[TW DRAMA] Hi! My Sweetheart

warning: may contain spoilers


Definitely funny yet sweet.


Xue Hai came from a wealthy family and who was always protected by his eldest sister, Xue Bo. A day came when he decided to be independent and learn about life on his own by studying abroad in Hang Zhou. To hide his real identity, he changed his name to Lin Da Lang. He met two friends who became his roommates. He also met Chen Bao Zhu who has an attitude, different and a rebel. She doesn’t have friends so Da Lang tried to approach and be friends with her. As time passed, as Bao Zhu was teaching about every day life, they became close and fell in love with each other. At the same time, Bao Zhu’s father’s company went bankrupt, went away and left Bao Zhu and her mother. Knowing that Da Lang is not rich, Bao Zhu’s mother couldn’t accept their relationship and forced them to end their relationship. Bao Zhu wrote a letter to her mom lying to her that she will agree to an arranged marriage. However in reality, she plans to elope with Da Lang. On the other hand, Da Lang was also secretly going to propose to her and bought an engagement ring. On the day that they were supposed to meet, Bao Zhu encountered a car accident that put her into coma for months. Da Lang continuously waited, but actually waited for nothing. He visited her home and Bao Zhu’s mother showed to him the letter, and also lied that she is in Europe preparing for a marriage. Da Lang couldn’t accept it. After this heartbreaking first love experience, he promised never to love again.


After 3 years, after finishing his studies, Xue Hai went back to Kaohsiung and he was no longer the dorky Da Lang. He transformed his appearance with his all new hairstyle and he was known to be a playboy who was never serious in relationships. One day, he heard Bao Zhu’s voice on the radio. She has been in Kaohsiung all along! Xue Hai, now with his new identity, decided to buy the radio station in order to seek revenge on Bao Zhu. He plans to make Bao Zhu fall in love with him only to dump her afterwards. Despite his plan, every time Xue Hai saw Bao Zhu with her high school senior, He Yan Fang, Xue Hai can’t help but get jealous with the senior. He realized that he still liked Bao Zhu until now. Bao Zhu also couldn’t commit to a relationship since she still couldn’t forget Da Lang. With Xue Hai knowing about this, he told her that he found Da Lang but is already married. Bao Zhu decided to go back to Hang Zhou to revisit their memories together. Afterwards, she went back to Taiwan and met Mo Lee, their college classmate, who visited the radio station. Mo Lee accidentally revealed to Bao Zhu that Xue Hai and Da Lang are actually the same person. Bao Zhu couldn’t believed that he lied to her, so she decided to leave the country with her senior. Before they plan to leave, an incident occurred in the radio station. There was a fire and Bao Zhu was trapped inside the building. Xue Hai rushed to save her but was hit on the head instead. Xue Hai convinced Bao Zhu to leave first and He Yan Fang was there to help. Xue Hai was later rescued but was seriously injured. Bao Zhu realized that she still loved Da Lang or Xue Hai. Xue Hai then woke up but lost his memory. Later on, he was kidnapped by his eldest sister’s boyfriend. He tried to escape but he was hit in the head again, causing him to recover his memory. After going back, he decided to keep his recovery a secret, including Bao Zhu, since he had already accepted the fact that she was leaving with his senior. On Bao Zhu’s birthday, Xue Hai who was drunk, accidentally sent an email to Bao Zhu and revealed that he has recovered his memory. During the middle of the night, he suddenly remembered his mistake and went to Bao Zhu’s home to delete the email. His efforts went to waste when Bao Zhu had already read the email before he even went to her house. She knew about Xue Hai still remembering her. She then proposed to him and they happily got married.


The plot reminds me of Miss No Good so much. I think it was the same production team, maybe that’s why? Instead of the female lead playing the “dumb role”, the male lead played the “dumb role” instead. Da Lang’s appearance was completely perfect and with his association with Pink Panther. I think it was classic! I think that the scenes in Hang Zhou, when he was still Da Lang were funnier while the scenes back in Taiwan became a lot more serious and there’s a slight drag in there. The ending was wrapped up nicely though. One of my favorite parts of the drama was when Da Lang went to Bao Zhu’s house to delete the email that he sent her. It was purely classic as he was trying to figure out her password while she was asleep, but then Bao Zhu already read it. I also remembered when Da Lang had amnesia. I thought: “was this another Meteor Garden 2?” for a second. Fortunately, his amnesia lasted for an episode only! I think this was a better and improved version of Miss No Good, as you can see, there were much more subplots for a shorter drama. Also, since both of the actors were great, I think it helped the drama so much.


Show Luo Zhi Xiang as Da Lang / Xue Hai — I have always adored Show’s music and hosting skills. He’s always funny every time and I’m happy that he was able to bring his humor to this drama as well. I liked the fact that he was natural in acting both characters. He’s very flexible; he can be very funny and be very serious at the same time. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with his acting in Corner with Love, but it’s actually the opposite in this drama. I was truly impressed and his acting was beyond my expectations. If there’s a male version of Jiang Xiao Hua (Miss No Good), then he would be Da Lang. I loved Show’s portrayal of Da Lang. Even though he is not that charismatic, he’s always the innocent and true friend. Show was also willing to ruin his idol image for this drama and I applaud him for that. Big thumbs up!


Rainie Yang Cheng Lin as Chen Bao Zhu — Another breakthrough role for Rainie. I really liked her portrayal of Chen Bao Zhu because she was the exact opposite of her character in Miss No Good. In Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, she seemed like acting herself. In ToGetHer, she was a lonely and shy girl. I may have said this a lot of times, but she’s really a versatile actress that can pull off any character given to her. Her roles were different from each other, and you can see her gradual improvement in every role that she portrays. She’s not my favorite Taiwanese actress, but she sure does live up her title as “Best Actress”. She got this title for this drama, and she simply deserved it.

Show-Rainie pairing also had great chemistry in this drama. They had better chemistry than the Miss No Good team and I think it’s because both Show and Rainie were willing and open to ruin their idol image for the success of the show while Wilber still had that idol vibe in him while he was acting as Tang Men. Personal opinion though. I wish to see Show and Rainie again in a romantic-comedy drama.


Hi! My Sweetheart doesn’t have its official soundtrack as well, but the songs used can be found in Show and Rainie’s respective albums. Show and Rainie are great singers and they have awesome songs. The opening theme is sung by Show Luo entitled “Head Over Heels”. It’s rock and a cheerful song, perfect track for the opening. “Rainie Love” is the ending theme, and as usual Rainie did a great job in lending her voice and using her song for this drama. It is quite fast and upbeat for a ending theme, with the electric guitar tune, it still attracted me. And as always, the chorus was nice and addicting. Insert songs like “In Your Eyes”, a sweet Show-Rainie duet and “Youth Bucket” by Rainie are worth to listen as well.

If you enjoyed Miss No Good, I bet that you will enjoy this too. 14 episodes was just right, but I kind of wished that it was longer. I’d also rate this as one of my Top 10 Taiwanese dramas. Although this drama only ranked #2 when it aired, because its competitor was Autumn’s Concerto (nothing could beat that!), Hi! My Sweetheart was definitely worth watching. If you’re looking for something funny, then this is perfect for you.

Rating: 9/10



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  1. showrainie
    Oct 15, 2016 @ 18:26:35

    iwant to meet rainie yang and show luo because ilike them..but ican’t to meet them:'(…can they go brunei to meet me??plsss


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