[TW DRAMA] Why Why Love

warning: may contain spoilers


Exchange coupon..where love all started..

Tong Jia Di is a hardworking girl who comes from a poor family. Her father died at a young age and their family also incurred a lot of debts so with the help of her mother and brother, they all work very hard to make a living. It wasn’t easy for Jia Di, while for her best friend, Xiao Nan, she wants Jia Di to find a boyfriend. She carried out her plan during an event in the mall where they work. Jia Di and Xiao Nan met the two brothers, Huo Da and Huo Yan, who were the sons of the owner of the mall. Seeing that they were selling coupons, Huo Da bought the “angel-owner” service coupon from Jia Di. Fate brought them together as they met again in the hospital this time, after Huo Da and Huo Yan got into an accident after having a motorbike race. Huo Da made use of the service coupon and Jia Di became his “servant”; sending her to errands, telling her to do this and that. Through constant meetings, Huo Da and Huo Yan found themselves liking Jia Di. The story revolves around these three, resulting into a love triangle. Who would Jia Di end up with?


The plot was interesting, but when it comes to content, it’s a bit lacking. I sort of thought that it was a bit of a nonsense drama. But right, there are a lot of dramas out there which really have no content at all. My favourite part of this drama was during the latter end where the ending makes one anticipate. No one knows who will survive and who will die. It’s also touching that the characters actually thought about the sake of their loved ones more than themselves. When Huo Da was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease, he thought about Jia Di and asked her to leave him without saying his illness. On the other hand, Huo Yan donated his liver to his brother even if the operation may not succeed due to his heart problems. I’d say that the good part comes to the latter end. As a romantic-comedy drama, I’m sure the director and the staffs wouldn’t want to end it sadly..So there you go, a happy ending!


Rainie Yang as Tong Jia Di — In this drama, Rainie was all cutesy. I’ve never considered her acting, but only saw her looks as to why she became so popular. As time passed, her acting eventually improved. I could finally see her acting potential in her hit dramas like Miss No Good and Hi! My Sweetheart. Many would say that Rainie’s breakthrough drama would be Devil Beside You or Why Why Love, but for me it’s definitely not this two.


Mike He as Huo Da — Mike He isn’t my favourite male actor as I’ve only seen him in this drama and in Devil Beside You. One thing that I want to complain about is the similarity of his role as a bad/evil guy. Everyone calls him E Shao (meaning evil guy) in this drama, yet he wasn’t exactly evil; he just loved to play pranks. Mike He definitely wins over many other actors when it comes to looks. He has that bright smile, sunshine appearance, yet he takes roles which are mean and evil. When it comes to acting though, I’ve yet to see his outstanding performance.


Kingone Wang as Huo Yan — It makes me heartbroken that Kingone is always the shadow of Mike, as he’s not the lead guy in both dramas. Obviously, Mike He is more attractive and charismatic, but Kingone doesn’t lack as well. I realised that Kingone has his own charms. He always looks tidy in suits, and he’s such a softhearted gentleman in this drama. I think that I really fell for second lead guys. Fortunately, he’s quite lucky these recent years to take lead roles and I really think he deserves it because it’s his time to shine.


This love triangle is definitely one of my favourites in Taiwanese dramas. I mean, there are onscreen couples who appeared in more than one drama, but where can you see a love triangle that acted in two dramas? I think this was because of the great response that they got from Devil Beside You. I’m glad that they maintained their chemistry with one another and Rainie looked good with either Mike or Kingone. I know of course, most of you would say Mike is more suitable with Rainie, but here’s to the fan of second lead guys. How I wished that Kingone and Rainie would have a drama again wherein they’ll end up together in the end.

I love the songs that were used in this drama.”The World I Want” by Kingone Wang is an upbeat and addictive track that’s really suitable for a drama’s opening theme. “Why Why Love” and “Welcome to My Heart” are also insert tracks sung by Kingone Wang and they are slow love songs. Kingone is not originally a singer, but he released an EP and these three songs were used in this drama. He doesn’t have a distinct voice, but it’s rather normal. I haven’t heard him singing live, but I can say that he was lucky because the songs itself were nice regardless of the singer. Rainie’s songs was also used particularly for the ending theme “Breathless”. This song was very popular in Taiwan during that time, and if I’m not wrong this was listed as one of the Top 100 songs in Taiwan that year. It wasn’t that bad and the melody was the usual ending theme of dramas. I prefer many other ending themes that were sung by Rainie though. My personal favourite track was an insert song by Rainie called “Perfect Example”. It’s upbeat, bright, cheerful song combined with Rainie’s cute voice and its sweet lyrics. The songs were chosen very well; it suits this romantic comedy drama. By the way, there’s no official soundtrack for this drama, but the songs can be respectively listened from Rainie and Kingone’s albums.

Why Why Love is definitely recommendable to all Rainie, Mike and even Kingone’s fans. If you have enjoyed Devil Beside You, I’m sure you will enjoy this too. Just a heads up though, I actually liked Devil Beside You better than this one even if the plot and the characters were very similar. I’m not saying this is the best, but everything was just right when it comes to the actors, plot, music, etc. A typical rich boy-poor girl type of drama with a fair play of romance and comedy. Your ordinary Taiwanese idol drama.


Rating: 6/10


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