[TW DRAMA] Ying Ye 3+1 / My Best Pals

warning: may contain spoilers


Ming Dao and Qiao En reunites again in this drama..

Ah Jiang, Xia Tian, Fang Wei and Bulu are all from Ying Ye High School and they are only a month away from graduation. Xia Tian’s father is a police man and he is expected to retire the next day. However on that day, Ah Jiang, Fang Wei and Bulu got into a fight with the “dinosaur” gang in school and there were plans to expel them out of school. In the midst of solving this issue, Xia Tian’s father also went to school to help. Unfortunately the conflict wasn’t resolved and furthermore, Officer Xia’s gun has gone missing during his stay in the school. Everyone talked and settled that Ah Jiang and the rest would look for the gun before the graduation so that Officer Xia could retire peacefully. If not, they will be expelled and thus cannot graduate. The three guys + 1 who is Xia Tian, need to cooperate and look for the one who stole the gun. As they go into this adventure, they discover people who could possibly affect the students of Ying Ye. Love also blossomed while friendships strengthened.


A drama with a main goal which is to find the missing gun makes one turn off. It reminds me of one of the subplots of Westside Story wherein a policeman also lost his gun. Actually, this drama can be comparable to Westside Story as the setting was also located in Westside  Street and the main cast has 4 members, and strictly speaking, 1 is also a female from the cast. I just thought that My Best Pals has better and more polished script and the plot was nicer. Going back to the missing gun, apparently this was solved along the way and there’s so much more than finding the missing gun. The latter half of the drama became much more interesting as they dealt with relationships among the four main characters. There were also many touching scenes that it made my eyes watery. I love the fact that this drama doesn’t dwell on love relationships only, but friendship is given so much importance. Winds and rain may have passed, but your friends are always there for you.


By the way, the first few episodes may be weird and nonsense, but all I have to say is that it takes time. As you get to the last few episodes, the drama gradually became really meaningful. The drama was also ended well. Probably one of the best endings in all Taiwanese dramas that I have watched. It wasn’t left hanging, but it was complete and satisfying.


I really loved the four main cast. With Ming Dao and Qiao En’s onscreen chemistry and with the addition of good-looking Jason and Jerry equals a great combination.


Ming Dao as Yang Jia Jiang / Ah Jiang — I loved Ming Dao’s character in this drama and the way he portrayed Ah Jiang. He may look brave and proud, but then he also has a soft heart. Ming Dao isn’t just an actor who rose to fame for his looks, but he also has great acting skills. I could see his improvement from his past dramas. I hope he could be smarter in choosing dramas because he surely missed the all-time highest rating idol drama: Fated To Love You, wherein the lead male lead was supposedly for him, but he rejected it. Nonetheless, thumbs up for this drama!


Joe Chen Qiao En as Xia Tian — Her looks doesn’t stand out but her talent definitely stands out! She’s the female lead for almost all of her dramas and she doesn’t fail to amaze me as always. She improved a lot from Frog Prince and she could cry real tears. The emotional scenes in this drama were really so touching. She deserved everything that she has achieved now. I just wish she could go back to Taiwan soon and do another Taiwanese drama.


Ming Dao and Qiao En couple was once again put to a test with this drama, and I couldn’t say more. Their pairing was really cute and their onscreen chemistry was really great. I’m neither a fan of them in their respective idol groups, but I became a fan of them after watching them act together. I have so much respect for these two as an actor/actress.


Jason Hsu as Wang Dao Ren / Bulu — Jason is really cute in here. I’m not saying he could act really well, but he was better as a supporting character rather than being the lead character. I think he needs to improve his acting skills to really achieve being a successful lead male actor.


Jerry Huang Zhi Wei as Fang Wei — I don’t really notice Jerry Huang in other dramas even if he was a big tall muscle man. In this drama though, he was part of the main cast which drew my attention to him. He’s really a good addition to the cast because he looks like a foreigner with good english skills and he is super rich. I mean who wouldn’t want a friend that would provide all the money and use his connections right? His looks definitely pass to be this kind of friend!


I obviously liked the soundtrack of this drama, coming from a Jungiery fan. The opening theme: “Yes Sir” by 5566 is really suitable for a sort-of action drama like My Best Pals. The rap parts were really sung well. I also like “You Do Know Me” by Joe Chen. The intro is especially addicting. It’s an upbeat song with the playful piano sounds. The instrumental of this song is also nice. The ending theme is also wonderful and it’s sung by the two lead actors: Ming Dao and Joe Chen entitled “To Believe Again”. The song starts with the tune of the school bell. I think this was a good idea considering it’s a drama that’s related to school. The chorus is also addicting and memorable. Other songs were also worth listening as well. By listening to the soundtrack, it brings back the images and the scenes in the drama. This soundtrack left an impact on me.

Overall, I didn’t expect this drama to be this good. I thought that it would be a boring drama, but it turned out good. It’s a simple drama but a little different from others. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy with a little action, then this is something for you. Of course, Ming Dao and Qiao En fans shouldn’t miss this as well! I kind of liked this better than Frog Prince’s plot. I couldn’t understand why this didn’t reach a high rating, when it deserved to have better ratings. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s applicable to this drama as I don’t find the poster or the synopsis appealing at all, but there’s actually depth and meaning in this drama.

Rating: 7/10




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