[TW DRAMA] Mysterious Incredible Terminator

warning: may contain spoilers

A funny version of Bump Off Lover…
In Sheng Ying High School, a secret group called Pi Li MIT is organised to protect the students and the school, but it somehow disbanded. In the midst of chaos in the school, the last member of the secret group, Teacher Cherry, decides to reform the group again and she recruited the best students: Li Xiao Xing, Zhan Shi De, Huang Hui Hong, and Qian Fu Hao. They will be the new generation of Pi Li MIT, and together they will solve the mysteries that are found within the walls of the school.


The plot really reminds me of Bump Off Lover, and especially the characters too. Everything is basically the same, except that there’s an addition of Gui Gui and Yan Ya Lun, along with Fan Fan and Xiao Gui. There were a lot of pranks made by students and there were too much cases. Like in every episode, there’s a case to solve. Unlike in Bump Off Lover, they only had one main problem and that is about the twins. However, in MIT, everyone is involved. Of course, with the addition of these idols and popular teenagers, it became a lot more interesting and funnier to watch. It’s more school-like rather than the serious Bump Off Lover. I think that this drama really attracts young teens, and those who are GuiLun fans. Bump Off Lover is suitable for the mature audience as it’s more oldish and very adult-like. Themes like killing and suicide aren’t for teenagers at all. Mysterious Incredible Terminator is just about students playing pranks and these “detectives” go on to solve these mysteries. I’m sorry but I can’t help comparing this drama with Bump Off Lover because I see so many similarities. I felt that this drama is like a remake, a spoof, a kuso or funnier version of BOL. The ending was quite unexpected. I’ve never imagined that these people would get involved too. It was a good twist! If you’re really curious who are behind the pranks and tricks, then you should watch it till the end!




Emma Wu Gui Gui as Li Xiao Xing / Tian Mo Xing — I really liked to compliment Gui Gui’s acting in this drama because she improved so so so much from Brown Sugar Macchiato. At first, I thought that she was acting so fake because her voice sounds so Ya Tou (her co-member from Hey Girl which is known to have a high-pitched voice). Accent and voice aside, I love how she gradually improved as the episodes passed. She did really great especially in the crying scenes; I was moved a bit. It’s only her second lead drama, but I really liked her here. She should be thankful that she had an opportunity to act a lead role. Gui Gui really looks like a little girl who loves to play pranks and having fun, but as you look closely, she also has her serious side and she sure has talent~


Aaron Yan Ya Lun as Zhan Shi De / 007 — I’m not fond of Aaron ever since..like ages ago. He sure looks handsome and he always had a poker face in this drama. I’ve yet to see a challenging role from him that’s different from the other roles that he has portrayed.


Alien Huang Xiao Gui as Huang Hui Hong / 747 — I’ve always admired Xiao Gui as a host, and this is the first time that he has landed a more important/major role. In other dramas, he was merely a supporting or extra character. I’m really happy to see him act because he was great and natural as well. It’s a good chance to see Xiao Gui as an actor in this drama, and not as a host or a singer. I believed that he was a great addition to the show. I’m excited to see future acting projects from him.


Lu Ting Wei as Qian Fu Hao / 187 — An actor that I noticed and loved in Bump Off Lover, and I’m happy to see him again in this detective type of drama and what more that he’s included in the main cast. Lu Ting Wei is such an appealing actor and he also has the looks as well. I love the fact that his role from BOL is completely different from his role here as 187. I love his code name the most by the way, since it’s the easiest to pronounce: Yi Ba Qi.


Christine Fan Wei Qi as Tao Mei Ren / Miss Cherry — Fan Fan is such a cute addition to the cast! It’s not fun when there’s only students, but it’s actually more fun to have a teacher to actually do some secret work with you. I think this drama was also Fan Fan’s first major role, and although I find her really funny because I’m not used to see her act, I think she did fine. It’s so nice to see that she has great relationship with her students and it feels like they’re just same-aged friends. I don’t see any awkward atmosphere between her relationship with her students.


Overall, it’s a nice series to watch if you’re looking for a detective type of series where different cases are solved in each episode. Like I said, it’s the funnier and young version of Bump Off Lover. I liked BOL a lot better than this one, because I prefer serious dramas. It’s just personal preference though. I’m sure many would pick this drama because of the attractive actors and the absolutely cute pairing, GuiLun. Gui Gui and Aaron really helped in spicing up this drama, that’s why it was relatively successful because of their chemistry and popularity despite of the drama’s not-so-unique plot. It’s an average not-so-well-written idol drama.

Rating: 5/10



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