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Chen Momo is a shy and quiet house girl who considers Wei Jia Sen as her only friend. She is often alone and gets bullied every time by her classmates. On the other hand, Mars is a guy with so much confidence who thinks himself as a popular superstar when in fact his popularity already declined over the years. With few or no income, his company forced him to move out of the house, and rent in a cheaper place. He was also required to attend school. Momo became classmates with Mars in her school. She also found out that her sister actually rented out a room of their house. The tenant was no other than Mars. Momo didn’t like Mars from the very start since she feels he is too much arrogant and confident when he isn’t even popular. They don’t get along with each other but as time passed, Mars began to understand Momo’s feelings and personality. Momo also realized that there’s something behind that confidence in Mars.

The plot itself sounds new and refreshing. The story seemed gloomy and sad, but in fact there were so many jokes here and there. The drama got me hooked especially during the first few episodes. It was funny and comedy during the first half while it became more dramatic during the latter half. Though most dramas are like that. One unrealistic fact is that a superstar liking a house girl. It seems plausible that a house girl will fall for a superstar but not vice-versa. Nonetheless, I still like the drama for its creativity and uniqueness, breaking away from the usual rich guy – poor girl drama. This is random but I also liked the english translation of the drama: ToGetHer. It can be read as Together and also To Get Her.

There may not be a lot of characters in the drama, but the actors were well chosen and fitted the characters perfectly.


Jiro Wang Dong Cheng as Mars — Up to date, I love every character that Jiro portrays. It’s always the happy-go-lucky, carefree roles. His role as Mars is also my personal favorite character of Jiro, just because he was naturally funny and I love his hairstyle the most in here. His expressions and lines: “style~” and “that’s right baby!” are catchy and can easily be remembered. Jiro is really born to take these happy-go-lucky guy characters. Seeing him definitely makes the show happier and livelier. Now, I’m quite intrigued with his role in Fabulous Boys, which I have yet to watch, since it’s the opposite of his usual personality and roles.


Rainie Yang Cheng Lin as Chen Mo Mo — It’s time for Miss No Good’s Xiao Hua to act opposite herself. Rainie’s portrayal of Xiao Hua was her breakthrough character and this time she played a shy and introvert house girl. It seemed weird during the start, with her hairstyle and her tone of speaking, because I wasn’t used with it yet. After a while, I started to be attached with her role. Rainie’s portrayal of Momo was great as usual. It made me realize how great of an actress she is; that she was able to portray both introvert and extrovert characters so well.

The Jiro-Rainie pairing isn’t the best pairing out there, but they considerably look good and had a decent chemistry on screen. It’s not like they were awkward with one another but they look natural and close. Look at these photos!




George Hu as Wei Jia Sen — It’s great to see George Hu acting as a retarded person or someone who lacks cognitive ability. I mean, he’s usually limited to handsome, rich and cool roles, but finally he’s up for a challenging role. It was difficult to portray such a role, but he really did a great job as Wei Jia Sen. I think this role proved him to be a great actor with talent, and not only a visual actor. This role eventually led him to take lead roles in his future dramas like K.O 3an Guo and Hayate the Combat Butler.


King Chin as manager Ke Yi Zhi I love this actor so much. Called Jin Lao Shi or Teacher Jin, he’s often casted as the manager of the main leads. Another one is Skip Beat, manager of Siwon. Jin Lao Shi’s acting is very natural and he brings life to the drama. He might not be the type of character who cracks up jokes or jokes around but he’s rather visually funny. He also speaks in an accent or tone which I find interesting to listen to. He also gives good advice to the artist that he manages. He’s my best supporting actor in this drama because he’s really natural and seemed like he’s not acting at all. I hope the management gives him a bigger role next time.

I love the songs used in the drama specifically the songs sung by Fahrenheit. The opening theme was Love You More and More. It’s soft rock yet catchy. The ending theme was Silently or MoMo. It fits the drama perfectly when Rainie portrays Chen MoMo. These 2 songs are my all-time personal favorite songs of Fahrenheit. One big factor would be because it was used as songs in this drama which was why I loved it more than usual 😉 These two songs definitely deserve a listen!


Some say that this was one of the worst Taiwanese dramas or the worst drama of Rainie, but I beg to disagree. In fact, it’s one of the few Comic produced dramas that I loved and will always remember. It may not have a catchy plot, poster, character, or whatever you call it, I think it’s one of the dramas that really have content. Prince Kashaba’s lines were very meaningful and touching. I think the essence of the story is to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. Overall, I couldn’t feel that the drama was taking too long. It wasn’t draggy at all, but it was just right. It was a smart choice to film it for 12 episodes only, if not it would be draggy. It’s not really an idol drama with all the flowery characters and stuff, but the plot itself is nice and with content; unlike others which have all the beautiful and attractive characters in it but with a nonsense plot. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a short Taiwanese drama where you can laugh and cry at the same time.

Rating: 8/10



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