[TW DRAMA] Miss No Good

warning: may contain spoilers


Miss No Good is a drama full of laughs!

Jiang Xiao Hua has curly hair and her fashion sense is very weird. One day, Xiao Hua was riding her motorcycle when it broke down. She hailed a taxi nearby and went inside, but at the same time, another person also went inside the taxi. The person was Tang Men, a famous stylist and the two argued over the taxi. Tang Men, who couldn’t take it anymore decided to leave the taxi, accidentally leaving his set of expensive scissors. That night, both Xiao Hua and Tang Men were invited to Jia Si Le’s reunion party. Xiao Hua is Jia Si Le’s childhood friend and Tang Men is his best friend. Jia Si Le introduced Jiang Mi, supposedly his partner for the arranged marriage by his parents. However, Jia Si Le bravely announced that he liked Xiao Hua publicly. The guests insulted Xiao Hua’s weird fashion sense and pushed her into the swimming pool. After this, Xiao Hua finally decided to change her appearance for Si Le. The next day, Tang Men realized that he left his scissors in the taxi and decided to find Xiao Hua. Tang Men’s assistant went to Xiao Hua’s shop to ask about the scissors. Because she was still mad on him, she lied and said she didn’t know about it. Later on, she recognized Tang Men who appeared on a television show asking the viewers to look for him if they want their image to be changed. Xiao Hua, who finally knew Tang Men’s occupation, looked for him and asked him to change her image. Tang Men declined, but after finding out that his expensive scissors were in Xiao Hua’s hands, he unwillingly accepted the offer. Tang Men saw Xiao Hua as an eyesore and constantly called her a “Christmas Tree”. Through time that they spent together, Tang Men realized that she wasn’t that annoying and after changing her image, he realized that Xiao Hua was pretty. However, Tang Men who didn’t want to ruin his friendship with his best friend decided to support Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le. Even if they both liked each other, Jia Si Le’s mother did not support their relationship. It was also revealed that Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le were siblings. During this time, Xiao Hua began to realize that she has deeper feelings for Tang Men. Meanwhile, Tang Men had signed a contract to work in Germany for years. Xiao Hua stopped Tang Men at the airport and confessed her feelings. Tang Men had no choice but to go, but promised to marry Xiao Hua after finishing his work in Germany. Xiao Hua patiently waited and went back to her old ways, wearing her colorful and mismatched clothes and her curly hair. After 2 years during Christmas, Xiao Hua just came from shopping and rode a taxi home. A stranger also went inside the same time as her. The stranger happened to be Tang Men. Again.



I liked the unique plot wherein an ugly girl wants to change her image because of a guy that she likes. She goes through a transformation with the help of her stylist. The stylist was actually forced and not really interested in changing the appearance of the girl. Through endless arguments and spending days together, the girl falls in love with the stylist instead. It was not a very complicated story since the characters were only a few. Even though it was simple, merely the characters were enough to attract me. Xiao Hua’s weird fashion sense really stole the spotlight. Xiao Hua dresses weirdly, speaks with a funny accent, and has a cheerful and happy aura. While on the other hand, Tang Men is the normal guy, who always wants things straight and tidy. He’s known for speaking bravely and honestly, regardless of offending the person. He has a cold aura. Mixing these two characters together equals a great chemistry. When Xiao Hua goes overboard, Tang Men is there to stop and calm her while Xiao Hua cheers Tang Men on. One thing memorable was the hair dryer which Xiao Hua called Hu Hu. Hu Hu was used to dry her hair and even dried/blew her wounds. Who wouldn’t forget Hu Hu? There were so many memorable yet funny scenes that I could still recall. The first half of the drama was more funny as Tang Men was trying to change Xiao Hua’s overall appearance and also teaching her etiquette. The latter half came to be more dramatic as now she’s challenged with emotional problems and not the physical appearance anymore. The plot seemed hard to believe, but a plot for a drama, it sure brought a lot of laughs.



Wilber Pan as Tang Men — He is so gooood considering that it’s his first major lead drama . I think that he chose the right role for his first lead acting project. Tang Men has a poison-tongue, rarely smiles, and is quite a snob. I think his face and his overall look suits this character. Even though he had a lot of NGs or mistakes (as shown in behind the scenes footages), the outcome was still good. Now, I have to watch his next drama, Endless Love, where he won his Best Actor Award. Based from his performance in this drama, though good, still can’t reach that “Best Actor” title. He wasn’t really outstanding to that extent. I just couldn’t believe how he won that title. Maybe it’s time for me to watch that drama.


Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiao Hua — Just pure praise for Rainie’s acting in this drama. I have no complaints in her acting but just admire her talent as an actress. To successfully be Xiao Hua, she had to change her appearance, to speak in a different accent, and become a little dumb. In reality, she has a cute appearance but she’s willing to be “ugly” for the drama which I thought was a brave yet smart choice. She wasn’t exactly ugly as Xiao Hua, but she’s rather cute and at the same time, annoying. I used to question her potential as an actress, but finally seeing her in this drama completely changed my mind about her. She’s really a versatile actress who’s up for some challenging roles. I couldn’t think of another cute actress who could go wild as her and take the role of Xiao Hua.

The Wilber-Rainie pairing is new but has unbelievably great chemistry. Best of friends in real life, they showed no awkwardness onscreen or offscreen; well except for the kissing scenes of course. The outcome was great though, as it wasn’t just a simple peck that we usually see in dramas, but rather a real kiss.


Other minor actors were great as well and were suitable for their characters. Dean Fujioka as Jia Si Le — Although his Chinese wasn’t perfect, but at least he could act. I’d personally give a few more points to the drama with him being in the cast. Michelle Chen as Jiang Mi — The character Jiang Mi wasn’t really goody-goody, but was there to annoy Xiao Hua and ruin their relationship. I think Michelle did better in her movies than this drama, but at least she succeeded in annoying me with her portrayal as Jiang Mi. Wen Ying as Jiang Ah Ma — One of the respectable Ah Ma’s in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. I love her acting, her accent and just herself! She’s so funny and with her addition, the drama became much more funnier.

There’s really no official soundtrack of the drama but the songs used were really great. As both Wilber and Rainie are singers, they get the chance to use their own songs for this drama. The opening theme called “Summer Craze” is sung by Wilber Pan and the title speaks for itself. It’s a cheerful, happy song that’s suitable for summer. The ending theme is the complete opposite of the opening theme. The title of the track is “Take Me Away” by Rainie Yang and it’s very ballad and sad. The chorus part was brainwashing for me as I could easily remember the tune and the lyrics even until this moment. These 2 songs were really suitable for the drama; as there were many happy, fun moments as well as sad and depressing moments. There’s also an insert song that I liked by Rainie called “Too Much Trouble”. The song is fast-paced and still cheerful. It suits Xiao Hua’s character and personality.

This is my first time to write about the NG (No Good) part or Behind the Scenes, but Taiwanese dramas usually give away these kinds of goodies to the viewers The NGs were really funny and even funnier than the actual drama. I didn’t know that Wilber was a real comedian. He’s really good in imitating Mr. Bean and some other American comedians. And, he loves to eat. In every NG episode, he wouldn’t miss to eat. Wilber was also the NG King. Anyway, I highly suggest to watch the NG parts as well, you’ll surely laugh a lot! 😀

Miss No Good is definitely a drama that is worth watching. I’ll rank it in my Top 10 Taiwanese dramas, just because it’s one of the dramas that you shouldn’t miss! Even though you’re not a fan of any of the actors, but you’ll learn to love or like them at least.  The plot was unusual and different from those ordinary Taiwanese dramas or in fact other Korean dramas. It’s funny but still emotional. You’ll surely laugh and then cry. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for something that’s worth your time, because you’ll definitely enjoy. Have fun! 🙂


Rating: 9/10


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