[TW DRAMA] Bump Off Lover

warning: may contain spoilers

An interesting suspense, thriller, detective and school-based drama. No, it’s not scary.. you won’t regret watching this.

She was murdered, but the suspected killer committed suicide so the twin sister wants to find out the truth. Together with her classmates and friends, they learn about the real deal of the murder. As the story unfolds, you’ll know who’s really good and who’s really evil. Xu Yi Zhen is the extrovert between the twins. She’s always the center of attention. On the other hand, her younger twin sister, Xu Yi Jing is the introvert. She’s sickly and is always quiet and reserved. Only the two of them know what’s behind their masks.


The plot was simply neat and it was perfectly written. The drama broke away from the usual Taiwanese dramas wherein there’s comedy and romance with a good-looking pairing. Bump Off Lover really makes the audience think and move one’s mind. It’s not a drama where you can relax and kill time. I liked the fact that the drama itself focused on the script and the plot. The setting and the music chosen were also perfect, as I could really feel the “detective” and “suspense” vibe while watching it. I also liked the fact that the staff only chose 1 popular actress, which is Angela Zhang and the rest were unknown or not that popular to the mass. It goes to show that the staff didn’t aim on doing a popular-idol drama, but rather they focused on the content. One apparent theme in the drama was suicide. I couldn’t remember who but at least 5 of the characters either got killed or jumped off the new building. The characters chose suicide as the only way to solve their problem. It’s like their only way to escape reality, when in fact it doesn’t. I think it was a brave move from the staff since they allowed many characters to die. They ignored what the audience would think. Who cares if it would be happy or sad ending? When one sees the poster, there’s like a scary vibe in it. However, in reality, it isn’t really that creepy to an extent. It’s more of a drama on finding about the truth because you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. The drama was full of surprises until the very last episode. I have no complaints over this drama, but just pure praises for the staff’s brave choices in the actors, storyline and plot.

As I’ve said, most of the actors in the drama were not really popular, and doesn’t really have an idol-look. Nonetheless, their acting convinced me. I wouldn’t go on them one by one, but they were quite suitable for their respective characters.


Angela Chang as Xu Yi Zhen and Xu Yu Jing — I’ve seen her in My MVP Valentine and Romantic Princess, but my personal favorite drama of her would be this, Bump Off Lover. It was challenging to portray twin sisters when you don’t have a twin in real life. Xu Yi Zhen and Xu Yu Jing are exact opposites, one would be an extrovert, and the other would be introvert. It’s indeed difficult to change personalities instantly during the set. I love the fact that we as an audience can see the difference between the twin sisters.  I love her portrayal of these two characters because I got irritated with Xu Yi Zhen and I learned to pity Xu Yi Jing. This simply means that she convinced the audience through her natural acting. I believe, though, that she has a lot to improve as an actress. Nonetheless, I still liked her outstanding performance in this drama.


The songs and the instrumentals used in the drama were fit for the scenes. The instrumentals chosen were “creepy” and “detective-like” enough to add mood to the scenes. The opening and ending themes: “Sky in the Pocket” and “Invisible Wings” both sung by Angela Chang showcased her talent as a singer. I always felt that she has a distinct and unique voice. I could recognize her voice all the time. These two songs sounded mysterious and were fit for the drama as well. The opening theme had more power while the ending theme was quite soft.


I definitely recommend this one for its unique and one-of-a-kind plot. It’s actually rare to see this kind of shows in Taiwanese dramas. I don’t want to spill the beans on the ending, but a tip would be you should think out of the box. The story challenges the viewers so much because of the unending twists and turns in the drama. It’s like riding a roller coaster especially when there are shocking revelations revealed. But in the end, it’s all worth the ride. A 14-episode drama is just right and I didn’t feel bored at all. If you’re looking for something new and different, or you got bored watching comedy and romance dramas, you should check Bump Off Lover. Definitely, one of the top 10 Taiwanese dramas I have ever watched. This is so underrated that I wished it gained more popularity in Taiwan and in overseas. Aren’t you curious of my roller coaster ride? 😉


Rating: 9/10


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