[TW Drama] Sunshine Angel / Sunny Girl

warning: may contain spoilers


Sunny Girl or literally Sunshine Angel is a drama that was a remake from a Korean drama. I have yet to watch the Korean version so I can’t make any comparison. Sunny Girl is also a collaboration from Taiwan and China. Besides Wu Chun and Rainie Yang, we could also see actors from Mainland China. Sunny Girl is about Chen Yang Guang (her name literally means “sunshine”) who has con parents and they go around to cheat other people’s money and run away. In order to pay off the debts of her parents, she had no choice but work as a maid in Taiwan. The person she had to work for was no other than Di Ya Xin whom she met in Japan when she was taking a bath in a “traditional shower room” made of bamboo sticks and Ya Xin accidentally landed in her shower room while parachuting. The two couldn’t stop bickering with one another and Yang Guang eventually led her out of the place with the help of the locals. Anyway, both of them met again in Taiwan; this time in a master-maid relationship. Di Ya Xin is extremely rich and co-owns a make-up company with his cousin who is like a brother to him. The cousin, Geng Fei and Ya Xin had an extremely good relationship, until Geng Fei’s father plots an evil plan to steal the company away from Ya Xin. Geng Fei doesn’t exactly have an evil heart, but he was sort of  brainwashed by his own father and had no choice but to follow his plans. After so many attempts, they successfully got the majority of the stocks of the company which led to Ya Xin go bankrupt.This was also the time when Yang Guang and Ya Xin developed feelings for each other and broke away from their master-maid relationship. Before the day he became bankrupt, Ya Xin was actually planning to propose to Yang Guang, but suddenly the police came to his house to arrest him and take his house and belongings away from him. With this, Ya Xin had to start from scratch and he didn’t really know how to live a “poor” life. Yang Guang was always by his side even if Ya Xin wanted her to leave him since he was useless and had no money. After all the trials and with the help of his friends, Ya Xin got back his company and put to jail the father and his cousin.


The plot reminded me of Hayate the Combat Butler wherein George Hu as Xiao Sa had to work for Shin Hye to earn money. Also, Xiao Sa and Yang Guang had con parents. It also reminded me of When Love Walked In. The same thing happened when bankruptcy took place, and they were doing everything that they could do to win back the company. The first few parts when Di Ya Xin was still rich, the jokes and scenes were convincingly funny and nice, but the latter half when he went bankrupt, the story became depressing and sad. The drama was very unrealistic for me; I mean, how could a rich man marry his maid? I’ve seen these kinds of plots in many many other dramas, but I don’t believe that it will happen in real life. One thing that I liked though was that Yang Guang remained by Ya Xin’s side all the time throughout his hardships. Yang Guang became his “sun” cheering him on during his saddest and most difficult time of his life. This one really touched me. I mean, usually, people would leave them after finding out about his bankruptcy. I wished that they cut down on the episodes since the latter half bored me a lot. It became draggy.

The actors, I believed, had a lot more to show than this. Their previous dramas were fun and really showed their talent in acting. It wasn’t that bad anyway..


Wu Chun as Di Ya Xin — I have watched most of his dramas, and all I can say is: “he’s really handsome!”. He’s really one of those visual actors that I appreciate his looks more than his talent. Even after years of acting, I couldn’t see a lot of improvement on his acting. One big factor would probably be his choice of roles. The character that he always portrays are cool, rich and good-looking. I think he needs to broaden his limit a bit more so that we could really see his acting potential. In this drama, I could still feel him being stiff and awkward, though it’s rare only. I hope to see him take more challenging roles in the future.


Rainie Yang as Chen Yang Guang — Contrary to her roles in Hi! My Sweetheart and Miss No Good, she plays an ordinary, poor girl in this drama. Her character was boring, but then she was able to portray it quite well. One could really see that she’s really versatile in acting; natural and not awkward. However, her character lacked that trademark unlike in her other roles which made the drama a bit boring to watch. On a positive note, I highly appreciate her Japanese speaking skills. She really spoke fluently during the start. This drama is definitely not my favorite Rainie drama. There are so many other dramas (mentioned earlier) that really showcased her talent. Not this one.

I anticipated this pairing because they were popular individually. I was hoping for a new pairing. After watching the drama, I was slightly disappointed because it wasn’t what I expected. Their chemistry was lacking and they looked awkward acting together. I’m still rooting for a Rainie-Mike or Rainie-Show or even Rainie-Kingone pairing, but definitely not this Rainie-Wu Chun pairing.

Special mention:


Zhang Jun Ning as Geng Fei — I’m not familiar with actors from China, but Jun Ning caught my attention particularly with his looks. In my opinion, his looks is at par with Wu Chun’s. Zhang Jun Ning definitely made me stay watching this drama till the end, even if he had to play an evil role. It was also a pity that his voice was dubbed. Nevertheless, I was convinced by his acting.

There’s really no official soundtrack for this drama, but there were quite a few songs used. Honestly, I couldn’t recall any of the songs played in the drama except for the opening theme which I know many would be familiar with. It’s called Sunny by Bonny M. I’m sure many have heard it already and it’s quite attractive as an opening theme. It is also suited with the name and theme of the drama.


Not the good and must watched dramas around, but it’s passable partly because of the good-looking actors. A Taiwan-China collaboration drama didn’t help at all. Nonetheless, Wu Chun and Rainie was quite a fresh pairing that I anticipated and I got disappointed in. The plot was ordinary and their acting was so-so. And thus, a passing grade rating.

Rating: 6/10


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