I don’t really know if this can happen in real life. 14 years is too long to even remember. It’s even too good to be true. It’s either Jung Woo was too persistent in chasing Soo Yeon or Soo Yeon did not sincerely loved Hyung Joon in the first place. Past is past, why still dig all of these things? I didn’t really like how this drama portrayed this first love never dies story. It’s too heartbreaking to see.




Park Yoo Chun as Han Jung Woo — I loved him in Rooftop Prince and in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This would be my first time watching him in a modern melodrama. Yoo Chun isn’t my favourite actor when it comes to looks and talent but more on the average side. He still remains in my favorites though because of his past successful dramas. His roles in those historical dramas really suits him. If there’s really one actor that looks best in historical dramas, I have to pick Yoo Chun. In this drama, although he executed great acting performance, I think Seung Ho stole the spotlight from him. I do think Seung Ho was better in this drama for showing a new and mature side. Yoo Chun is better in historical dramas, I must say.


Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon / Zoe Lu — I have been saying this since Marry Him If You Dare. Yoon Eun Hye shouldn’t waste her talent and pick better dramas with coherent writing and plot! Lie To Me was boring, MHIYD was a miss, and this drama was uninteresting. These 3 dramas fell in the ratings and I personally did not like them. I know Yoon Eun Hye is a great actress after watching her dramas. I know she can portray different kinds of roles. Even in this drama as Lee Soo Yeon, she ¬†cried a bucket of tears. However, she is often shoved to the side when choosing who’s the best actress of the year. She seemed to be easily forgotten by many. I could not blame her for this, but I blame her management for not choosing a good drama for her.


Yoo Seung Ho as Harry Borrison / Kang Hyung Joon — First impression: a young handsome guy carrying a cane around. Oh, it reminds me of one of City Hunter’s characters. Yoo Seung Ho has been one of my favourite young actors ever since. I watched most of his films when he was a child. He was simply born as an actor. He didn’t change much and he looks exactly the same. His acting skills seemed to improve as he grows up. I’m glad that Seung Ho took this mature role as Harry Borrison because the last time I watched him was in Master of Study wherein he portrayed a rebel student. This time, he portrayed his role in a loveable and hateful manner. You could understand what I’m saying when you watch this drama. Although Harry Borrison wasn’t perfect and attractive, but Seung Ho delivered his role well that his fans (including yours truly) would fall in love with him. Love Love Seung Ho despite of his cruel and depressed role. One big factor that made me finish this drama was him. Can’t wait for him to get out of army.


Ending (spoilers):

One of the dramas that I wished the lead girl ended up with the second lead guy instead. Well, there are quite a lot of dramas that I wished this would happen, since I have a falling-for-second-lead-guy-syndrome almost always. Han Jung Woo lacked attractiveness and I felt that he was undeserving for Soo Yeon. Harry on the other hand, saved Soo Yeon life. It’s all thanks to Harry that she is still alive and what more, he became her sponsor– providing her education and helped her become a successful fashion designer. If it weren’t for Harry, there would be no happy ending for Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. This led me thinking that Harry should let Soo Yeon die and not help her in the first place. All in all, Harry deserved a better life. By the end of the drama, I was sympathising how he ended up that way. Writer, where’s the justice? You should’ve let Harry’s mother lived and have a happy ending at least with his mother if he couldn’t end up with Soo Yeon. It felt like Harry turned into a lunatic, depressed and not in his mental state. This drama has one of the most disappointing turn of events as you get to the ending. I did not feel that Harry and Jung Woo’s father were remorseful with with they’ve done.


Final Thoughts:

Melodrama is really mellow. Prepare to cry buckets of tears. I had high hopes for this drama because of the main leads, but it was a disappointing one. I usually like melodramas but this failed to entertain me. Usually melodramas give me surprises, but this story is easily predictable for me. I kind of knew what’s going to happen next. The only surprise that really surprised me was how Harry changed so much. Very draggy and the writing is not well done especially during the latter part. I wondered how they were able to and why they did 21 episodes. Loved the actors though. Everyone showed impressive acting. Do watch it if you are fans of the actors, but if not, pick a better melodrama.

Rating: 3/10



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