[TW DRAMA] Knock Knock Loving You

warning: may contain spoilers


A drama about business and affluent families.

The main plot of the drama is about handling businesses and about rich families. This often happens in rich families wherein daughters usually don’t have any rights and sons get the most attention. Arranged marriages also happens, but this happened in the latter part. Cheng Xue Ge used to lived comfortably not until his father’s business went bankrupt. In order to solve this problem, he became business partners with Yao Zi Wang, a woman who is good when it comes to making business. There were a lot of business tactics mentioned and eventually through time, they developed feelings for each other. However, their feelings for each other were hindered by other people particularly the Huang Xin Financial siblings: Zhao Guan Xi and Zhao Guan Li. Guan Xi likes Zi Wang and Guan Li likes Xue Ge. I used to think that both Guan Xi and Guan Li had mental disorder (imo) because they’re crazily in love with the two. Why do they have to force themselves with the person who don’t love them at all. They also used money to “buy” Xue Ge and Zi Wang.


The actors that they chose in the drama were models. They were tall and good-looking, and I guess fit for their roles, but their acting weren’t that impressive. Dylan Kuo as Cheng Xue Ge — My first Dylan drama. He was handsomely attractive, but his acting didn’t attract me at all. He didn’t stood out much as the male lead in the drama. Maggie Wu as Yao Zi Wang — As her first major role, it was quite good. Although her acting in the first few episodes were stiff and fake, but as the drama progressed, her acting also eventually improved. Her crying scenes in the end were touching. Ming Dao as Zhao Guan Xi — I’ve seen Ming Dao in other dramas. Even though he took the role of a second male lead this time,  but then his acting was all the same. I hope to see something new from him in future dramas. Coco Jiang as Zhao Guan Li — I thought that she was good in Hot Shot as a basketball coach. However, I think that she wasn’t suitable for the role of Guan Li. Guan Li’s character was fake and annoying. I didn’t like how Coco Jiang portrayed her.


The series is really more into drama and it’s very serious. There’s not really much comedy in it. The last few episodes were touching though. I just didn’t quite understand the ending. Will they be together? What was Xue Ge’s last words to Zi Wang? I felt that it was cut because he didn’t said anything. Though I feel that they would eventually end up together since no one’s going to stop them anymore. One thing that I disliked was the “fast-forwarding” in the drama. Suddenly, “after 6 years” and “after 2 years” appeared in the series, yet they looked totally the same. I also didn’t like the fact that it took Xue Ge a long time to realize how he loved Zi Wang that much; that he’s willing to give up everything for her.

I don’t recommend this drama. For a 13 episode drama, it was boring and draggy. And it would be longer if they didn’t fast forward the time. The plot itself was not attractive because of business tactics that I’m not interested about. Although the actors were good-looking and beautiful, their acting performances were not really outstanding.

Knock Knock Loving You

Rating: 3/10


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