[TW DRAMA] Summer X Summer

warning: may contain spoilers



During the summer heat…

I don’t why I made this post since I watched this drama many years ago and I have a few or just one note that I wrote about this drama, so I’ll make this post short.


The plot was pretty bad. Even if it was taken from a Japanese manga, the script itself was boring to death that I couldn’t recall any memorable line in it. From what I remembered, it was just about a male lead who doesn’t want to go out during summer because it’s too hot. The story simply revolved around that and the female lead liking the male lead. It was boring and the story was simply nonsense. Even for a 12-episode drama, I thought it was draggy and useless. I didn’t understand why this manga was made into a drama, or the readaptation was not that nice?


Joe Cheng Yuan Chang as Ou Yang Lei — The only thing that I can remember from Joe was his long hair in the drama. There are bits when I can remember him wearing an angel outfit many times. I also liked it when he was reenacting his childhood days when he was a kid. The only thing that made me watch Summer X Summer was because of Joe, but then I realized that it was a waste of time.


Wu Xiong as Xia Ya — Wu Xiong has appeared in many GTV or Comic produced dramas but never did she take the lead role. I think that the company gave her a chance to shine, but apparently she wasn’t lucky enough. Her looks, height, and popularity still couldn’t match with Joe’s. I still loved her natural acting though because although there were many embarrassing scenes, she expressed it in a brave and natural manner. She still looks like a young girl even until now. Sadly, I think she’s still not ready to take a lead role yet.

Maybe if you’re a fan of Joe Cheng, you’d take the risk to watch this drama. However, even if I’m still a big fan of him, I still thought it was a total waste of time. His acting skills really didn’t show much in this drama as it was more on the fun and kuso side. There’s no chemistry between the two leads and Joe looked like taking care of his little sister. Maybe changing the female lead would make the drama more interesting, or rewriting the script and making it more comprehensive would do the trick? But what’s done is done. Definitely a skip.

The angel outfit that I was talking about. I felt Joe was made into a laughingstock 😦


Rating: 2/10


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  1. marian kyle agrisola
    Mar 22, 2017 @ 20:40:01

    I’m a fan of this show. 🙂 The storyline was best and Joe Cheng is so lit in here. He’s so great at bullying Xia Ya. Well we have different opinions but I think they were so great here ❤


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