Recommended Korean Dramas (2013)

2013 is over! I hope I’m not too late to post my list of recommended Korean dramas last 2013. I watched a total of 20 dramas and here’s my 5 favorites of the year in no particular order:


Gu Family Book

If you enjoyed Sungkyunkwan Scandal or Rooftop Prince, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too!

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When A Man Loves

Classified under melodramas, but I think it’s not too mellow. I love the uniqueness of the plot.

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Queen of ambition (yawang) poster

Queen of Ambition

Enjoy watching while cursing the main lead actress..

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Heartless City

Full of action. May be a little violent for non-action genre enthusiasts.

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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Best time travel drama ever. Suspenseful and full of surprises.

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As you can notice, I especially love action and melodrama genre dramas. Your list may be different with my list, but these dramas in my list were not really popular in Korea and overseas. I believe that these dramas definitely deserve some attention as well. I’m looking more into the plot and the enjoyment while watching the drama followed by the actors.




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Master’s Sun

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Two Weeks

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Who Are You

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Here are the rest of the dramas that I’ve watched:


School 2013

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Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love

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I Hear Your Voice

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That Winter the Wind Blows

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Good Doctor

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Marry Him If You Dare

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The Heirs

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Nail Shop Paris

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Answer Me 1994

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I’ll update this list when I get to watch new 2013 dramas. Please also be patient for the other dramas that I have not written reviews yet.

It’s my first time to do a drama marathon for one specific year and I’m not so sure if I really did spend my time wisely. There were a number of ‘popular’ dramas that made me disappointed and I felt that I wasted my time watching it. There were also a number of dramas that surprisingly made me enjoyed my time while watching it. In particular, most of my 5 favourites weren’t even the most talked about dramas of the year. All in all, 2013 was a great drama year. There were good and there were bad. What’s most important is that you had fun!


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