[TW Drama] Love or Bread

warning: may contain spoilers


The ultimate pairing – ArJoe (Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng). This pairing never gets old; best chemistry ever!

The plot was typical and ordinary, but at least it’s not the rich guy-poor girl type of story. In fact, both of them are poor. Frank or Cai Jin Lai is poor yet he likes to buy and wear branded items. Zheng Shan Mei is also poor but she is a very very hardworking girl. She works to help her family, and also to buy a plane ticket to see her boyfriend in China in hopes of getting married to him. Frank and Shan Mei coincidentally met for a few times; Shan Mei even accusing Frank as a pervert. Shan Mei eventually earned enough money to go to China. She met with his senior, but in the end dumped her because he had another girl ever since. She went back to Taiwan feeling devastated and heartbroken. She could not go back to her family because her family didn’t allow her to go to China. If she were to go, she wouldn’t be part of the family anymore. She decided to find a place to rent and coincidentally met Frank again who was her neighbour. Through spending time together in one home, they eventually fell in love with each other.


Joe Cheng Yuan Chang as Frank / Cai Jin Lai — I loved the way how Joe acted in here. He was super exaggerated, but I think that was his character’s personality. He’s so funny and I loved the way how he says “aya!” every time. I think that in all the dramas of him that I’ve watched, Frank is closest to his real personality. Joe is really an outgoing and funny person. In other roles that he had portrayed, he’s usually the nerd, quiet or shy guy. This role was really meant for him. Frank is also lazy and a slacker. He doesn’t like to work and often daydreams.

Ariel Lin Yi Chen as Zheng Shan Mei — Frank fondly calls her DoReMi. As always, Ariel Lin is an amazing actress. Although Barbie Hsu was supposed to take this role, I’m happy that she took this role again which was originally hers to begin with. I also thought that Shan Mei was meant for her. She always takes roles who are hardworking.

Love Or Bread (3)

In the history of Taiwanese dramas, no other pairing could beat this pairing — ArJoe. This drama is their 3rd drama together; and I think no other pair could exceed them. Their chemistry was simply over the top that they quickly finished the filming in more or less 30 days. I remembered that it was scheduled to film in 3 months, but they finished it in 1 month! Even in real life, they still remain as good friends. Joe also called Ariel, DoReMi in real life. This proves their close relationship with each other. Here’s to the fan secretly wishing that they could end up together in real life. Although this drama lacked in sweet scenes, since they were always bickering and fighting. They had a hard time saying their real feelings to each other. They couldn’t admit, and they didn’t actually confessed to each other throughout the series; nor they had any kissing scene which had “real” feelings. Speaking of kisses, they had 3 and most were imaginations. The first one was CPR while the two were imaginations: wedding and inside the house. My only complain was the ending where Shan Mei was supposed to get married to the other guy but instead went back to Frank. The last scene ended with the two calling each other’s name. It was definitely unique, but lacked that sweetness. I was expecting for more. Nonetheless, it was a great drama!

There are only 4 songs used the in drama and they were attractive tracks. I loved the song “If I Could” by Babyface the most. I thought at first it was an english song. Another song would be “Million Dollar Happiness” by Hwang Wen Xing. It’s a cheerful song fit for the drama. I also appreciated Ariel Lin for taking part in the soundtrack again. She has a soothing voice and this time she sang the ending theme: “The Taste of Bread”; also one of my favourite songs from her.


It’s one of the light-hearted Taiwanese drama that I would recommend you to watch. It’s only 12 episodes so you could watch it in 1-3 sittings. Because of the chemistry between the two main leads, and their natural acting, any kind of plot would suit them. If not for the actors, I’d doubt it would be as enjoyable as this. Even if this wasn’t a big hit in Taiwan, definitely a must watch for all ArJoe fans. You’ll surely fall for this series!


Rating: 9/10


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  1. Mik Mik Indio
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 21:28:59

    Where can we watch the drama with eng sub?Thank you 🙂


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