[TW DRAMA] Mr. Fighting

warning: may contain spoilers


a drama about Fighting..

Duan Yu Qiao is a famous fighter in TFKC. He also comes from a wealthy family that owns TFKC. He is well loved by his father and is the favored one among his brother and little sister. His brother, Duan Yan Hao, is always envious with his brother. One day, he decides to play a little trick on Yu Qiao and asked his bodyguard to “fix” the car tires of Yu Qiao. The next day, coincidentally, their father was planning to go somewhere but his car was not around so he used Yu Qiao’s car. He had a car accident and was put to coma; nobody knows when will he able to wake up again. Yan Hao makes use of this time to kick Yu Qiao out. He learns that Yu Qiao isn’t really blood related with the family. As Yu Hao manages TFKC, he hires an tough and professional fighter named Fire Bird against Yu Qiao. That night, Yu Qiao was defeated and also broke his arm. Yan Hao also publicly announced that Yu Qiao will be leaving Duan Family as he isn’t the real son. With Yu Qiao’s personality, it was difficult for him to accept this, leaving with nothing behind and nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Ye You Li is a daughter of an ex-fighter who was also famous during his time. His father owns a Fighting Center or Hall to train future fighters and she’s the one managing it. Wei Ying Qi are friends with You Li and secretly likes her. You Li plans to train Ying Qi as a fighter. One day, You Li spots Yu Qiao on the streets like a beggar, so she offered him a place to stay. In return, Yu Qiao becomes Ying Qi’s official trainer since he could not go back to fighting again.


The plot was interesting and the script was more polished and written well this time as compared to their past dramas, My MVP Valentine and Westside Story. Unfortunately, it got boring through the middle part. There were times when I felt it got draggy and the story was predictable. I kind of knew that Ying Qi and Yu Qiao were exchanged when they were babies. Nonetheless, I still liked the ending where it had a complete twist. I didn’t expect it to happen. I also liked the fact that the actors did all the action and stunts by themselves. I really find the battles cool.

The characters were so-so. 5566 members Tony and Zax were already a given, so the question would be who are the leading ladies? I don’t know if the staff chose Esther and Joanne since they were an idol group as well, but the age gap between them and Tony and Zax was obvious. The leading ladies were’t really a smart choice, but then if you’re going to ask me, I can’t think of other actresses as well.


Tony Sun Xie Zhi as Duan Yu Qiao — His third lead role and I definitely had to say that his acting skills improved for the better. Although his character was also quite the same from his past roles, like always acting arrogantly, proud and with leadership, I finally realized that he’s really suitable to take leader roles. I mean, I couldn’t imagine him to just stay on the side without saying anything. I also liked the fact that there were no double bodies or stuntmen for their fighting scenes which means he did all the scenes by himself. It simply shows his dedication and effort for his role and for this drama.


Esther Liu Pin Yan as Ye You Li — She has definitely grown prettier in this drama, and she challenged a much more mature role as Ye You Li. Her constant shouting can also be heard or seen here. I think that similar with Xie Zhi, both of them have improved since Westside Story. She used to deliver her lines like memorizing it and with little feelings, but this time she was more natural. She can also cry as well.


As I’ve said I’ve shipped this couple back in Westside Story, but in this drama, I think that their chemistry was lacking onscreen. It could be that Xie Zhi had grown and looked older than usual while Yan Yan remains the same. The kissing scene especially the one that they had before they officially got together was awkward, with the use of camera effects to make the kiss more real. I finally got the wish that I had while watching Westside Story, but then I realized that their big age gap was really obvious in here.


Zax Wang Ren Fu as Wei Ying Qi — Finally getting a lead role after being casted as the supporting role or back-up of Xie Zhi’s roles, Ren Fu definitely deserved this role because he really has acting potential. His character as Wei Ying Qi was also close to his real self, and I thought that this role was really meant for him. He’s also sort of the mood maker in this drama, because he makes things funny. But then, he can also be serious at the same time. I applaud him for his great performance in this drama.


Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao as Tian Xiao Kui — I watched her in Top on the Forbidden City, but I don’t really see her appealing as a female lead actress. She often acts as a pitiful girl and it was also the same in here. I used to question her talent as well, but she changed my mind after watching her portrayal as Xiao Kui. This girl can really cry and it was moving.

Special mention:


Darren of K-one as Iron Man — I just can’t help but write about him as well because his role as Iron Man has to be his most memorable role. This drama was definitely the drama that he has the most scenes and he also got a good character who is actually stronger than the male lead. I simply loved the fight and confrontations between Iron Man and Yu Qiao. (2 of my biases in my 2 favorite groups) He really acted cooly and talked in an appealing yet funny accent.


The soundtrack is awesome, as always expected from 5566. According to Ren Fu, Mr. Fighting Official Soundtrack still has the highest record of sales among Taiwanese soundtracks last 2010. (I don’t know who is the highest now) All of the tracks are sung by 5566 which makes it more special especially for 5566 fans. The opening theme “Fighting” is an upbeat pop track and has catchy intro and tune. It’s a very arrogant and proud song and it makes one think about those fighting scenes in the drama. “Magic” is a simply a Chinese version of the song “You can do Magic”. This version was also a nice rendition by 5566; different vibe from the original. “Back to the Time” is a sorrowful, sad song; the addition of the sound of the violin was simply perfect. “Open Arms” is also another revival song, but this time they sang it in English. Although the pronunciation isn’t perfect, but the feelings were there. “Won’t Give Up” is the ending theme, and even if it’s also a slow song like Back to the Time, the lyrics are more optimistic. I’d say that the lyrics and the tune were a perfect match. The instrumentals are also worth listening to. Some were the instrumental version of the songs itself while some were not. Overall, the soundtrack has that classical vibe in it as the violin and piano were heavily used. Definitely worth a listen~


Mr. Fighting has a nice plot and has nice visuals as well. It also had a good start, but they failed to keep it constant until the end. The subplots suddenly became boring and predictable. Definitely a must watch for fans of 5566 and Sweety, as you can see their big improvement with regards to acting. As a Taiwanese drama, there are better dramas that you can watch besides this. Probably this falls under Top 20? or Top 30? ^^,


Rating: 6/10


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