[TW DRAMA] Smiling Pasta

warning: may contain spoilers.


A light and happy drama that will definitely make you smile while watching this.

Cheng Xiao Shi is an ordinary girl who always fails in love. She never had a boyfriend that exceeded 3 months. He Qun is a new superstar in the industry. The two coincidentally met on the street when He Qun was fleeing away from his own press conference and Xiao Shi was just dumped by her boyfriend. He Qun accidentally hit Xiao Shi while running away from the paparazzi and they landed in an awkward “kissing” position. The paparazzi took the chance of taking their photos together. He Qun grabbed Xiao Shi’s arm and headed to his house spending the night together to escape from the paparazzi. The next morning when both of them woke up, they went out to the balcony and saw the flock of reporters waiting for them. He Qun’s manager, Vincent had no choice but to announce that Xiao Shi is He Qun’s fiance. Things went a little complicated because He Qun had an ex-girlfriend that he still liked, Rita. However, Rita broke up with He Qun for his own brother, Ah Zhe. He Qun and Ah Zhe also did not have a good relationship as brothers since Ah Zhe still blamed his ex-girlfriend’s death to He Qun; but it was merely an accident. Xiao Shi, on the other hand, liked Ah Zhe. Xiao Shi and He Qun didn’t like each other at all, but they learned to develop their feelings for each other. He Qun suddenly cared for Xiao Shi while Xiao Shi had mixed feelings. Through their time together in school and their constant meetings, the fake “fiancé” turned for real as they finally got together.

The plot had an interesting beginning. It was intriguing as the characters were tied up with another. Each has their own crushes and likes. I thought it was quite similar to the Korean drama, Full House, when they were caught by the media as well. I felt it was too unrealistic for it to happen in real life. A superstar would bump into a normal girl on the streets and they accidentally kissed? Well, a drama is only a drama. One thing that I noticed was the poor editing. They dubbed a lot and changed many lines from what they actually said in the video. I liked the cute and playful endearment(?) terms that the lead actors called each other. He Qun called Xiao Shi, Wu Gui Mei or Turtle Girl and Xiao Shi called him, Sao Ba Xing or Jinx. I think it was memorable. There were many subplots which left a deep impression on me like the marathon where Xiao Shi ran with a turtle shell on her back and He Qun let go of his personal race with his own brother and ran back to Xiao Shi and help her run. It was one of the most touching scenes that I could recall in the drama. The drama became somewhat draggy during the latter half as they created more stories or subplots that doesn’t make sense anymore. A 17-episode drama was rather too long that I hoped they created more interesting subplots or just cut down the number of episodes. Nevertheless, I liked the ending scene the most because they went back to the very first scene which was a cool and good way to end the drama.

The lead actors weren’t the perfect choice, but I support! the supporting actors. Sadly, their looks were given much more importance than their talent.


Cyndi Wang as Cheng Xiao Shi — After seeing her in many of her dramas, she’s still the same Cyndi with no much improvement. She’s trying to win the hearts of the audience through her cuteness. She’s cute and all, but there are times when I thought that she shouldn’t act like that anymore since she’s already overage to still act like a young teenage girl. I wished that she could get more mature roles in the future and stop acting cute. Maybe in her earlier dramas, I could accept it, but using the same method all the time, I already got tired seeing her act. I liked her red hair the most in here though. It really complements her white complexion.


Nicholas Teo as He Qun — This was Nicholas’ first acting project and I thought that he did fine. He may not be the best newcomer, but it was just what I expected on him. There were times when I felt he’s a bit awkward, nonetheless, his voice and his face were there to cover his acting skills. Not bad for a first timer!


Nicholas and Cyndi was a cute pairing. They’re not the best pairing, but while watching the drama, I can’t help but say that they look good together. They had a cute chemistry onscreen and even offscreen. Although, I was hoping that Cyndi could help Nicholas since it’s his first time to act, but the result wasn’t much evident. It seemed that the two were both newcomers or their acting skills were at par with one another.


Gino of K-one as Ah Zhe — This role was quite similar to his role in Top on the Forbidden City. He portrayed Ah Zhe as a rebel, tough and a guy with leadership. I think he was suitable for the character of Ah Zhe since he has a tough face and his voice was also strong. He rarely smiled. I believed that he displayed great acting skills since Ah Zhe’s personality was quite similar with himself.


Joyce Chao as Rita — Having seen her in The Prince who turns into a Frog and Westside Story, and also a part of the girl group 7 Flowers, I was happy to see her again in this drama. She portrays the female version of Ah Zhe, dressing also in punk style clothing.  Her role as Rita was suitable for her since Rita appeared to have a tough and boyish personality which I thought was perfect for her. She was the leader of her girl group, and she portrayed Rita as a person with dignity and leadership. Her love line with Ah Zhe was also what I expected since both of them were leaders from their respective groups. Both of them have similar styles also.



Di Zhi Jie as Vincent — He’s another manager that I personally liked. I’ve seen him in Top on the Forbidden City, but he’s a mean guy there. In Smiling Pasta, he’s a good gay(?), well sort of, it can be seen through his actions and tone of voice. Even if He Qun was an artist that was difficult to manage, he was still there supporting him as a manager and a friend. Acting-wise, Di Zhi Jie was simply great and natural. He was even more natural than the lead actors.

Special mention:


Darren of K-one as Wei Zai — As a biased Darren fan, I didn’t feel too much happy with his appearance in Smiling Pasta. He’s the bad guy who always challenges Ah Zhe in a fight. He always brought along company, like around 3-4 friends, but in the end, Ah Zhe still won. He looked like a total loser who’s always beaten up by Ah Zhe. In real life, it’s impossible for a 5 vs 1 match and the 1 still won. Despite of this, I’m still thankful that the management gave him more acting opportunities.

Needless to say, the soundtrack was impressive. Most of the songs left a deep impression on me. I like the opening theme which was sung by Cyndi called “Rainbow’s Smile”. It’s a very cheerful, happy and bright song that will make one instinctively smile while listening to the song. On the other hand, the ending theme was sung by Nicholas Teo entitled “Tears from Polaris”. It’s the exact opposite of the opening theme; it’s very sad and gloomy. One thing that I liked about the drama was when they were showing the characters during the opening and matching it with Cyndi’s song. Also, during the credits part, Nicholas’ song played at the background. The scenes were perfect and I thought that the staff made an effort in it. Other songs were also worth listening to. “Little Turtle” is a song by Nicholas which he wrote and dedicated this song to Cyndi in the drama. It has simple lyrics and the tune can easily be hummed and followed. “The First Morning Star” by Cyndi is another ballad track which was also worth remembering when sad scenes were being shown. “I Do” is another song by Cyndi which has rather a cute and sweet melody. It fits Cyndi’s voice and style very much. “Just Smile” is another track by Nicholas which was more upbeat and happier. I can’t help but just smile while listening to the song. There are also other songs sung by other singers but these songs that I’ve just mentioned which were sung by the lead actors were more memorable than the rest. This soundtrack really displayed Nicholas and Cyndi’s talent in singing. In my opinion, they were better as singers than actors. The soundtrack is definitely worth listening to! 🙂

Smiling Pasta is very light and is an idol series so don’t expect too much acting potential among the actors. Watching this drama will definitely make one smile, either because of Xiao Shi’s clumsiness or their jokes. The drama was visually beautiful to see but lacked content in its plot. If you’re a fan of let’s say Cyndi and Nicholas, or Gino and Xiao Qiao, make sure not to miss this drama.

Rating: 6/10



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