[TW DRAMA] Tokyo Juliet

warning: may contain spoilers


A drama set in the world of fashion..

Sui is born to be a fashion designer because when she was five years old, she already drew her design called “Little Daisy”. Things happened and it was stolen by a renowned fashion designer named Chu Xing. Even if Chu Xing was already famous, he still felt the need to steal from other people and even an upcoming fashion designer. Knowing about it, Sui openly criticizes Chu Xing to the public and told them about stealing her work. She declared and promised that she will be better than Chu Xing and defeat him. She also promised herself that she will not fall in love before she becomes a successful fashion designer. Sui then meets an attractive senior named Ji Feng Liang and they fell in love. Through time, she found out that Ji Feng Liang’s father is actually Chu Xing, the person that she hates the most in the world. She strived hard to keep her relationship with Liang despite of the people who were trying to stop their relationship. On top of that, she still needed to prove to everyone that she is better than Chu Xing.


The plot is considerably new and unique. I haven’t seen any Taiwanese dramas that deals with fashion so I found it interesting to watch. The clothes, designs, fashion shows were considerably good to look at. The drama dealt a lot with jealousy. I think this has to be the theme of the drama: jealousy. The characters get jealous too easily. It seemed that their relationships with each other were not strong at all. I also heard that this drama was green. Well, in fact there were quite a few scenes. Chu Xing also made me hate him so much in this drama, but it was a nice twist in the end. He made himself so evil in the drama, but in the end, he wasn’t really like that after all. The drama was also draggy to an extent that the events and scenes keep on repeating. Every time a bad character finished his role in the drama, he turned out to be good in the end. When he exits, another bad character enters, and the cycle repeats. There were too many people getting in the way. I felt that they had to reduce a number of characters or maybe think of a different plot. It was a nice start, but it got boring along the way.

The most memorable scene. Happened on the bridge wherein Chu Xing wanted the notebook that contained the works of Sui. Chu Xing threw it in the pond and Liang jumped in just to get it. It’s the most touching and sweetest thing that I could recall from the drama. Risking your own life for that..


Wu Chun as Ji Feng Liang — It’s a pity that we weren’t able to hear his real voice due to his lack of Mandarin skills during that time. I think he was also a charming and attractive guy during his portrayal of Liang. I mean his looks definitely attracted a lot of attention; his looks will definitely make him a male lead actor, but his acting skills weren’t up for a skilled male lead actor yet.


Ariel Lin Yi Chen as Lin Lai Sui — Although this isn’t my favorite Ariel drama, she still showed her acting abilities in this drama. She took a more challenging and mature role this time as Sui.  She’s consistently good which is why she’s still my favorite Taiwanese actress.


I didn’t quite like the chemistry between the two — offscreen nor onscreen. It was noticeable that Wu Chun was a newbie while Ariel was a veteran. I think that Wu Chun still lacked his skills to be at par with Ariel.

Tokyo Juliet is not your ordinary romantic comedy drama but it’s more suitable for the mature viewers. Although the plot is kind of interesting and unique, since it’s all about being in the fashion industry, the story progressed slowly and repetitively. I felt like I was running in circles because things were being done again and again just with different characters. I don’t recommend this drama if you’re looking for a happy and cheerful one. Tokyo Juliet dwelled with jealously too much that I felt enraged afterwards.


Rating: 4/10


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