[TW DRAMA] Devil Beside You

warning: may contain spoilers



The devil will protect you..


Qi Yue is an average college student who has a crush on the captain of the basketball team, Shang Yuan Yi. She plans to confess her love for him by giving him a love letter. Due to her careless nature, she gives her love letter to the wrong person. This person happened to be the school’s devil, Jiang Meng or called Ah Meng for short. Known for playing tricks and pranks, Ah Meng decided to have fun with Qi Yue. He threatens her that he will print thousand copies of the love letter and publicise it if she doesn’t follow his commands. Having no choice, Qi Yue reluctantly agrees to be his “slave”. Ah Meng constantly bullies Qi Yue and in order to stop this, she decides to confess to Yuan Yi so that even if the love letter will be revealed to all, Yuan Yi already know her feelings. Fortunately, after she confessed to him, Yuan Yi also felt the same way. Ah Meng who knew about her confession felt jealous. Meanwhile, Qi Yue thought that her relationship with Ah Meng would end soon, but she found out that her mother was going to get married to the school’s chairman, which happens to be Ah Meng’s father. This means that Qi Yue will become the stepsister of Ah Meng. A love triangle and a soon-to-be step siblings do really make the story complicated. So who will Qi Yue end up with?


This drama is adapted from a Japanese manga. I have no prior knowledge about the manga, but all I know is that this drama has a good storyline, especially when you compare it to Why Why Love. The same main characters and also same mother makes it confusing. Also, the same idea that Rainie likes Kingone but eventually fell for Mike makes it even more confusing. I liked the fact that the supporting characters weren’t just pushed to the side, but the drama actually made time for them. They made a great addition to this drama especially Ah Rang (Ah Meng’s little brother) and Yang Ping (Ah Meng’s friend). This drama doesn’t only focus on the main leads, but also made importance to the other characters. I also liked the plot that they were going to be siblings and it was going to be a big problem for them. This drama was less boring and I actually looked forward to the next episodes. 14 episodes was just right, not too short and not too long.



Rainie Yang Cheng Lin as Qi Yue — As Rainie’s first lead acting role, I think she did a job well done. Her emotions and facial expressions were just right and she also looked cute as well. This role was supposedly for Ariel Lin, but because of the Mike-Ariel issue, she replaced Ariel. This drama really made her rose to stardom, as an actress and even as a singer. She was fit for her role and she unexpectedly had great chemistry with Mike He. Look at some of their photos to prove how they looked good together on screen!




Mike He Jun Xiang as Jiang Meng / Ah Meng — Really bad-looking guy. I think that Mike He was perfect for this role as a “devil” guy. His face really looks like from a manga, and considering that this drama is a adapted from a manga. I couldn’t think of any other Taiwanese actor who could go as evil-looking as him, but still super hot!


Kingone Wang Chuan Yi as Shang Yuan Yi — I didn’t like Kingone’s role in this drama, but liked him better as a CEO in Why Why Love where he wears suits and looked neat always. Honestly, I haven’t really noticed him much in here because he looked a bit ordinary and Mike really stood out.


Overall, I saw many similarities with the other drama, Why Why Love, with regards to the actors, characters and plot. However, I recommend this drama more than Why Why Love. If I would choose, I liked this drama better than WWL. I think that the storyline was much more polished and it makes me want to continue watching the next scenes. Another typical romantic comedy Taiwanese drama. Make sure not to miss this if you’re a fan of them: Mike, Rainie and Kingone.

Rating: 7/10


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