[K-DRAMA] Who Are You? (2013)

warning: may contain spoilers

Another drama about ghosts, detectives and mysteries..

Yang Shi On is a female detective. One night she visits her boyfriend, Lee Hyun Joon, who is also a detective while he is on the watch out of illegal trading at the port. Lee Hyun Joon’s life is in danger as he is caught by the traders. Yang Shi On is a little late as she only heard the gunshot. As she tries to escape from the men, she was hit on the head and left her in coma. Six years later, she wakes up from her state and she doesn’t remember anything from that accident. She is then transferred to the lost and found department of the police station. She meets Cha Gun Woo, a young and energetic policeman. She also discovers her ability of seeing ghosts in the storage room. Gun Woo is skeptical at Shi On’s abilities at first but came to trust her. Together, these two solve the cases of the unfinished businesses of the ghosts. Shi On realises that something made her this way; that it is fate that made her see the ghosts. Shi On notices that a familiar figure is lingering around her, her boyfriend, Lee Hyun Joon.



I’ve read a lot about Who Are You? being compared to Master’s Sun because of the ghost plot similarities. I was also like this at first, but seriously people should stop comparing these two. It’s true that the female lead characters could see ghosts and these ghosts in turn would seek help from them. Both dramas turned into a detective type of drama wherein they learn about the life of the ghosts and help solve their unfinished businesses. While Master’s Sun had a lot of cases, Who Are You? only had a few. Who Are You? focused more on the main plot of solving the case of the female lead’s boyfriend. Master’s Sun took care of the case during the last few episodes and I felt it was rushed. Master’s Sun also offered a more comical version of the ghosts as they really did exert a lot of effort on their make-up. Who Are You? offered a realistic version of ghosts wherein they couldn’t really talk to humans. Bottom line? These two dramas are different and beautiful in their own ways. I enjoyed both of them. I hate seeing comments such as this drama is a copycat, that drama sucks, etc. And FYI, WAY broadcasted earlier than MS. Just saying.


You can really notice how much I wanted to defend this drama from antis. I really like this drama’s plot way way better. Great writing and polished script. I like the fact that Shi On’s suddenly having supernatural abilities didn’t came out of nowhere. It was realistic and there’s a reason as to why she had to see the ghosts. I also like the fresh team-up of Yi Hyun and Taec Yeon. Older women and younger men pairings are quite popular these days, don’t you think? Although in my opinion, Yi Hyun had better chemistry with Jae Wook, but it was refreshing a childish Gun Woo / Taec Yeon and mature Shi On / Yi Hyun.




So Yi Hyun as Yang Shi On — I was annoyed by her role in Heartstrings, but definitely not this one! I love Yi Hyun’s portrayal of Yang Shi On. Her acting was natural. When she is scared by the ghosts, she really looked scared, but not to an overacting extent. It was just right. She also has the charms of a noona which was why Gun Woo was attracted to her. ¬†Though she may not be the best actress around, but she did well. Overall, her role and performance in this drama changed my mind about her.


2PM Ok Taec Yeon as Cha Gun Woo — I almost forgot that Taecyeon has also acted in Cinderella’s Sister and Dream High. I only watched Dream High though and he wasn’t much remembered as Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy were more popular. I felt that his biggest break would be this drama, Who Are You? I really felt that he was finally an important character, a role that’s not left on the side. I love his portrayal of Cha Gun Woo. It’s not the beastly Taecyeon but a funny yet energetic Taecyeon. I’m not a big 2PM fan and I really thought that he was a serious guy. After watching him in We Got Married Global Edition, wow! I never thought that he could have a jolly and easy personality. Cha Gun Woo is such a well-loved character. I’m really impressed with his acting.

Who are You Kim Jae Wook 1

Kim Jae Wook as Lee Hyun Joon — I’m not familiar with him as I have not seen him in any drama that I have watched. But I must say that his looks and mysterious character really caught my attention. I think he was perfect for this role as a ghost. One hot ghost! I really wished though that he could have more scenes. I find the flashback scenes together with Shi On the best. Kim Jae Wook was really looking good and handsome! I also have to say that Shi On and Hyun Joon looked better together than with Gun Woo. It seemed like they were more natural looking as a couple. Shi On and Gun Woo looked like siblings. Going back to Jae Wook, he was really suitable for the role. His facial expressions were great. He may always have a poker face, but you’d feel if he’s sad or angry or jealous. Found a new actor to look forward in the future! (Ah, I just love his smile and I really find him cute..this post could be overloaded with his pictures!)



These supporting characters also brightened the drama so much! These two police trainees and the hacker!



Ending (spoilers):

This drama also has a great ending, wrapped up perfectly with little to no unanswered questions. It was pretty obvious that the chief officer of the police department was the culprit. It was quite similar to Heartless City and Black and White. One of the biggest shocking revelations for me was when was still there. And yet he had to leave and rest in peace. It was really heartbreaking to see him go. I was rooting for Shi On and Hyun Joon, but it seemed impossible for Hyun Joon to come back to life. Never mind, at least Shi On have Gun Woo as her knight and shining armour. Hyun Joon can finally rest in peace! The last scene of the last episode was the only intriguing and mysterious part. Gun Woo also woke up from a coma and he experienced the same symptoms like Shi On when she woke up from her coma. He was having constant headaches and it can be assumed that he will be able to see ghosts soon. It wasn’t a bad idea to end the story like that. It gives a chance for the audience to think and imagine on what will happen next. Rather than have an ordinary happy ending for the both of them, I’m happier that there’s still a mystery in the end.



There’s only three songs used in this drama. “Our Story” by Trickyneko is played during the start of the episode and it gives off a mysterious and spooky vibe. Very suitable for the theme of this drama. “Because Love Grows” by Yoo Sung Eun is a ballad song played when there are sad scenes. Very well sung and it’s a typical soundtrack song. “Happy” by Gajami Boys is my favourite! Like the title of the song, it’s a track played when there are happy and hopeful scenes. Especially loved the electric guitar sound and the beat. I don’t think there’s an album for this since it only has three songs so you can’t buy them in cd stores, but you can download them digitally.


Final Thoughts:

People comparing this drama to Master’s Sun is inevitable. Both are enjoyable to watch and are on the same level. You’d just have to choose if you prefer funny or serious. As for me, even if I rated both these dramas with a score of 8/10, I enjoyed Who Are You? more because I prefer detective and drama types. All in all, I enjoyed watching Who Are You?. 16 episodes was just right; not draggy and boring. I felt that it wasn’t a waste of time. 2PM and Taec Yeon fans shouldn’t miss this!

Rating: 8/10



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