[K-DRAMA] Secret (2013)

warning: may contain spoilers


Can your Secret be kept forever?

Jo Min Hyuk is a rich play boy who always wants to have fun. His father is the CEO of K-Group and he’s supposed to be the successor of the business, of which Min Hyuk has no interest in. He’s also set to marry Shin Se Yeon, daughter of a rich assemblyman. Their marriage was only for “business” purposes. He’s in the search of his girlfriend who went missing. Meanwhile, Kang Yoo Jung is an average hardworking girl whose dad runs a bakery shop. One happy night, Kang Yoo Jung received a marriage proposal from her 7 year long boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon, at a restaurant. It was raining hard on their way home while Do Hoon was driving the car. The windshield wiper isn’t working well so they couldn’t properly see the road. They encountered a big truck that they almost hit, fortunately Do Hoon was able to avoid the truck, but they hit on a road construction instead. Do Hoon went outside to check, and after checking the place, he quickly told Yoo Jung that they must leave the place immediately. The road accident was somehow reported and it was found out that a person died. Min Hyuk found out that it was her girlfriend. He also found out that she was pregnant with their child. Min Hyuk promised to take revenge on the culprit. The next day, the police investigated the incident and found three suspects of the hit-and-run case, of which Yoo Jung was also included since she was the owner of Do Hoon’s car. Yoo Jung talked with Do Hoon and told him that she would take the blame and she will not regret it. Coincidentally, it was Ahn Do Hoon’s first day as a public prosecutor and the first case that he was assigned to was the hit-and-run case. Yoo Jung and Do Hoon had a face-to-face inside the courtroom wherein Do Hoon as a prosecutor proclaimed that she would be sentenced 5 years inside the jail. Min Hyuk made sure that Yoo Jung would stay inside the jail, and once she gets out, he will make her life miserable. A happy night ended with a night full of nightmares. Will Do Hoon and Yoo Jung’s secret be kept forever?


This is just the main plot but the drama continues when Min Hyuk unexpectedly falls in love with Yoo Jung. He unconsciously follows her everywhere after she got out of jail and it seemed like an obsession. He realises that it’s love. I couldn’t understand how one person would love a person who killed his girlfriend. For me, it’s just unrealistic and unjustifiable. Min Hyuk was too bored and too free to have time to stalk her. In spite of this, I felt that this is the beauty of the drama. Min Hyuk is a rich man while Yoo Jung is a poor girl. A very ordinary rich man – poor girl plot, but with a twist. There were many ordinary subplots like the family not accepting a poor girl, the son’s rebellion, and in the end son having to choose between the family and the girl. These were also evident in this drama, and as ordinary it may seem, I wasn’t bored by it. On the other hand, I felt that this character, Ahn Do Hoon, was inhumane and just plainly stupid. I did not understand his intentions of denying the parole and killing Yoo Jung’s father. And for some reason, why did he let his own child suffer? I found it weird that Do Hoon didn’t care for their child and just left it inside the jail with Yoo Jung when he could be the one to personally take care of the child. I mean, it’s your own child? I’m having a hard time accepting Do Hoon’s character as he suddenly changed from one person to another in an instant. The drama has a lot of emotional and crying scenes that were really touching and moving. I don’t know whether to feel pitiful, to feel at rage, or to feel sad. One thing that I love in this drama that aside from its heavy melodrama genre, there are some cute and funny scenes to laugh and smile about. There’s also a romantic vibe between the two lead actors. I especially loved Min Hyuk’s little ways of showing his love for Yoo Jung. A scene that I remembered the most was when Min Hyuk kissed Yoo Jung’s scar on her body. A normal reaction would be eww, or what’s this? But he loved her so much that he didn’t care about her complex. I loved Min Hyuk’s character the most because he was always a one-girl guy. Lastly, I like to compliment this drama for showing a real kiss. It’s not a kiss with just a peck but the actors were challenged with real kisses.




Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Yoo Jung — Kang Yoo Jung is a character worthy to be pitied from the very start. It’s just saddening to see all her love ones leaving her and she had to go to jail even if it wasn’t her fault. Yet the guy that she protected betrayed her in the end. Hwang Jung Eum is really a great actress. I’m not really familiar with her except her appearance in We Got Married. After watching her acting in this drama, she’s now an actress that I would like to look out for in future dramas. Her acting was really natural and her tears were no joke. How could a person cry so naturally? She had several crying scenes and she delivered it perfectly. I also felt that the role Kang Yoo Jung was also meant for her. I really loved how she brought Kang Yoo Jung to life.


Ji Sung as Jo Min Hyuk — I didn’t like his character in the first few episodes because I thought that he was a bad man. I loved how his character developed wherein bad man becomes a good man. I didn’t quite notice Ji Sung as an actor since I haven’t watched any of his dramas yet, so this was the first. I have to say that he’s also charming and attractive especially in this drama. I loved how he portrayed Min Hyuk like this role was really meant for him. Min Hyuk loves to play around, having fun and have no interest in business. But when he loves, he gives his all like an obsession. Ji Sung was simply perfect for this role.


Bae Soo Bin as Ahn Do Hoon — I like this character during the first few episodes. He was obviously a good and righteous man, not until he let his girlfriend take the blame and go to jail for him. At that point, I knew he wasn’t a goody goody. And then, suddenly he turned into a beast in no time that I couldn’t understand why he became like that one day. He suddenly thirst for power, which until now I have a hard time to comprehend. Nonetheless, Bae Soo Bin’s portrayal of Ahn Do Hoon was really brilliant. He has a nice image from the start and he has the looks of a good character. I was quite surprised with this twist and he was great in acting both sides of Ahn Do Hoon.


Lee Da Hee as Shin Se Yeon — She’s a very pretty actress, but I later found out that she had plastic surgery. Looks aside, her role in this drama was quite similar to her role in I Hear Your Voice. It’s just that she had more opportunities to show her acting abilities in here. I love her portrayal of Shin Se Yeon as a strong woman yet she only loves Min Hyuk till the end. Her acting really impressed me. 2013 is really a good year for her, I hope she gets an acting award!

Special mention: Gwang Soo


How could he be so attractive yet funny at the same time? He rarely smiles in this drama but he was certainly a character that I’m always happy to see. Whenever Gwang Soo gives him errands, no matter how hard or unrealistic it may seem, he was able to successfully finish his tasks. I really wonder how does he do it? His conversations with Gwang Soo may somehow just be fillers or extras, but I always end up smiling after their conversations. Who wouldn’t want this bodyguard-slash-driver-slash-secretary of Min Hyuk? *Raises hand*



I was readying myself that a melodrama may not have a happy ending. Well, I guess melodrama’s recent trend is to have a happy ending? I guess it’s just right to satisfy the viewers. The last episode made me a little worried because there were so much problems to solve with only one episode left. I’m glad that everything was resolved even though it was a little rushed. I kind of had a feeling that San Hee, their child, didn’t die. It’s so stupid of Ahn Do Hoon to actually not look into their child’s death. Maybe if he was more humane, he could look for the child’s body, etc. It just goes to show that he didn’t care. The decision of Yoo Jung to leave the child with the parents wasn’t really what I was hoping for. But then, if she were to take the child back, San Hee wouldn’t live happier as she’s not financially well. And she should only take the child back if she were to rekindle her relationship with Do Hoon. On the other hand, Do Hoon deserved to rot in jail. I didn’t understand how he suddenly woke up from his dream and he turned himself to the prosecutor. I felt that his character development was a bit unrealistic and unjustifiable. He’s willing to get everyone along the way just to reach the top, but why did he stop? It could’ve been better if his character didn’t allow himself to repent but just stay bad all the way to the end. And it would be Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk who would turn him to the police or prosecutor. That would make it more realistic. Anyway, it’s also nice to see that Hye Ri (friend of Yoo Jung) and Gwang Soo became lovers. Their last scene was super cute. And lastly, it was a happy ending for Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk when Min Hyuk got back. It wasn’t written how many years it took, but it was nice to see Yoo Jung willing to wait for Min Hyuk.



Heavy melodrama with lots of tears. Be ready with lots of tissues. Even though there were also flaws, but the actors made up for it with their impressive acting. Generally, Secret is suitable for the mature audience and those seeking for a good melodrama. Not everyone would like this, especially if you like romantic comedy dramas as cheesy scenes come only at the last episode. I love how this drama kept me entertained me in each episode. I was looking forward for every episode. Secret is a drama that I think deserved more popularity especially overseas. Make sure to also look at the plot and not only the actor’s faces. I’m thinking of giving the best melodrama to Secret this 2013.

Rating: 9/10



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  2. Ha Mi Nguyen
    May 01, 2014 @ 13:12:28

    Just aLove your post but I just want to clarify that Lee Da Hee never had plastic surgery. Many people mistake her with Lee Da Hae, who has admitted to having plastic surgery before. Lee Da Hee has recently become my favorite Korean actress. She’s absolutely stunning. She is a really great actress, but it’s her personality that really shines. She’s very humble and kind 🙂


  3. lian92
    May 16, 2014 @ 19:33:35

    yeah there are many romance books and siries with the poor heroine rich hero and heroes family being against there son marrying some poor girl and so the hero has to choose i guess some thiemes are international


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