[TW DRAMA] Corner with Love

warning: may contain spoilers

Rich girl becomes poor girl..

Yu Xin Lei is a daughter of a rich businessman in Shanghai. She basically lived a “princess” style of life, where she can get anything she wants and everyone treats her like a princess. She is also engaged to a rich businessman. Meanwhile, Qin Lang is just an average guy who went to Shanghai in hopes of becoming a successful artist, but unfortunately, he was cheated so he has no money to go home. In order to go back to Taiwan, he needs to earn money so he used his skills in cooking specifically oyster omelette and worked in a food stall. One day, Xin Lei and Qin Lang coincidentally met in a corner when Qin Lang was riding his bike and Xin Lei was in a car, and both crashed into each other by accident. They coincidentally met again when Xin Lei wanted to learn how to cook oyster omelette to impress her fiancé’s parents. It so happened that the restaurant that Xin Lei visited was where Qin Lang was working at, so it was Qin Lang who will be teaching Xin Lei. They didn’t have good terms during the start since Qin Lang was annoyed with Xin Lei’s “princess” attitude. But as time passed, they became friends. Then, Xin Lei’s parents’s business went bankrupt and they went into hiding. Xin Lei thought that her  fiancé would take care of her, but then the engagement broke off after her fiancé’s parents found out about their bankruptcy. Xin Lei’s parents left a plane ticket and a key to their house in Taiwan. She flew to Taiwan only to find out that their house was occupied by someone else. Only to find out that the house was owned by Qin Lang’s family. So what will happen to Xin Lei?


I watched this drama a few years back and there’s nothing much that I can remember from this drama. Maybe because of the plain plot which made me forget the drama easily. There’s nothing really significant about the story, but one thing that was memorable for me was when Xin Lei got out of jail. That’s the time when I felt emotional too. I think that the start and the end were the nicest parts. The first few episodes were funny, with the oyster omelette thing, and with the introduction of characters. The ending was nice because it’s tough for Xin Lei to make a decision. I also watched this drama only just because the actors were popular. Show and Da S pairing isn’t a perfect combination. I don’t know but it seemed that they lacked chemistry for me. I still preferred Show with other actresses and Da S with other actors.




Show Luo Zhi Xiang as Qing Lang — Show Luo excels in all areas such as dancing, singing and hosting. His acting is not bad too. This isn’t my favourite drama of Show as I preferred him much much better in Hi! My Sweetheart. I think that his role in this drama doesn’t really show off his acting skills.


Barbie Hsu / Da S as Yu Xin Lei — Like how I felt with Show, this isn’t also my favourite Barbie drama, as I liked her in Meteor Garden best. Maybe because of the limitation of this drama and their characters, both Show and Barbie weren’t really able to show their potential as actors.


Corner with Love is a super ordinary drama about rich girl liking poor boy. It’s so common that I could guess what would happen next. There’s no suspense in each episode and it’s a bit draggy too. The progress was really really slow. I felt that 16 episodes was too long for the plot. I don’t know how the writers did it to make it to 16 episodes, but 10-12 episodes would really do. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of the lead actors, Show and Barbie, you probably won’t get bored. This drama probably garnered good ratings just because of the actors. However, if you’re looking for some Taiwanese dramas to watch to kill time, I definitely don’t recommend this.

Rating: 4/10



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