[K-DRAMA] Master’s Sun

warning: may contain spoilers


An unusual Korean drama that involves ghosts.

A girl named Tae Gong Sil has lived her lived miserably after her accident due to the fact that she can see ghosts. She feared her ability and she was seen as a lunatic. Gong Sil coincidentally met a rich guy named Joo Joong Won who is the President of Kingdom Enterprises on her way home. She hitched his ride and saw a ghost right in front of the car. Because of her shock, she unconsciously touched Joong Won who was seated next to her. The ghost immediately vanished from her sight. From then on, she discovered Joo Joong Won’s “magic” and no one could do this to her except him. After their encounter that night, she found a job in Kingdom Mall in hopes of seeing this man again so he could serve as her defense shield. Fortunately, they met again and Gong Sil told him about her ability to see ghosts and there is a female ghost who is always lingering around Joong Won. She found out that it was related to Joong Won’s kidnapping incident 15 years ago and he has yet to catch the culprit. He hired Gong Sil in order to find who is the one behind the kidnapping that allegedly caused the death of his girlfriend back then, Cha Hee Joo. Gong Sil can talk to the ghost, Cha Hee Joo, as she is the only one to know the truth. In exchange of this, Gong Sil can “freely” touch Joong Won whenever she encounters ghosts. Together, they solve ghost mysteries that are related to Joong Won’s business and inside Kingdom Enterprises.



I find Master’s Sun really entertaining because this is actually the first Korean drama that I’ve watched that’s horror and involved with ghosts. I mean I usually watch this kind of genre mostly in movies and rarely in dramas. In spite of its scary and spooky vibe, there are also some funny, cute, and romantic elements found in the drama. Master’s Sun succeeded in “scaring” me as I could not watch this drama during midnight especially when I sleep alone. But aside from this, I also found myself laughing when there are jokes, and smiling when there are cute and loveable scenes. I couldn’t really say that it’s horror, but maybe light horror because of the ghosts’ appearance. This drama really did a good job in mixing genres. I also applaud Hong Sisters’ writing once again, because the script actually has some content in it; it was romantic, comedy yet moving. Although there were some parts that were draggy, more on during the latter end, it didn’t bore me to an extent that I want to stop watching the drama. I liked the way how the events occurred and the subplots were written in a convincingly interesting way. I especially loved the part wherein the CEO of Giant Mall died and he kept a girl in secret. I kept on guessing who was this girl he was hiding. I was completely fooled and I really laughed after finding out the truth. I really find this subplot really memorable. The main plot about Joo Woon’s accident was unpredictable as well. I find it a nice twist. The ending was predictably a happy ending. The incident that involved Cha Hee Joo ended at Episode 15 so the last 2 episodes were more on playing mildang (push and pull) between the couples. I find it annoying yet cute at the same time. I loved the fact that the drama gave a happy ending to all the couples. They didn’t focus on the lead but also the supporting and minor couples as well.

The actors were lovely in their own ways. I could say they were chosen pretty well..


Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Sil — Another outstanding performance from Gong Hyo Jin with her appearance in this drama as Tae Gong Sil. I started to admire her acting skills after watching her in the Greatest Love. Although her character was quite similar to her role in her past drama; as she was also the one being chased by the lead guy, it simply showed her consistency when it comes to acting. She was still great and convincing. I also could not hide the fact that she always gets to work with handsome and attractive men like So Ji Sub. Gong Hyo Jin is really on top of her career now and she really deserved it. Although she isn’t the prettiest actress around, but her acting, without doubt can compete with other actresses.


So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won — I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve seen So Ji Sub in a drama, but he was great as Joo Joong Won. His character reminds me of the lead guy in the Greatest Love wherein he’s arrogant and full with pride. Coincidentally, Gong Hyo Jin is also the lead girl in that drama. I find Master’s Sun a little similar with the Greatest Love when it comes to the character’s personalities. Going back to So Ji Sub, although he was great in this drama, I felt that he was lacking in some ways. I felt that he didn’t show his best as an actor; I was expecting more from him. Maybe it’s because of the limitation of his character. Nonetheless, I find him cute whenever he smiles and whenever he says: “Get lost”. One particular scene that I found memorable was when he was singing “3 Bears”. I could only say he has his own charms.


Seo In Guk as Kang Woo — I can’t help but say that Seo In Guk was sort of my “driving force” to continue watching this drama. He was great as a high school student in Answer Me 1997, but I find him extra attractive in Master’s Sun as Kang Woo especially when he wears suits. I think that he portrayed this mature character really well; it was a perfect role for him. Even if he doesn’t speak satoori (dialect) in this drama, he’s still manly and gentleman as always. Seo In Guk’s role in this drama simply made me a new fan of his. I’m anticipating his new movie with Lee Jong Suk as well as his future projects.


Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung — I haven’t seen Kim Yoo Ri in any other dramas but I can say that she’s really pretty. She’s not really an antagonist in the drama but she’s there to sort of annoy the lead girl, but in the end she still supports and helps her. I simply loved Yoo Ri’s portrayal of Tae Yi Ryung as she was perfect for the role; she convinced me with her acting. I also liked her love line with Kang Woo as she remained persistent throughout the whole series. She fell in love with a bodyguard even if she’s a top rising actress and she was willing to let go of her acting opportunities in Hollywood. I really find Kang Woo – Yi Ryung pairing really cute and they just add up the spice in this drama.

Aside from the characters mentioned, other supporting characters were also great. They really showed their acting potential and made the drama more livelier and happier. I also liked the constant appearances of the guest stars. When one appears, I’d be like: “Oh, he looks familiar; or I’ve seen her somewhere.” Some guest actors would be Jin Yi Han (Dr . Jin), Kim Sang Joong (The Chaser), Seo Hyo Rim (Sungkyungkwan Scandal) and Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity) It was simply nice to see these well known actors appear in this drama.

Another successful Korean soundtrack for Master’s Sun. Most of the songs were really memorable and they have the usual “soundtrack” vibe in it. “Touch Love” by T Yoon Mi Rae is my favourite out of all tracks as it’s also the main theme of the drama. It’s different from all other theme songs of other dramas because it isn’t a strong song. It’s light yet relaxing and the tune can be easily hummed. “Driving Me Crazy” is beautifully sung by Hyorin of Sistar. Her distinct husky voice is simply perfect for the song. “You and I” was a song that I thought was sung by Seo In Guk but actually by some guy named Hong Dae Kwang. It seemed cheerful and bright with the guitar strums. This song was always played every time Kang Woo appears; it seemed to be his theme song, but I’m not complaining at all. Apparently, Seo In Guk contributed to the soundtrack as well with his own song, “No Matter What”.  I’m sure his fans, plus his new fan, by yours truly, are especially happy to listen to his soothing voice. “All About” and “Mystery” are two tracks in the soundtrack that are more strong, loud and rock. It’s a good combination to the soundtrack. Aside from these, the instrumentals were also a complement to the scenes in the drama; specifically when scary ghosts appear, the appropriate and spooky background music also comes to set the mood of the scene. Master’s Sun soundtrack is worth a listen~


I could definitely see that Korean dramas are now more into magical and horror rather than historical dramas and Master’s Sun is one of these. This drama was able to “scare” me with its spooky ghostly creatures, but then there’s also the usual romantic and comedy feel that we usually see in Korean dramas. I find the actors really enticing and the plot itself was also the same. Overall, Master’s Sun is a drama that’s definitely recommendable to anyone who’s looking for that typical Korean drama but with a twist 😉


Rating: 8/10


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  2. Melissa Meza-Rapp
    May 23, 2014 @ 03:50:39

    I really liked this drama too. I wish though that I could see Gong Hyo Jin in a series where she doesn’t dress as bad as she has on Greatest Love and the Master’s Sun. I mean sweet heavens those outfits were so fugly they were distracting me. She has that tiny barely there I should be floating figure I would’ve loved to have seen her in a gorgeous outfit. Thank God there was Kim Yoo Ri to strut around Kindom’s mall in her gorgeous shoes and clothes.


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